Friday Night Scoring Desk – High School Football Playoffs – 11/25/11

Posted by Don Moore on November 25, 2011 at 8:00 pm under High School | 42 Comments to Read

Update #20 – 10:20 PM

Mallard Creek (13-1) – 27
Page (14-0) – 41

Northern Guilford (13-1) – 29
Wilson Hunt (13-1) – 13

Reidsville (11-4) – 16
Kinston(13-1) – 20

Thomasville (10-4) – 0
Lincolnton (13-1) – 26

Shelby (9-6) – 29
West Stokes (15-0) – 32

Fayetteville Jack Britt (11-3) – 27
Garner (15-0) – 34

Boiling Springs Crest (12-3) – 35
Charlotte Catholic (13-1) – 28

New Bern (12-2) – 28
Scotland County (15-0) – 61

Mooresville (12-3) – 28
Porter Ridge (14-0) – 34

West Rowan (14-2) – 33
Lawndale Burns (13-) – 7

Cleveland – 7
Havelock – 64

  • Page Fan said,

    Page 21

    Mallard 19

  • 77 Hornet said,

    @ Page Fan… Don is already keeping us up to date on your game.

  • Don Moore said,

    A lot of folks don’t realize they need to refresh….

    We’ve been talking about that, or posting new posts with each update.

  • coach stanley said,

    Garner 21. Britt 12 in 3rd

  • coach stanley said,

    Garner 21. Britt 19. 5:00 in the 3rd

  • Mo said,

    Page 27
    Mallard Creek 19

  • coach stanley said,

    Garner 27. Britt 19 1:00 in 3rd

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    Can someone give me the address to the live feed? I’m in NY. Thanks!

  • coach stanley said,

    Garner 27. Britt 27. 10:00 in the 3rd

  • Don Moore said,

  • coach stanley said,

    Garner 34. Britt 27. 1:30 in the 4th

  • Nighthawk fan said,

    Final score was actually Northern 29 Hunt 13

  • Page Fan said,

    Page 41

    Mallard 27

  • Coach Turk said,

    Kinston 20

  • coach stanley said,

    Garner wins

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    Page wins!

    Vegas Mike—-***crickets***

  • Ervin L. Ford Jr said,


  • NG Fan said,

    Northern Guilford wins big….plays for the state championship again….Go Nighthawks…

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    I told you guys…..nothing but DEATH could keep me from this game! Great job Pirates!!!!!!

  • Ervin L. Ford Jr said,


  • Gfan said,

    UU I was loud for you tonight!! Another awesome game by the Pirates.

    Vegas Mike I want to hear more about those awesome Charlotte teams that cannot be beat! You were wrong about baseball now you are wrong again multiple weeks in a row about football. If you ever go to Vegas you would lose your tail. Oh but good luck!! What a joke.

  • Football Fan said,

    Someone tell Fox sports that NG is playing in the state championship next weekend in Chapel Hill..all they said is they keep rolling..nothing else..then at the end of the show..Buckley had to remind everyone that ..yeah..NG is in the championship…….they didn’t even know….lol…what a joke

  • John said,

    Destiny, babe. In stone.

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    Where in the world is Mike??????

    Oh, he must be in Vegas.
    Go Pirates!,,,,,

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    Thanks for holding me down tonight!

  • ron said,

    Not a Page fan…but great win tonight and i hope they bring the title to Greensboro. Big game James! is his name.

  • gsofan said,

    Couldn’t be better – two very good, well coached GREENSBORO teams playing for State Championships next weekend! Congrats to Page and Northern. I was at the NG game tonight and even though it is always a team effort and yeah, Logan and Downing shined (again), the Offensive Line REALLY deserves a ton of credit. As usual, the D-Line was strong – but I tell ya, the entire O-Line earned Player(s) of the game.

  • MIke said,

    I will say this as nice as I can, the better team (MC) didnt win the game tonight, thats just the was it goes sometimes. Im happy for Page and was rooting for them from the beginning. Why you people get upset over my opinion is a joke, its my opinion based off of my observations on the teams that are playing that night..always has been and always will….local teams or not im going to give my opinion. Both Page and Northern will bring home the title and thats all that matters, not this old guys opinion. Nothing but pure heart and determination won that game for Page, even you Page fans, and Twc knew MC was better then you, they just werent better tonight and thats all that matters. Good Luck to Page and Northern Guilford next week, bring them titles home where they belong, GUILFORD CO.

    Vega MIke

  • Mike said,

    GFan) If memory serves me correct I won more baseball games that i called then i Lost, AS with footabll, Im even ,Northern Winning and Page losing so……that makes me ahead in baseball (winner) and even in football l, so I would take those bets to vegas any day old pal. So get a life and quit taking ones (opinion) so seriously b/c in the end it doesnt even matter. Have a nice day and good luck to Page and Northern.

