Thanksgiving Scoring Leaders for High School Girls Basketball

Posted by Andy Durham on November 28, 2011 at 1:26 pm under High School | 12 Comments to Read

Girls up first and boys to follow…..Special to……


1. Kristina King: Thomasville Prep: 19 pts: strong performance against Dudley
Moenrroa Subritsky: Thomasville Prep: 19 pts: created matchup problemS for the
2. Sarah Beal: Thomasville Prep: 18 pts: used skill set against the Panthers
3.Brandi Robinson: Smith: 18 pts: Career high and have Smith off to 2-0 start
4.Kayla Phifer: SEG: 16 pts: good all around game
5. Aliyah Grinage: NG: 15 pts: off to good start along with 18 rebounds
Katie Rice: Westechester: 15 pts: 5 three pointers aganst Bishop Mcguiness in loss
6.Alexis Robinson: NG: 14 pts: Good start for the teams point guard
Amanda Coffer: NG: 14 pts: in opening loss against Southern
7.Tamera Thorpe: GBD: 13 pts: off to good start
Zhan Greer: Smith: 13 pts: team 2-0
8. Amari McNeil: SEG: 12 pts: gives SEG another scoring option
KK Rouse: Dudley: 12 pts: needs to produce more against better competition
9. Roanata Rogers: GBD: 11 pts: another day at the office as GBD ROLLS to 4-0
Kara Shutt: SEG:11 pts: good job in season opener
Essence Abraham: Dudley: 11 pts: has the tenacity to be a good player

  • Tashelle said,

    I was able to catch the NG/Southern Durham game. NG lost its core players over the last 2yrs but they gave SD a fight. They were up on SD in the 4th qtr but mental mistakes cost them the lead. But they gave a good showing for their 1st game. Another young team, but with more games played and if they stay healthy, they will become a force in their league. I also hear Dudley gave Thomasville Prep a run. TP has quite a few D1 players, and for Dudley to only lose by 9, it shows Dudley is another force in their league.

  • Robert said,


    Stop with the DI players stuff. Thomasville Prep girl going to VCU scored two points.

  • Tashelle said,

    Robert- stop what?!?!?! TP has D1 players(signed/unsigned) and so does Dudley. There is nothing to stop. Both teams have talent. Period.

  • Carlos said,


    Other Ebona Goins who is going to UNCG, can you name me another person on Dudley team that is going DI and have DI offers in hand?

  • Tom said,

    Tashelle is right. Both of these teams have D1 talent. How many seniors does Dudley have? The underclassmen won’t sign with a school until their senior year. Dudley is the one school in this area that has multiple D1 players on their roster year in and year out.

  • Southern Alamance Fan said,


    Can you name the ones that are seniors on this years team that have verbaled or signed besides Goins going D1? Can you name the ones that have offers in hand that are not seniors?

  • Tom said,

    I am not sure about this year’s team, but look at their recent history. Drayton at Charlotte, Terry at Charleston Southern, McIvor at Radford, Patterson at UNCG. That is just in the last 2 years! I am probably missing some. Maybe some of the Dudley parents can tell us if the underclassmen have received some verbal commitments. What is your point? My point is that Dudley consistently has very talented players and this year is no different.

  • Southern Alamance said,


    Were there any girls in Guilford County other than Dudley that had DI talent and could have easily played for Dudley since it seems to be the prototypical school for assessing talent? Who was the best girl in you alls area last year talent and productive wise? Look out for Shay and Southern Alamance. We will not be the push overs of the past.

  • Tom said,

    There are several girls in the area that could have played for Dudley. We had several girls in the area go to D1 schools. I am sure the coach at Dudley would have loved to have them on their squad. I have never seen Shay play so I need to go to one of her games. Good luck to your team.

  • Southern Alamance Supporters said,


    We had the chance to read your response concerning the best player in Guilford County last year and you never really answered it. Yes, we know Shay went to River Mill which is Alamance County in the Burlington area and we had the chance to read the Burlington Times News All Area Team last year which had one of our own players in Makenzie Owens whom went to Bemont Abbey DII school. There was a player from Eastern Guilford named Miranda Jenkins whom we never got to play whom they told us was the real deal. Our River Mill coach said when she was a freshmen she was key to beating them twice coming off the bench. There was an article in the Burlington Times from the coach at Williams that said she created matchup problems for every team because she could shoot, drive, dribble, dish, hit free throws, a shut down defender and had the ability to make every one else around her better. I also saw where she was Burlington Times Regional Player of the Year and deservingly so. Many in our area said that she got snubbed for the North- South and East-West All Star game and that no other player in this area deserved it more. Last we heard she got a D1 scholarship to a school up in New York and had earned a spot in the starting rotation before an injury. Have you ever seen her play? If all of this is true and we see no reason to believe that it is not, this is the type of player that we want to compare Shay to. Who was the Player of the Year in Guilford County last year?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Jenkins now at Stoneybrook up in New York…Pretty sure she was POY in Guilford County last year and if not, she was public school POY…..

    Who won with Southern Alamance vs. Eastern Alamance on Tuesday night?

  • Sonic said,

    Shay is good but she is no Miranda Jenkins