Mid-Term Grading for Girls Basketball

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1 Southeast Guilford:13-1: A solid crew and good coaching has this team headed in
the right direction. A big win over Dudley at Dudley was monumental in that it has
allowed other schools to believe that they can dethrone the Pantherettes and has now
open up the conference Championship for grabs. Kenya Hailey has had consistent play
and is a strong candidate for Conference Player of the Year and shooting guard
sophomore Kara Shutt (12.7 ppg) scoring out put has been more than welcome. Junior
forward Kayla Upshaw (5.8 ppg) provides solid defense and freshmen Kayla Phifer
scores at (6.2 ppg) provides additional scoring to keep opposing defenses honest.
Southeast Guilford staff does an excellent job of reporting updated results on a
very consistent basis. Mdterm grade is an A!

2. Page: 12-2: Team is off to a fantastic start and is also at the top of the
divisionhigh rent district. They won the Pizza Hut Tournament which show that they
are thinking Championships. They have excellent coaching and their defense has been
solid. They have great scoring threats in sophomore Paris Kea whom is around 14 ppg
and Kayla Johnson whom has tremendously improved this year in her overall game. The
role players had done more than an adequate job in Barnes, Pegram and Coleman. The
key for Page down the stretch may lay in the hands of how well Senior guard Aletta
Smith plays. Page has a two big games coming up in less than a week. Southern
Alamance on Friday and at Dudley on December 10th. If they can win both of these
games , it will allow them to control their own destiny. Midterm grade ia an A!

3. Western Guilford: 11-4: Coach Polk has this program headed in the right
direction. They have a wonderful opportunity to finally finish in the upper echelon
of the conference and get a good seed come conference tornament time. They have the
best scorer in the conference in Brittany Clency (21.7) and several other good
players in Mark, Lozada, Everett and Smith. The only hold back is you never know
which one will show up on a consistant basis. They must avoid two or three games
losing streaks. They have showned the ability to play with any team on any night in
that they have demolished Page 63-44. Beat defending State Champion Southwest
Guilford 63-50. If they can stay focus at that level, they could win the conference
tournament. Winning the Conference regular season Championship may be a stretch but
not impossible. Their staff do a grade job of reporting as well. Midterm grade A!

4. Northern Guilford: 10-3: Coach Furlough has this team poise to win another
regular season Championship as well as the Conference Tournament Championship. They
had a bit of an hiccup during the Pizza Hut Torunament in losing to Greensboro Day
44-39 but did however was able to finish 5th. Senior guard Alexis Robinson is having
a great season (12.4 ppg) and provides the toughness that they will need down the
stretch. College recruit Amanda Coffer is having a solid season at (11.7 ppg, 8.5
rpg, 4.5 bpg). Sophomore Aliyah Grinage provides the third option scoring punch at
(10.8 ppg). One of the pleasant suprises is freshmen Sydney Wilson whom is averaging
(6.3 ppg) and can knock down the three pointers when needed. Gabby Boyd provides the
consistent hustle along with (5.1 ppg). Burlington Williams appears to be their only
challlenger but Northern has never had a problem dismantling the Eagles in the past.
Their staff does a great job reporting data.
Midterm grade A!

5. Southern Alamance: 10-4: This team is doing very well and Coach Boggs have this
program finally headed in the right direction of respectability. After being the
doormats for years it can finally hold its head up and can beat any team on any
given night. It does not hurt to have eleven seniors on the team whom can ride out
into glory and have a great player in sophomore transfer from Rivermill in Shayla
Burnett whom is averaging around 18 ppg. Coaches daughter Hollie Boggs does a great
job by scoring in double figures as well. This team may surprise some teams in the
tournament. Heck they beat Western Guilford , Burlinton Williams , Rockingham and
loss by only four to conference leader Southeast Guilford . The folks in Alamance
county will come out in droves as this team becomes the most dangerous team in the
conference that no one really wants to play.Page is next. Midterm grade: A