    Page 35′
    Garner 21

    NG 24
    Crest 21
    To Damon, did you see the Scotland game? man they are good

  • Brian said,

    The better team always wins. The better team makes the plays they need to make to win. The better team limits its mistakes. The better team forces the lesser team into committing errors. The better team is mentally stronger. The better team executes their plays and makes the correct adjustments in the game and at the half. The better team keeps its composure. The better team adapts and overcomes. The better team moves on to the next game. And when Page wins on December 3rd, it will not be because they are the better team. It will be because they are the best TEAM.

  • Gfan said,

    Exactly Brian. How can the better team lose by two touchdowns which both unbeatable Charlotte teams suffered for the last two weeks? These Charlotte fans like Mike always have to rationalize even after the whistle sounds. Who else would think they can think they could win at Vegas picking at 50%. 🙂

  • Local said,

    Bigger, faster, stronger, more talented? Maybe. Better TEAM? Nope.

  • NG Fan said,

    Congrats to Page and NG. Let’s bring home the 4 AA and 3 AA state championships next weekend. I want to thank the lone wolf in Guilford County, WFMY News 2 sports , for covering the NG game. You can see video on WRAL sports also. Go Page Pirates and Go Nighthawks!!!!

  • MIke said,

    Look guys, they were bigger, faster, stonger, more talented and just flat out better, period… Page caught them on an off night, thats just my opinion. Page had more heart and determination that night. It they continue to play llke that then they will beat Garner rather easily. NG on the other hand is the best team in 3A and look forward to the reamatch aganist Crest.

    I was pulling for Page people, calm down. Im just saying that many, many other people, coaches, fans, TWC employees were saying the same and that was that The better team lost tonight! So a big congrats to Page and NG on making it to the state championshpe, bring em home!

    Vegas MIke

  • Don Moore said,

    Sorry to butt in; I don’t get how Larry The Cable Guy and his buddies (TWC Employees) have a clue about High School Football. How many games do they broadcast 3 or 4 a year? That does not earn them any credibility; just exposure/

  • Chuck said,

    Is the West Stokes score wrong above? I have seen several reports of them winning 32-29 instead of losing. If so another area team going for a title.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I got the West Sokes score corrected and they are going for a title next week along with our other area teams…Also adjusted the NG-Hunt score…So many scores coming in last night from so many different directions and we have them in order…..Did some double-check with News 2 and the N&R….

    Don brings up a great point about TWC……Some of the large companies only show up for the big games and that’s it……..

    Congrats to all the local teams and we still have Page, NG and West Stokes going for the State Titles…..We lost out with Thomasville, Reidsville and West Montgomery….I think it was West Montgomery that lost to Swain County 37-35 in what may have been one of the wildest games of the night…..Didn’t see any of it, just know the score would indicate that……The QB from West Montgomery had put up almost unheard of numbers in his previous game and for the season too and he was the Player of the Week for his efforts….

    What is the nickname for the West Stokes team? Are they the Wildcats???

    Again, good luck to all the teams, in what should be a real fun weekend for local football fans on next Friday and Saturday….

  • Brian H. *WFMY said,

    West Stokes are the Wildcats.

  • Page Pirates said,
    if you look through this youtube channel you can find excellent plays by both Page and Mallard Creek from last night

  • Perry Saunders said,

    So is UNLV a better team than UNC ????? So is Miami a better team than the 18 -1 Chicago Bears of 1985, since they beat them that year?????? Upset can happen folks, that one given night anything can happen. Is Elon College a better team than Univ of South Carolina….Is A&T’s women better than Clemson’s ladies….GET MY POINT BRIAN ?????

  • Jonathan said,

    Mallard Creek has a better collection of players, but Page has a better TEAM. Page made all of the plays necessary to win the game. And the ONLY reason why this is called an upset is because of the Charlotte bias in high school football. Besides Butler, who has Mallard Creek played? Their schedule was ridiculously soft. Page played in a soft conference but had to play Ragsdale, Northern (who is in their state title game), and Dudley. Yes, upsets happen but this “upset” in my opinion was set up more by perception than body of work.

  • ad4deacs said,

    Am I the only person who’s concerned about the fact that #3 for Mallard Creek was clearly knocked out on the opening kickoff. (He layed on the turf for several minutes and everytime he tried to get up he looked like Thomas Hearns in the fight against Marvin Hagler……..young people can look that up on Goggle) and yet he returned in the first half. I was on the sidelines during the game and have watched it several times on TWC. I guess kids safety isn’t that important in Charlotte.