Photos from the MLK Day Games at the Greensboro Coliseum Part I

Posted by Andy Durham on January 17, 2012 at 2:13 pm under High School, Photos | 4 Comments to Read

You can check our photos from Monday’s MLK Games at the Greensboro Coliseum and this first set will have inside shots from Forsyth Country Day and Wesleyan out of High Point, N.C. Just click on one photo to begin and continue your tour,,,

  • Stew said,

    Pages Fonville would be a great point guard for UNCG, ELON, NORTH CAROLINA A&T, HIGHTPOINT UNIVERSITY and several others because he has a really nice feel for the game and manages it very well. He handles the ball with ease and makes nice passes in set offenses and in transition. He reminds me a lot like Ty Lewis from Oak Hill that is going to NC State.

  • Yeah said,

    @ Stew, the area schools don’t get it. The kid would be a good addition to any of these area institutions, but the coaches will go get kid from another state that can’t play. It is a shame! He is one kid that would love to stay in this area. UNCG needs to jump on this kid!

  • Journeyman said,

    I believe if I were an AD, I would be asking how come our coaches keep going on these AAU long recruiting trips out of town during Spring and Summer and yet our teams keep finishing at 500 or below. Heck build close to home and save money especially if they are still getting the same results. Plus to recruit locally, you have to get to these kids early on and offer.

  • just think said,

    Just think of the local girls and boys players within the last five years that have escaped playing at UNCG, North Carolina A&T, Elon and Highpoint University. Is there a myth that they would not have come? Many of thses kids have played on a National Level. The question becomes, did you offer them or made them feel like they were your number #1 option? Are you sitting back and letting Duke and Carolina dictate your inability to go after these kids? True players like the limelight and sure enough those schools provide that. But really good players do not mind competing and playing against teams of that nature. Too often kids go to these schools and never get off the bench and become bitter and frustrated. Normally transferring comes next. How many remember Jamie Skeen? He was the best in Northcarolina during his senior year. He went to Wake and it never panned out so he transferred to VCU and made it to the Final Four. He had a great year and seemed far more happier. Did the midmajor school recruited him hard enough? Or did they back off when they see the likes of Roy and Mike at events? How many just saw what FSU did to UNC? They have no Mcdonalds All Americans?

    Are the local schools both boys and girls in mention saying silently that they do not believe the local talent can provide them with the proper tools to compete? Sure some has recently added a player or two but how many got away that you never really offered?