The Phenom Hoop Report with updates/video highlights on Trey Chapman(WCA), Quayshad Williams(GDS) and Jackson Kent(HPCA)

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Phenom Hoop Report

from Rick Lewis at the Phenom Hoop Report and he has video on the players for us today, when you CLICK BELOW……Courtesy of Rick Lewis let’s hit today’s Phenom Hoop Reprot…..

Scouting Report: Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Event: North Carolina Phenom 150 Camp Review (Highlights)

Evaluator: Rick Lewis

Twitter: @Coach_Rick57

Phenom Quote of the Day: “To get something you never had you have to do
something you never did”

Phenom Hoop Report Philosophy: “Balanced, thorough, and detailed evaluations
based upon the 3 P’s philosophy of Performance, Production, and Potential”

There is an old saying, “a picture speaks a thousand words.” In today’s
issue, we will provide you with video clips of players that attended the 8th
Annual North Carolina Phenom 150 camp that was held on Saturday, October
15th this past fall. A special thanks to Jacey Zembal who covered the event
and was kind enough to supply the Phenom Hoop Report with access to the
players listed below.

Players in this album:


Andrew White

J.T. Miller

Thor Emilsson

Quayshad Williams


Tyrek Coger

Andrew Rowsey

Jackson Kent

Matthew Madigan

Mark Pollock

Trey Chapman

Rai’n Holland

Gejuan Long


Cody Martin

Caleb Martin

Jaylan Robertson

Thaxter Spruill

Spencer Scott

Stavian Allen

Dominique Kelmar-Poto


Kovacevic Dusan

Robert Brown

Muhammad Muhammad

Timarcus Simpson

Brian Thornton

Below are our write ups from the event:

Player: 5’11 Andrew Rowsey

Hometown: Lexington, VA

School: Rockbridge

Grade: 11 (Class: 2013)

Evaluation: Andrew Rowsey enjoyed an absolutely stellar performance at the
NC Phenom 150 Camp. Last year, Rowsey was nationally known as an undersized
shooting guard, but within the past year has worked extremely hard to become
a true PG. With his performance, we can honestly say “Mission Accomplished.”
Rowsey has a swagger and confidence factor that is unequalled by his peers.
Once he stepped onto the court, he demanded the ball and quickly took
complete command of the game. He was excellent in dribble penetration and
kicking out to open teammates and definitely made his teammates better.
Throughout the day, he was constantly knocking down jumpers and made an
equal impression on the defensive end of the floor. He accepted all
challenges and was one of the favorites by all the scouting services in
attendance. He came into the camp looking to “prove his value,” and he did
exactly that. We believe he is on the verge of being a top 100 player and
schools in the MM+ should definitely be recruiting this young man.

Player: 6’6 Caleb & Cody Martin

Hometown: Mocksville, NC

School: Davie County

Grade: 10 (Class: 2014)

Evaluation: Caleb and his twin brother Cody came into the camp as two of the
hottest prospects in the country for the class of 2014. Both of them already
have several ACC offers and the talented wing duo have a complete fluidness
and smoothness to their game. They are highly skilled wings that do a little
bit of everything well. They have good size, athleticism, but it is their
overall skill set that separates them from their peers. They are
fundamentally sound and have a high basketball IQ. Both of them have
outstanding ball handling skills and have a soft shooting touch from the 3
point line. They also have excellent court vision and they thrive in the
open court. They are team players and are extremely unselfish. Both are
multi-dimensional players and are without question HM+ prospects.

Player: 6’6 Andrew White

Hometown: Chester, VA

School: The Miller School

Grade: 12 (Class: 2012)

Evaluation: Andrew White is a consensus top 75 player nationally and much
has been written and reported on his improvement over the spring and summer.
He currently has offers than a kid has on Halloween. He is entertaining
offers from Kansas, Texas, Louisville, NC State and others. The talented WG
already sports a college ready frame and a silky smooth jump shot. He has a
beautiful release on his jumper and has outstanding range. That being said,
he made an unofficial visit to NC State earlier in the day and drove to
Winston-Salem to participate in his 4th NC Phenom 150 Camp. While his
performance was solid, it was not the usual performance we were accustomed
to seeing during the summer.

Player: 6’9 Kovacevic Dusan

Hometown: Rabun Gap, GA

School: Rabun Gap

Grade: 9 (Class: 2015)

Evaluation: As always, our camp provides an opportunity for relative unknown
players to make a name for him. Not only was Dusan a virtual unknown and
would be our “surprise player,” most of the scouting services in attendance
and many thought he may have been the best overall prospect. We are talking
about a 6’9 PF that has the mobility and versatility to his game. He can
step out and knock down the 3 pointer or make plays off the dribble. Like
most European players, he has exceptional ball handling and passing skills
for his size and position. While he may not be the most athletic guy on the
court, he played with a passion and purpose that quickly made him a
favorite. Without question, MM+ and even HM- schools should definitely
monitor his progress.

