Did UNC/Burlington Cummings receiver offer/give too many perks? Better to give than receive, but Dwight Jones might get sacked at this game!

Posted by Andy Durham on December 20, 2011 at 4:17 pm under College, High School | 8 Comments to Read

There’s a flier going around down in Burlington and one of Burlington’s favorite sons is saying, ‘bring it on daddy’, for the BIG New Year’s Eve Party…..Dwight Jones, UNC WR is giving up a lot for those who like to party on December 31…..

Jones, a former Cummings star, appears prominently on a flier for the party, which will cost $10 to enter — $20 for VIP treatment, according to the flier.

The flier also promises free admission, paid for by Jones, for the “first 24 ladies.” “D Jones will be giving some lucky ladies in the building up to (a) $500 cash giveaway,” the flier also reads.

The flier also promises “24 free shots every hour on the hour,” compliments of D. Jones.

It is still unclear how this might effect Mr. Jones and his spot with the Tar Heels, as they prepare to go bowling, but one thing is certain, somebody down in Burlington is one heck of a promoter……..’And then along came Jones’……

CLICK HERE to read all on this event from today’s News and Record on-line….

  • Corporal Agarn said,


    How exactly did this moron even get accepted at UNC?

  • SMH said,

    Says the moron fan of the school that made the word “amphibious” a universally known joke.

  • Corporal Agarn said,

    Even Clemson kicked this idiot to the curb….yet the CAROLINA WAY lives on? I wonder what Dwight is majoring in?

    Its becoming more and more apparent that many of these student atheletes at UNC-Cheat can’t even read on a 4th grade level. Shame, but I guess that’s the price of wanting a big time sports program.

  • durhamtarheel said,

    He should be ineligible alone for being an idiot. Talk about a lack of common sense smh

  • smh said,

    I am not defending Jones. That is incredibly stupid and irresponsible. I am commenting on the fans from rival schools, ie NCSU, who take such joy from anything that happens negatively in Chapel Hill. Yet, they have their own share of idiot moves from their own athletes. If UNC players were arrested for having PED’s and bongs in their apt or for beating up a 65 yr old bus driver, State fans would be screaming for “independent investigation”. When it is their own players, not a peep.

  • Corporal Agarn said,

    And the UNC fan continually blames everyone except the ones who should be held accountable.

    Bottom line is that Dwight Jones should have never been accepted at UNC. Why did he get admitted? That was the question.

    And yes….he is a moron.

  • smh said,

    I guess for the same reason Chris Washburn, Charles Shackelford, Cozell McQueen, and countless other scholar athletes were admitted into State.

  • corporal agarn said,

    Which is why an independent investigation is necessary. Thanks for connecting NCSU’s cheating 20 years ago to UNC’s current cheating.

    THE CAROLINA WAY……just like the NC STATE WAY! I Love it!