5. Southwest Guilford: 11-4: Coach Jeesica Bryan team will win the Conference and
the Conference Championship without a doubt. Team started out kind of slow which
happens with Champions some times. They won the Sheetz Christmas Tournament and are
now getting the leadership from Zena Lovette (12.5 ppg) and Jessica Pone (12.1 ppg.
Crafty veteran Shanel Lawrence provides the experience when needed in clutch
situations along with (7.3 ppg). Other players that will have key roles down the
stretch will be Aja Mott whom rarely turns the ball over at the guard spot and can
hit freehtrows (90%) and three’s (39%) and Sophomore Brianna Burgins whom started
the season hot but has cooled off lately to settle in at (8.9 ppg). The post
position is improving and must continue to improve if Southwest is to return to the
State Championship. Have always done a great job of reporting. Midterm grade B!

6. Rockingham:8-4: This team has Elon signee 6’5 Autumn Carter that averages around
20 ppg. This team could easily be one of the front runners for the Conference
regular season championship but somehow have a hard time with teams like Northern
Guilford and Burlington Wiilliams. They barely beat a young rebuilding Eastern
Guilford team by 5 points. They are 2-2 in conference play and rarely does a team
with two losses win the division. They are capable of causing some havoc but to
believe they will overtake Northern Guilford and Burlington Williams may be wishful
thinking. Other players on the team must now step up and play pivitol roles because
asking a player to lead a group that has never been in that position before, could
be asking too much. 8-4 is not a bad start but 10-2 would have looked much better
and a higher grade: Midterm B-!

7. Dudley:8-4: Is this a good start for the Lady Panthers? The answer is no. They
loss to conference challenger Southeast Guilford 28-27 at home and now have the rest
of the conference believing that the tide has turned. They did not have a good
Christmas tournament by going 1-2 and a lot of question marks. Dudley has always had
the most talented and deepest team that could easily run teams out of the gym. Other
teams like Southern Alamance, Page and a host of others think otherwise. They have
several players that have played games throughout the circuit in both Rouses,
Abrahamr, Maize, Davis, Smith, Jackson and Smith to get the job done. Eventhough
Dudley beat Southern Alamance 64-53 its a far cry from a whooping of 89-20 and
57-16 a year ago. Can Coach Mcneil get his trooperettes back into the dominance
state of mind that they have been accustomed too? These next five games will tell
the story and set the tone for the regular season championship and
conference championship and on to the States. This also have a chance of imploding
for the first time in years. This is going to be interesting. Midterm grade B-!

8. Eastern Guilford: 6-6: Year in and year out folks count this team out. But for
some reason they make no excuses and no allowances and find a way to win. Coach Gunn
has had a best player to get hurt one year and team still won a conference
championship and advanced to the Sectional Finals. She has had a runner player of
the year to quit and team won conference championship and conference tounrament
championship after starting the season 4-8 and advanced to the Sectional Finals by
knocking off the States 4th ranked team Norrhwest Halifax that featured NC State
signee 6’4 Lakeesa Daniels in the second round on the road. She has had an
undersized forward in Amiriyah Jamison and won the Conference regular season
Championship and advanced to the Sectional Finals . She loss three four year
starters that played key roles in the teams success and no experience returning
player(s) but one guard and the team won 23 games and a Conference Tournament
Championship and advanced to the second round before losing in overtime on the road
last year. They also beat 4A State Champions Southwest Guilford in the process.
Coach Tina Gunn has a player friendly system that is not predicated around a lot of
talent. It works through execution. Somehow they are always in the mix and have the
ability to play with the preseasons favorites. They tend to play top tier out of
conference type opponents irregardless of the outcome and tend to get strong as the
season wears on. Senior Karima Jackson is having her best season at around (13ppg)
and junior wing Whitney Parks around (10 ppg) and Erica Olerich provides additional
scoring. Sophomore center Carrly Alston has had the most rebounds in a game 22
against Southern Guilford than any othr player in the county. Freshmen
guards Callie Patterson and Ariel Shiers are getting ample playing time and are
productive to secure Easterns backcourt for the future. Sophomore
Kierra Poteat and senior Kierra Purcell provides inside help. Sophomore Nneka
Walson , juniors Raleigh Rumley and Ashley Morehead provides key minutes. They loss
to Northern Guilford in double overtime by 5 points and Rockingham by 5 points in
games that they were leading. No matter what Eastern has , very few teams really do
not want to play them down the stretch in big games. Tina Gunn record speaks for
itself and she has found a way to have her squad in contention: They always have
done a great job reporting. Midterm B!