Player: 6’8 Tyrek Coger

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

School: Upper Room Academy

Grade: 11 (Class: 2013)

Evaluation: Coger will have to overcome the “on again, off again, on again
and off again” recruitment to the University of Missouri. Without question,
he benefited greatly by playing on the same team as Andrew Rowsey and Coger
enjoyed the passer friendly PG from Lexington, VA. In his first game of
camp, Coger went 8-9 from the floor and actually ran the floor really well.
He looked more agile than this past spring and summer, and he looked like he
had something to prove and if his performance at camp can translate into the
same during the high school season, he should be a major target of MM+
schools. He has soft hands and rebounded well and an excellent job of
keeping the ball high on offensive put backs. In addition, Coger scored off
dribble drives from the high post area to show off his versatility.

Player: 6’0 Jaylan Robertson

Hometown: Clayton, NC

School: Word of God

Grade: 10 (Class: 2014)

Evaluation: Robertson recently transferred to Word of God in Raleigh. He is
a superb athletic PG that can flat out score. He has exceptional quickness
and speed and one of his crowd pleasing transition dunks through traffic was
the highlight of the day. The bouncy guard has all the physical intangibles
and the next step in his development is knowing how to run a team
effectively and efficiently. Currently, he is a score first PG who is oozing
with confidence, but also needs to harness his confidence into better court
awareness and higher basketball IQ. That being said, he is on track to be a
MM+ prospect at worst case scenario.

Player: 6’5 Gejuan Long

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC

School: Mt. Tabor

Grade: 11 (Class: 2013)

Evaluation: Without question, Long was the surprise player on the camp.
Simply put, Long introduced him to the scouts and spectators in attendance
with a dribble drive baseline move for a power dunk that sent the gym into
frenzy. More importantly, he has a high motor and his overall intensity on
both ends of the court was contagious. He is long, lanky and athletic wing
that attacks the basket with vengeance at every opportunity. His full
throttle approach to the game and his lock down pressure defense was
refreshing to see. He definitely made a name for himself this past weekend
with his freakish athleticism. He has good handles and is excellent in
transition. The next step in his development is to play under control and
develop a consistent outside jump shot. That being said, MM schools should
carefully monitor his progress with Coach Mike Muse of Mt. Tabor.

Player: 6’10 Thor Emilsson

Hometown: Winston-Salem (Foreign exchange student)

School: Forsyth Country Day

Grade: 12 (Class: 2012)

Evaluation: Emilsson is a big body post player that is fundamentally sound.
He is not overly athletic, but does use his body rather well on the
interior. He runs the well and does possess a nice drop step move to the
basket. He does a very good job of boxing out on the defensive end of the
floor. Schools in the Big South and Southern Conference should definitely
monitor his progress for FCDS.

Player: 6’7 Mark Pollock

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

School: Charlotte Catholic

Grade: 11 (Class 2013)

Evaluation: Pollock’s biggest attribute is his ability to knock down shots.
He has excellent fundamentals and shooting technique and has a high release
point. He has great rotation on the ball and he is deadly from midrange and
can also stretch out the defense with his outstanding range from the 3 point
area. He is fundamentally sound and has a high basketball IQ. He recently
received his first offer from Presbyterian College and look for that list to
grow. He has been a regular at the NC Phenom 150 camp and he continues to
improve and get better. He is player that should be recruited heavily by
Southern Conference and Big South schools. In addition, he is an excellent
student and high character young man.

Player: 6’6 Quayshad Williams

Hometown: Greensboro, NC

School: Greensboro Day School

Grade: 12 (Class 2012)

Evaluation: Williams has been saddled with a foot injury for part of the
summer and early fall. While he has to work his way back into shape,
Williams enjoyed a stellar camp. Although he is undersized at the post
position, he worked extremely hard in the paint getting open. Fortunately,
I’ve had the opportunity to coach Williams 2 years in AAU and know he has
potential to be really good. He has “soft” hands which is essential for a PF
or post player. He is always moving without the ball and is quite active on
the boards. One thing for sure, Williams doesn’t mind banging on the inside
and mixing it up. In addition, Williams has enjoyed the opportunity to play
for Greensboro Day and one of the best high school coaches in the business
with Coach Freddie Johnson. That alone will tell you he is coachable and
knows how to play the game the right way. Williams looked like he had
something to prove and he looked like the Quayshad of old. I look for big
things this coming season for him. He should be a target for Big South and
Southern Conference Schools.

Player: 6’3 JT Miller

Hometown: Clinton, NC

School: Clinton

Grade: 12 (Class 2012)

Evaluation: The undeniable adjective that attaches itself to Miller’s game
is explosive. Without question, Miller is a big time athlete who plays above
the rim. Miller showed solid ball handling capabilities in both the half
court and in transition. He has really good end to end speed and absolutely
loves to attack the basket. The next step in his development is to develop a
consistent mid range jumper. That being said, Miller plays with passion and
purpose and is Mr. Hustle on both ends of the court.

