New Conference looks that would take effect in 2013

Posted by Andy Durham on November 30, 2011 at 12:35 pm under High School | 13 Comments to Read

Here’s a look at the new conference realignments, that will voted on in the Spring of 2012 and then take effect in the Fall of 2013….We show the lineup below from the NCHSAA and the school is accompanied by their current ADM/Average Daily Membership(Enrollment)….

Piedmont Triad 4-A
East Forsyth 1941
Glenn, Robert B. 1651
High Point Central 1632
Northwest Guilford 2026
Ragsdale 1438
Southwest Guilford 1520

Metro 4-A
Dudley,James B. 1483
Grimsley 1793
Page 1969
Smith, Ben L. 1460
Southeast Guilford 1441
Southern Alamance 1455

Mid-State 3-A
Eastern Guilford 1292
McMichael, Dalton 1049
Morehead, John M. 1067
Northeast Guilford 1175
Northern Guilford 1382
Rockingham County 1176
Western Alamance 1205
Williams, Walter M. 1187

Triad 3-A
Central Davidson 1035
East Davidson 996
Ledford Senior 1245
North Forsyth 1256
Southern Guilford 1173
Western Guilford 1381

Andrews, T.W. 931
Lexington Senior 777
North Rowan 686
Salisbury 867
Thomasville 711
Trinity 694
West Davidson 825
Wheatmore 842

Check out the entire state when you CLICK HERE…..)From the Charlotte……)

  • anita tissue said,

    tic… toc …tic…toc…NE Guilford…you can run but you can’t hide!!!

  • Mick said,

    Western at 3A and a bigger school in the conference. Bet they are glad to see that!

  • Football Fan said,

    Northern Guilford should be 4A.

  • Hawks said,

    Conference placement is by size of student body not talent of athletes…don’t hate.

  • Coach Blue said,

    What is going on about calling out NE Guilford?
    This is the conference we should have been in last realignment.
    Some on here are acting like we wanted to be in that conference that requires us to travel so much.
    I thought it was ridiculous that we bordered the school districts of Northern,Eastern & Western Alamance and we were not in their conference.
    This is not a knock on Asheboro, Ledford,North Forsyth, Southern Guilford or Southwestern Randolph.
    We just should not have had to travel to those places when we were located close to the schools that we are about to be placed with for the 13-17 cycle.

  • 2knows said,

    Not so fast, Andy! East Davidson just got bumped down to 2A. This will affect some of the conferences, especially where ED was located. New conferences will be out Dec. 9th. Get those facts straight before you start posting!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Tell that to the NCHSAA….These are their preliminary findings and a vote will be taken in the Spring of 2012…..We have that info listed up top as well….All appeals can be made between now and then, but good luck, the NCHSAA was very open to appeals during the last realignment session….

  • anita tissue said,

    CoachBlue….NE Guilford dropped Northern from the schedule this season….i guess this was mandated like the move to the conference they are in??

  • anita tissue said,

    also Blue…the MidState 3A is getting stronger…..Morehead is the school that you can can schedule for homecoming!…the rest of the teams you will struggle with.

  • Coach Blue said,

    First of all I do not coach football.
    I don’t know nor do I care why Northern was not on the football schedule this season.
    We play them in many other sports.I like the conference that we are about to be part of, so do not falsely accuse us of trying to avoid any school in it at this time.I want to compete with schools that border our school district.There will be more interest created about athletics in our conference.

  • Pirate said,

    Northern is definetley a 4A team next re-alignment. They are already larger than some 4A schools now. They will finally be in a strong conference for most sports.

  • Mick said,

    They do not appear to be bigger than any of the schools listed above

  • Coach Blue said,

    I suppose anything could happen between now and when this is finalized.
    3A Northern Guilford has only 56 students less than 4A Ragsdale.
    You could possibly see either Northern go up to 4A, Ragsdale go down to 3A, both move or neither move.