9. High Point Andrews: 8-6: This team has really been one of the most improving teams
in the area. They show great hustle and are competitive. Coach John Shearin has this
team headed north after going south in the recent years. Key players in October
Campbell, Imani Watkins, Santia Davis and Cherish Mcarthur have all had their
shining moments. They knocked off Southwest Guilford after losing to them by over 30
points the week before. That shows character and desire. They are atop of their
division with conference play looming. If they stay on track and continue to
compete, they could win at least 15 games or more this year. A great building block
for the future. Midterm grade B!

10. Northwest Guildford: 5-8: The good showing in the Pizza Hut Tourney kept this
team from getting a lower grade. It could be the antedote they need to finish
strong. Coach Joyner team won 22 games last year. Can they do that this year? The
answer is no. Can they challenge Southwest Guilford for the Conference
Championship? Southwest Guilford would have to have a major break down. Sprinhill
signee Natalie Harper is beginning to catch fire and Alssa Munson provides the
interior presence that they need. Make no mistake about it, these are the two
players that must lead this team. Thinking otherwise is now very smart. They do have
a plethora of role players that could be vital down the stretch but if three game
losing streaks come into play, they tend to fold because of lack of experience. I
believe this team will have a good secodn half and may even knock off Southwest in a
game. But they cannot afford any slip ups to the likes of Ragsdales and others.
Because of the good showing C+

11. Smith: 7-6: This team always seems poised to make a run but for some reason
things tend to get off course. They have some pretty good players that can get the
job done but they keep coming up short. There have been many bright spots in Brandi
Robinson and Jo Jo Phillips is having a good season. A few other players need to
become more consistent. They have good coaching but execution needs to be at a
premium on a daily bases and not occasionally because good teams will exploit that
and lesser teams will hand around and be in position to win. hey knocked off Western
Guilford pretty good and things were headed upwards but the Pizza Hut Tournament was
not good especially in the last game against Greensboro Day. It looked like they
were ready to sing OLE LANSINE. A super start would be what the doctor ordered. If
not get the medication ready for a long headache. Midterm C-.

OTHERS TO CONSIDER: The following teams grades are incomplete and will be posted at
the end of the season Ragsdale, Grimsley, Southern Guilford and Highpoint Central.

  • What about the others said,

    Who ever submitted this special report must have seen a lot of the different girl teams play in the area. If that is true, why would you include teams such as Rockingham and Southern Alamance but not include teams such as Thomasville Prep, GDS or Bishop ? All 3 of these girl teams are amongst the top 5 or 6 teams in the entire Triad. All 3 of these girl teams also play a more diffucult schedule than any team listed above.

  • I am sure said,

    I am sure Andy is just including public schools here and not disrespecting the privates. No big deal. However, hasn’t SW Guilford beaten Western 2 of 3 times already?

  • The Real Deal said,

    So let me get this correct Western beats Southwest without Zana Lovette… Okay i will give them that. They loose to Southern Alamance, (who obviously they are not a doormat anymore). They get Smacked by Smith, (Smith could have won that game by 30 if they wanted). Then they turn around and loose two games in 2 weeks to Southwest Guilford but on this you have them ranked higher than everyteam that they have lost to??!!?? Andy I always respect your opinion and never question your thoughts but I gotta ask for some logic on this one. This makes absolutely no sense what so ever!!!!

  • Craig said,

    I believe this grading system is based on just public schools. I wonder what the grades are for private?

  • Not Rankings said,

    I believe it says midterm grades not rankings for this post. Geez! It is not that serious! Respect the opinions

  • Rhonda said,

    I must admit that this is pretty darn accurate and well thought out. Keep up the great work Andy!