All-Area HS Football Team for 2011

Posted by Andy Durham on December 25, 2011 at 1:19 pm under High School | 7 Comments to Read

We had the list last week, but waited for the N&R to get it in the paper today…..

Here is the list…

Northern Guilford: Daniel Downing, T.J. Logan
Northwest Guilford: Reid Baxter
Page: Drew Rogers, James Summers (POY)
Reidsville: Dominique Shoffner
Southeast Guilford: Jamal Petty
Southern Guilford: Jamie Cunningham
Western Alamance: B.J. Bunn, Nigel Carlton
Western Guilford: Brock Stadnik

Andrews: Chris Pauling
East Forsyth: Jalen Forrest
Grimsley: D.J. Reader
Northeast Guilford: Andrew Campbell
Northern Guilford: John McBeth, Scooter Mooney
Page: Ed Britt, Blake Hickman
Ragsdale: Larry Ogunjobi
Rockingham County: Jake Hogan
Western Alamance: Brock Deatherage

The following players, while being honored in the All-Area section, do not need to report to the newspaper for photographs.
Andrews: Marquell Cartwright, Darien Miller
Dudley: Demetrius McCorkle
East Forsyth: Amon Giles
Northeast Guilford: Jacob McCann
Northwest Guilford: Matt Pawlowski
Page: Orlando Hatfield
Ragsdale: Marquez Eleazer
Rockingham County: Darian Miller
Southern Guilford: Matt Colvin, Malik Moseley

Dudley: Albert McClean, Chris Register, Brandon Reynolds
East Forsyth: Jalen Day
Page: Grant Brewer, Savon Wall, Shaun Workinger
Ragsdale: Trey Grimes
Reidsville: Mike Lee
Smith: Telvin Tatum
Western Alamance: Mike Maness

Bishop McGuinness: Jack Raborn
Dudley: Chauncey Carter
Eastern Guilford: Tyler Hunt, Desmon Miller, Quan Moss
East Forsyth: Chad Hollandsworth
Glenn: Charles Williard, Kion Young
Grimsley: Landis Shoffner, Kevin Walton
McMichael: Dylan Daniels, Dakota Hopper, Antonio Joyce
Northeast Guilford: Deion Pressley, Peter Wall
Northern Guilford: Austin Coltrane, Sam Parker, Austin Simmons
Northwest Guilford: Tyler Campbell, Dalton Dillon, Garrett Stuart
Page: DeAnthony Brooks, Jacob Green
Ragsdale: Brad Davis
Reidsville: Jayron Rankin
Rockingham County: Matthew Hogrefe
Smith: Miles Morris
Southeast Guilford: Kevin Brown, Barry Harris, Kamron Neese
Southern Guilford: Quahshon Butler
Southwest Guilford: Brandon Banks, Ryan Bristow, Larry Edwards
Western Guilford: Mark Pettit, Clayton Stadnik

  • Trenches said,

    What only one Offensive Lineman and like 4 QBs. Any receivers? Typical reporters…… My coaches always said linemen get no credit

  • what the heck said,

    Braxton Daye nor Raymond Bridges got mentioned at all,what is wrong with this? after what both of these players did and also rubin crosby who was very great as a linebacker for the bison this is redecilous and no Dorian Anderson from western either wow this is unbelivible.

  • smh said,

    How could Mark Mitchelll from Northern be left off completely ?

  • yankeeclipper15 said,

    I don’t think you can call this an All-Area “Team”. It’s not a “Team”. A football team has offensive and defensive linemen and this team has a severe shortage of the men in the trenches. This is just a list of the top players who get their name in the paper and get the recognition. It’s the lazy way to name an “All-Area Team”. Look at the NCPreps All-State teams and they are willing to do the work to find the best lineman to make a true team.

    It’s great for the players to get the recognition in the News & Record, but to call it a “Team” is a misnomer. Do the work to actually name a Team or just call it all All-Area players.

  • justafan said,

    What a joke of a Team. Does anyone believe these stats? I saw were one kid had over 200 tackles

  • Andy Durham said,

    We had this same problem with the All-ACC basketball team years ago….It may be time to start re-defining the term term and in this case, what does it really mean??? .ACC hoops used to pick two guards, two forwards and a center….Then they went to the process of just selecting the Top Five players….May have to start calling this the Top 11/22 All Area Players and not team…..

    Very good points being posed…..If that was 200 unassisted tackles, this kid should be All-American….I remember being in a game back as a kid and one kid got 30 tackles and 20 of those came on late hits….I think that kid may have been me or somebody with the same last name, but I don’t remember…Too many concussions or too much late night TV……

  • DJHtr said,

    It is the same in basketball. All the talk is about scorers. Andy Durham adds to it with his coverage. There is more to these sports than the “flash” often covered by “journalists”. “Teams” win games and championships. Folks in this country used to know that fact. Most basketball and football fans don’t get it anymore. Sad commentary.