Power Team Sales Player of the Year – Voting Ends Today!

Posted by Don Moore on January 8, 2012 at 12:26 pm under High School | 8 Comments to Read

Web Voting Closes at 6 PM
Email Entries at 12 Midnight

  • Jeff Keen said,

    Ryan Johnston, Northern Guilford

  • Rusty said,

    James summers POY

  • Alex Mott said,

    Ryan Johnstion deffenantly deserves it

  • Chris said,

    Ryan Johnston, Northern Guilford, POY

  • JB said,

    Ryan Johnston wasn’t even the best player on his team. James Summers is clearly the PoY. Even the News&Record, NCPreps, and other media sources agree.

  • Gfan said,

    I have to agree even the N&R got this one right. How can the best player of the 4AA State Championship team not be the Player of the Year in his own county? He should be the POY in North Carolina!! Only thing this proves is that there are a lot of NG fans and anti-Page fans on this board. Get real people.

  • heyGfan said,

    Gfan – not much to root for over at Grimsley so I get your anger. What exactly is the criteria to win this award presented by PowerTeam and GreensboroSports.com? If is about pure stats then i guess it defaults to Summers or Logan. As I read all POW’s are nominees including the O Line at NWG so any of the 15-16 could win this…..just trying to be real.

  • LOL said,


    You are correct that all POW’s are nominees, but if you are keeping it real, then you must admit that this kid (albeit maybe good – although I’ve never heard of him) isn’t even the best player on the NG team…So, it appears to be a popularity contest, and if NG fans really believe that this kid is better than Logan, then I think Logan might want to come on over to his home based school where he would get the recognition from his peers as he is deserved…LOL…