Shining Light drops girls hoops game, but boys prevail behind Crumpton and Robinson

Posted by Press Release on January 6, 2012 at 10:19 am under High School | 6 Comments to Read

Shining Light girls struggled early and could never recover losing to conference foe
Bible Baptist of Matthews 47-25….Jenn Allen of Bible Baptist led all scorers with 23 points. Mariah Allen led Shining Light Academy with 12 points.

Shining Light Academy 4 4 7 10 25
Bible Baptist 13 16 10 8 47

Shining Light – Mariah Allen 12, Eboni Barnes 9, Morgan Ford 2, Ashley Layton 2

Bible Baptist – Jenn Allen 23, Katie Rally 8, Grace Caldwell 7, Kelli Fox 4,
MK Netherly 4, Isabelle Smith 1

In the boys game Shining Light led by Senior Ryan Crumpton 22 points & Sophomore
Caleb Robinson 20 points and 9 steals got out to a great start and never looked back
taking an easy win 94-18 over conference foe Bible Baptist.

Shining Light Academy 26 28 22 18 94
Bible Baptist 4 4 6 4 18

Shining Light – Ryan Crumpton 22, Caleb Robinson 20, Caleb Jeffries 13, Chase
McNeill 11, Andrew Owen 8, Brandon Mosley 8, Christian Gravely 6, Matthew
Jeffries 4, Aaron Whitman 2

Bible Baptist – Quintin Goodman 6, Mark Leasure 4, Josh Rubin 4, Andrew
Daulton 2, Abner Torres 2

  • Brian said,

    Bible Baptist Basketball??? Not sure about that.

  • ? said,

    Isn’t Bible Baptist a preschool?

  • ? said,

    Really??? C’mon Man! Can we stop the madness. Pretty soon every church in North Carolina will have a “high school” basketball team. I can’t take this foolery.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Tough making and scheduling games when you are private school…..Hard to find all the like or equal opponents….Last week Shining Light played Thomasville Prep and you have to play who can and when they will play you….Would love to see more of the Vandalia Christian vs. Shining Light games, even if you had to play three times in a season…..Caldwell Academy is another good opponent for the privates and the Burlington Christian School seems to be really coming on now…..One of the private christian schools will become a powerhouse soon and that might be what we are seeing transpire over at High Point Christian….Northside Christian out of Charlotte is possibly the top high school basketball team in the state right now and coached by former Wesleyan assistant Byron Dinkins…..

    Good to see kids playing ball, no matter what team they play on, or who they are playing…..

  • Danny Robinson said,

    Thanks Andy. I hope that anyone can see that we haven’t hid from anyone we will play no matter public or private. I know we aren’t the number 1 team around but our boys will play and have played some very tough schools. I too hope we will see some of our Christian schools do well. Corey Gesell at High Point Christian has a great squad and Tommy Adams with Vandalia has not backed down from any competition. Just because we are a Christian school doesn’t mean you get bad basketball.

  • Andy Durham said,

    If you are going to get the State Title, you’ll need to win 22-30 games depending on if you are public or private….You have to schedule a lot of games and if you are not in a conference you have to really branch out…..The goal has to be to win the State Title at your level/classification and you have to go for it….Lots of games and hopefully more wins that losses, but if you go 15-15 regular season and hit your stride at the playoff time, that sounds like a winner…..Crumpton and Robinson are very good players no matter who they are facing and the young guard from Southwest Guilford, K.J. Langley, he is a good one for the future too….He is #21 and plays guard…..SWG has a lot of good guards….Hanner, Bridges, Langley, LEACH