Going to be another CRAZY year in the ACC:Florida State over Duke on a last-second shot in Cameron

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*****This is/was THE BIG ONE! One of the Greatest Endings in ACC History!*****
Florida State 76
Duke 73
….from theacc.com:Michael Snaer hit a 3-pointer at the buzzer as Florida State upset No. 4 Duke, 76-73, snapping the Blue Devils’ 45 game home winning streak.(Read all about here.)

Where were you when this game was ending? This turned out to be one of wildest finishes in the ACC/nation this season…..

I was coming off of the basketball court over at General Greene School and when I got in my car and turned on my radio, Bob Harris was telling us, on the Duke Radio Network, that Duke had the ball and the Blue Devils were down by 2 pts. and Duke had the ball with 17 seconds left in the game….

The Blue Devils got the ball in bounds on 98.3FM and they dribbled the ball up court and called a timeout, right after they crossed the halfcourt stripe….Duke set up a final shot during the timeout and when they got the ball inbounds and used about 10 seconds off of that 17-second clock, then Autin Rivers hit a shot to tie the game up at 73-73, with just 4.9 seconds left….

Flordia State brought the ball up quickly and they moved the ball into their frontcourt and worked a pass to the right corner, as the clock wound down to just three seconds….The Seminoles’ Michael Snaer let a three-point shot go from the right corner, right before the horn sounded to end the game and Florida State upset DUKE at home in Cameron Indoor Stadium, with all the Crazies looking on……

This was one of the best finishes in ACC men’s basketball history….This broke up a long winning streak by DUKE at home in Cameron(45 game home winning streak)….The loss by Duke is good for the league, cause it proves that there may really be some forces out there that can hang with both UNC and DUKE this season…

This was a good loss and I’m glad DUKE lost…..Duke fans love the winning, but they have to realize that this loss helps the ACC…..Now we have something to look forward to, because the other teams can beat UNC and DUKE….There might actually still be a race in the conference this year, at least in the regular season….

Go ACC and go all teams and go out and beat UNC and DUKE…..We need more endings/finishes like we had today and this brings back and re-establishes the glory days of radio, still the best way to experience a game like we had today….

This was by far the best game we have had all season in our league and I’m glad we have something to play for and to listen for, for the rest of the season…..

The magic of the radio and the ACC are back, at least for one day and let’s make sure we all continue to long for more days and games just like this one….I know many of you that are REAL basketball fans feel just like I do and let’s get ready for more ACC Magic in 2012…….

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