High School Hoops at the Marvin Webster Classic(Smith High School):Wesleyan over Smith boys/Smith girls top HP Andrews

Posted by Andy Durham on November 23, 2011 at 6:44 pm under High School | 12 Comments to Read

Wesleyan 75
Smith 67

Montay Brandon wth 23 points and Theo Pinson with 21 led Wesleyan in scoring….

14.9 seconds
WCA 71
Smith 67

3:44 left…
WCA 64
Smith 56

3rd Q:
WCA 59
Smith 50

WCA 44
Smith 36

2nd Q
1:47 LEFT….Couple of threes by Pinson and a huge dunk by Montay Brandon….Dunk by Richmond from WCA….
WCA 44
Smith 36

1st Q:
Wesleyan 23
Smith 20

Smith 65
High Point Andrews 39

Smith(1-0)/High Point Andrews(0-1)

3rd Quarter:
Smith 54
High Point Andrews 29

Quon Greer, Brianna Lynn, Jo Jo Neal, McFall, abd others getting it done for Smith….

Smith 28
High Point Andrews 19

  • Andy Durham said,

    We could use some numbers on the Smith boys and girls tonight….Was barely able to catch the WCA assistant coach and get his top two scorers…Got any Smith #’s for us? Greer, Lynn, Neal, Gathings, Williams(Drew and J.T.), Wibush…..

  • ijwertfg said,

    I really don’t understand, but it seems like every game Wesleyan plays, they slow things down with a small 10 point lead. If they would have kept pushing and getting up and down, they would have put Smith away in the third quarter. And did anyone else know that the numbers 6-9, 16-19, 26-29…..96-99 are illegal in high school basketball? Theo Pinson got a Tech tonight for wearing number 8. I looked it up and it is a legit rule but it is sort of rediculous.

  • Andy Durham said,

    The thing that was really slowing everything down and confusing everyone tonight was the Smith clock…..They need to fix that clock or throw it in the trash…..TIME for a change in Eagle timing….

    Has Theo Pinson been wearing the same number all season…..Why did it take so long to catch it? If WCA has been “Teed up’ previously this season for that number why haven’t they changed it? This is game number three or four for WCA tonight….Megan Buckland’s brother, an 8th grader, was in there for WCA for a few minutes tonight….They were calling him ‘Buck’…….

  • uwhnrgtw said,

    I was right behind the clock guy a few rows up and I heard him say that it wasn’t working right. He was pushing the points button and nothing was happening, and the time got messed up when he was trying to fix the points.

    He has been #23 but they there new jerseys today and he had #8 so this was the first time he has had it. I also found something on the rule. The refs only have five fingers like anyone else so numbers can only be only be up to five. If a foul was called on theo and the ref holds up 8 is it 8 or 53. That rule makes more sense now. Never seen something like that happen before.

    Michael Buckland is going to be a monster when he gets older. Eighth 8th grade and already 6’3″, good ball handler and good shooter.

  • Patriot said,

    Heard today that the River Mill girls are trying to get a scrimmage with the Smith girls.

    River Mill won’t be anywhere near as good as they were last year. They graduated alot, they lost their returning shooting guard for the season due to injury, and Shaylen Burnett transferred to Southern Alamance. (Southern Alamance beat N.W. Guilford last night.)

    Smith girls will dominate River Mill if they scrimmage!

  • DMac said,

    Good shooter? Did the eigth grader score? Didnt really help the team. He made mistakes and was able to stay in the game unlike the others.He is going to be awesome but he is young. He will have his time so they shouldnt get mad if he doesn’t play in some games. 11th and 12th graders should be playing over him. He will have his turn. He played a lot of minutes. 11th grader didnt get enough time to warm up and make mistakes like the 8th grader. They are going to lose games if they don’t let their upperclassman play reasonable minutes to get comfortable in the game. They have a very good team so don’t reply by saying he is better than the ones that didn’t play much.

  • WOW said,

    Did you even read what I said? Cause I would like for you to point out to me where I said he was better than the other ones who didn’t play as much. He didn’t play that many minutes first of all and when he turned the ball over he was immediately taken out. Sounds like you have a personal vendetta. What’s your agenda like? Also, I said he is GOING to be a monster, I never said he was one now. For his age, he is far beyond what many 8th graders are in both height and skill. And I am not sure which 11th or 12th grader you are talking about (even though I have a good idea) but I guarantee you that Buckland is better than whoever you are talking about when they were an 8th grader.

  • DMac said,

    Did you read my comment? Did I say anyone better than him so don’t get upset. Said the boy is Awesome and probably is better than the bench players when they were his age.

  • WOW said,

    These were your exact words “They have a very good team so don’t reply by saying he is better than the ones that didn’t play much.” My whole point was that I never said anything of the such. You said I replied saying he was better which is just not true, and the comments written above prove that. That is what I love about things being in writing. It shows people how ignorant they really are.

  • From the BLS/HPW game said,

    Smith played much better than most people thought they would. Tracy and Drew are obviously the heart of the team – as they go, the teams goes. However, a young JT and Adrian played hard. Wesleyan lacks a true big and Gathings exploited that. Not sure why Smith moved away from that. Also, the Trojans either lack long range shooters or they were off. Pinson’s threes were contested and he did what a future McDonald’s All American does. Other Wesleyan shooters had wide open threes but could not knock them down. Wesleyan slowed the ball down toward the last minute or two of every quarter but they still attacked the basket whenever they thought they could. They never could put the Eagles away. Every time Wesleyan entertained us with a monster dunk to make it seem like they were going to run away with it, they let Smith reel off three or four unanswered to bring them close again. If Smith plays this hard every game, they will do fine. If Wesleyan plays like this every game, they will have some trouble against opponents with any 6’9″+ shot blockers clogging up the lane.

  • dmac said,

    This is to WOW/uwhnr or whatever you call yourself. Why do I have to be ignorant? I never met to say anything negative about that young man. I did not mean to say that anyone is a better player than that young man. I worded it incorrectly. My point is that I don’t agree with 8th graders playing on varsity, unless they are as good as Theo. FCD, GDS, Bishop Mc also play 8th graders on varsity but it is the coaches decision on who makes the team and plays.
    An example of ignorant is the comments someone made about Wesleyan coach last week after they lost a game.

  • WOW said,

    I usually use a different name every time. I don’t really know why. Unfortunately, private schools all have the same “school” so middle schoolers can play varsity sports. I don’t necessarily disagree with that, but it is sad sometimes to see to see an 8th grader get more time than an upperclassman. But in this case, it doesn’t bother me because he doesn’t play that much. Against Ravenscroft, every player but Buckland and the two bench warmers played. I think on a team that Wesleyan has, practice and game performances in previous games as well as the current game will decide the majority of playing time dispersement, especially for the role players and those roles may change depending on the opponent.

    If your talking about the guy that said Gatlin was a bad coach then I agree with you. That person was quite ignorant. Most likely has no knowledge of the game.