High School Basketball Pre-Season Player of the Year?

Posted by Andy Durham on November 23, 2011 at 3:25 pm under High School | 13 Comments to Read

Who is your pick as the season just got rolling this week? Who would be your preseason pick for Player of the Year in the area???

You may be going public or you may be going private, but when it all boils down and the results are examined who gets your vote for preseason Player of the Year….Give us your good points, as you point out who you would pick to take home this honor…..We are looking for the good points, no need at all to start cracking on a certain player or players….Just looking for your opinion on this topic and you have some of the Top Fives in the local papers and we have listed conference preseason player that will be the ones to watch this season…..

Boys Player of the Year for the preseason…..
Girls Player of the Year, here in the preseason period……..We are into the new season and give us a good reason for your picks, or you may just want to leave a couple of names for discussion and it would a good discussion at that….

Got those two choices ready for us??? Which wat do you lean, here on the day before Thanksgiving? Someone from Dudley, PAGE, Smith, SWG, NEG, GDS, WCA, HPCA, NWG, WG, HP Central, HP Andrews, Ragsdale, Caldwell, Bishop, Grimsley, Northern, EG, SG, SEG, SA or others????

Here’s your chance to list your Pre-Season/Early part of the year:Player/Players of the Year………..

  • Hooping said,

    Private Boys – Montay Brandon SR 6’7 PG HP Wesleyan Florida State Signee
    Private Girls – Ronata Rogers JR 6’1 F Greensboro Day
    Public Boys – Terrell Leach JR 5’11 G Southwest Guilford
    Public Girls – Brittany Clency SR 5’8 G Western Guilford

  • Smith said,

    I here all this about Page, Dudley and Ardrews being the best pubic school boys basketball teams. But Smith has 4 starters back from a team that won the conference last year. Tracy Gathings is the best player in the area….

  • ballin said,

    Public School Girl- (Jessica Pone) best all around player in Guilford County
    Public School Boys-(Tracey Gathing) most gifted player in Guilford County, with a little discipline he could play for any college program in the country.

  • tejrk said,

    Terrell Leach will shine he will be the boys player of the year (public)
    Zena Lovette (Womens Public) Or paris kea

  • ballfan said,

    Public/Womens: Youngest Rouse girl /Greensboro Dudley

  • heels79 said,

    Adam Coble- (NGFS) Although currently unsigned, this kid suffered a torn ACL in the prime recruiting season last year. He has bounced back with a vengeance. At 6’9 and 230lbs, he is far under rated by most on this site and always has been. Has offers from 3 D1 schools and news has it that Alabama, APP, and LSU are in the running. Been watching this kid for a couple of years and like him both on and off the court.

  • what school.. said,

    What school does this Adam Coble attend? What is NGFS ?

  • Shocking News... said,

    Paris Kea is out for the season according to reliable sources at Page High School. Apparantly an injury she suffered in the summer that has never really healed. I wish the kid best and hope she recovers well and comes back strong for her junior and senior year.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Paris Kea out with shoulder injury and we hope she doesn’t have to miss the entire year…..Could well require surgery, but we will let Coach Jones be the first to officially put out the information…..Paris would have had a very good shot to be the Girls Player of the Year…..We wish her the best in her recovery and hope she can still see time this year…..She went down with injury last year in the game with NWG at Page and then she came back toward the end of the year vs. Dudley at Dudley and this may have been a Metro Conference Tournament game….Get back soon Paris Kea….She is a dual-sport threat playing both Basketball and Soccer…..

    Adam Coble with NGFS(New Garden Friends School)….A growing and improving young basketball player…

    Happy Thanksgiving as you read here at the site today…..

  • really? said,

    How can Theo not be on this list?

  • hoops123 said,

    New Garden Friends School is a lot more than just Adam Coble. There are 3-4 other young men who are the real deal. They are very thin but very talented. they can score from anywhere.

  • Sarah said,

    Cedrica Gibson (Girls)
    Theo Pinson (Boys) PLAYER OF THE YEARS

  • heels79 said,

    NGFS lost to Thomasville prep today. Coble knocked in 21 points with 9 rebounds, 5 blocks. Coble is a 6’8 power forward/center with an excellent perimeter shot. 3 of his baskets were beyond 15 feet. Very fluid shot. Keep an eye on him. He is definite D1 material