The 10 Best College Baseball Players of All-Time and one of them used to run ‘Charlie Teague’s Sporting Goods Store’ out on West Friendly Avenue near Guilford College

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Charlie Teague, one excellent sporting goods man and even a better baseball player and coach……

The List:

#1 Lou Gehrig (Columbia 1922-24)

#2 Jackie Robinson (Pasadena Junior College, UCLA 1937-41)

#3 Pete Incaviglia (Oklahoma State 1984-85)

#4 Bob Horner (Arizona State, 1976-78)

#5 Robin Ventura (Oklahoma State, 1985-88)

#6 Mark Kotsay (California State, 1994-96)

#7 George Sisler (Michigan State, 1913-15)

#8 Charles Teague (Wake Forest 1947-50) First winner of Most Outstanding Player in the College World Series and one of less than a dozen players to make first-team All-American three times.

#9 Dave Winfield (Minnesota State 1969-73)

#10 Don Heinkel (Wichita State 1979-82)

CLICK HERE to check out all the details on these all-time great players…..Very interesting notes on Gehrig, Robinson, Incaviglia(one of may all-time favorite players with Texas Rangers), Horner, Ventura, Winfield and much more…..From Charlie Walker……

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