Player: 6’6 Trey Chapman

Hometown: Greensboro, NC

School: High Point Wesleyan

Grade: 11 (Class 2013)

Evaluation: Trey Chapman recently transferred to High Point Wesleyan. He is
a tremendous athletic WF that has excellent length and bounce that enables
him to play above the rim. He is like a gazelle in transition and uses his
length and athleticism in attacking the basket. He is very active on both
ends of the floor and can be a disruptive force on the defensive end.
Chapman played with a lot of energy and hustle which is refreshing in camp
settings. The next in Chapman’s game is to utilize a midrange jumper. He has
the physical tools to be a really good player in high school and at the next

Player: 6’7 Jackson Kent

Hometown: Greensboro, NC

School: High Point Christian

Grade: 11 (Class 2013)

Evaluation: Kent recently transferred to High Point Christian and reclassed
to the 2013 class. Kent is another regular at the NC Phenom 150 camp and I’m
totally impressed with his improvement over the past year. Basically known
as a “dead eye” from the 3 point territory, he has worked hard on his ball
handling and passing skills and has really raised his level of play. He even
played PG at times at camp. Kent is excellent in transitions and with
improved strength and quickness, he is more comfortable attacking the basket
and finishing well. He has always been a fundamentally sound player with a
high basketball IQ and is a legit D1 prospect.

Player: 6’8 Thaxter Spruill

Hometown: Clinton, NC

School: Clinton

Grade: 10 (Class 2014)

Evaluation: Spruill is an extremely long and thin “run jump” athlete! He has
an enormous wingspan and looks like he could grow even more. He is excellent
in transition and also has “soft hands.” Offensively, getting out in
transition and running the court is his game, but on occasions Spruill was
able to post up and utilize a jump hook shot. Defensively, he can be an
absolute terror by blocking and altering shots. The next step in his
development is adding strength and girth. He has a tremendous upside and is
oozing with potential. It should be fun watching his development over the
next few years and mid major schools should find a road atlas to Clinton, NC
to monitor his progress.

Player: 6’5 Matthew Madigan

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC

School: Mt. Tabor

Grade: 11 (Class 2013)

Evaluation: According to Coach Mike Muse of Mt. Tabor, Madigan will be
transferring to play for him this coming school year. The southpaw is known
for his ability to put points on the scoreboard and he didn’t disappoint at
the NC Phenom 150. He does have a “sneaky” athleticism with his hops, but
the biggest attribute for Madigan is his fundamentals and high basketball
IQ. He simply knows how to play the game the right way. In addition, he
plays extremely hard and doesn’t take plays off and should be a priority for
schools in the Big South or Southern Conference. He is also an excellent

Player: 6’7 Stavian Allen

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

School: Word of God

Grade: 10 (Class 2014)

Evaluation: Allen is another long and athletic WF in the class of 2014. He
has a nice wingspan and is excellent in transition. He did a tremendous job
of running the lanes and finishing above the rim and had some nice
thunderous dunks as well. Allen may separate himself from others at his
position with his solid ball handling and passing skills. Without question,
he does need to get stronger, but his young man has a promising future. He
sports a quick first step to the basket and gets there with relative ease.
The majority of his moves seem effortless as he enjoys a fluidness and
smoothness to his game.

Player: 6’7 Robert Brown

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

School: Millbrook

Grade: 9 (Class 2015)

Evaluation: Simply put, please go ahead and put this young man in your
memory bank or “SIM CARD.” He’s 6’7, young, athletic and loves to run the
court! He got out in transition and had some big time dunks, but played with
passion and intensity on both ends of the court. While he may be somewhat
raw offensively, he does get after it on the defensive end of the court. In
addition, Brown has “soft” hands and does have a huge upside with his
athleticism and desire to play hard.

Player: 5’11Ria’n Holland

Hometown: Hope Mills, NC

School: South View

Grade: 11 (Class 2013)

Evaluation: The opinions varied on Holland from various scouting services in
attendance whether to peg Holland as a true PG or SG. The reason for the
varying opinions was due to the fact that Holland is a “lights out” shooter.
We are talking about one of the best pure shooters in his class. Holland can
shoot off the dribble at the PG position or simply move without the ball to
get open. It’s refreshing to see a young player know how to play without the
ball and “do his work early” for getting his shot off. This young man needs
little to no room to get his shot off. He has a quick release and can get
his shot off on taller and more athletic defenders. He is fundamentally
sound and has a high basketball IQ and has serious D1 potential.

Player: Muhammad Muhammad

Hometown: Durham, NC

School: Durham Riverside

Height: 6’3

Class: 2015

Evaluation: Muhammad is a promising young freshman with good potential and
upside. He has an excellent attitude and has a tremendous work ethic on the
basketball court. More importantly, Muhammad is a fierce competitor. He
plays extremely hard and competes on each possession. He has a nice blend of
athleticism and skill and is a solid all around player. He has a good
midrange jumper and can step out and knock down 3’s on a consistent basis.
He has good length and can use his speed and quickness to get into the lane
with relative ease. He has smoothness to his game and could be a future star
in the class of 2015 in North Carolina

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