More High School Basketball Scores from last night

Posted by Andy Durham on January 25, 2012 at 9:47 am under High School | 23 Comments to Read

I didn’t see this anywhere else but here…
Smith 41
Southeast Guilford 34

*****Smith boys won over SEG boys in double overtime. We got that score for you…
Smith 88
Southeast Guilford 86
(2 OT)*****

Also GIRLS….
Dudley 65
Southern Alamance 50

Essence Abraham 20 pts. for Dudley and Shay Burnett with 14 for SA…

Southwest Guilford 48
Northwest Guilford 43

Zena Lovette with 23 pts. for SWG and Natalie Harper with 18 for NWG…

Western Guilford 57
Grimsley 45

Brittany Clency had 19 points for WG and Roxanne Henshall led Grimsley with 15

High Point Andrews 66
Wheatmore 49

Imani Watkins paced HPA with 18 pts.

Bishop McGuinness 63
South Stokes 42

Sammi Goldsmith was tops for the Villains with 19 pts.

Caldwell Academy 66
Trinity School 35

Peyton Kadlecek with 23 for CA….

Westchester Country Day 42
Elon School 10

Keniece Purvis with 19 for WCD…

Dudley 63
Southern Alamance 57

Sam Hunt and DJ Alston with 18 pts. each for Dudley…

High Point Andrews 57
Wheatmore 45

Tyrin Miller with 18 and Jalen Ford with 15 pts. and 7 assists for HPA….

East Forsyth 87
Ragsdale 77

Chris Harris with 22 pts. for EF and Bryan Rouse was the top Tiger with 17 and James Stepp had 16 for RHS.

Caldwell Academy 73
Trinity School 52

Michael Kobani with 22 for CA and Matt Uchedike added 16 and Brett Manning hit for 13 pts.

Westchester Country Day 71
Elon School 55

Josh Burton with 26 pts. for WCD….

Christian Faith 82
New Garden Friends School 70

Keemon Ingram with 22 for NGFS and Nolan Morganstern added 18…The Harge kid that moved to the Triangle from California had 12 for CF….He was one of the top-rated young players in the country….PG in 8th grade maybe?

South Stokes 52
Bishop McGuinness 51

Reilly Callaghan with 26 points for Bishop and where was Kevin Weckworth? Just curious he always is near the tops for the BMG boys scorers….

  • DUDLEY ELITE said,

    So much for Southern Alamance girls! Hard trip back down 85!

  • Falcon said,

    I would not crow too loud, they are a good team. Softball season is just around the corner and Dudley will have that long drive back down 85. The Falcons took a tough loss last night and it is going to be very tough to make the states now. You never know what might happen though. They have to find a way to win, they have to get better. Next year will be better we will have everyone back.

  • Tracy Burnett said,

    @ Dudley Elite, You won the game fair and square……we can accept that, but if you are expecting us to hang our heads and cry about it, keep on wishing. What you fail to understand is that we are not going away, so remember this….everytime you face us there is the potential for you to be beaten. Granted it hasn’t happened thus far, but rest assured it will! I know change is hard, but it’s inevitable.Enjoy the wins while you can. Play ball!

  • Smitty said,

    The EAGLES are flying again after demolishing Southeast Guilford for the second time! The race is getting tight. Dudley you all beat us by three the other night. We are getting stronger and stronger and listening to ROCKY BALBOA SONGS!

  • Panther Nation said,


    It is obvious that you must have not had the chance to see the BANNERS HANGING from the rafters at DEATH VALLEY! Winning has always been our forte! Getting excited to play Southern Alamance has no significance. We like your optomism but unfortunately you have us confuse with either other teams in the conference or maybe some teams from Alamance County! Either way confusion is no excue of the law! PANTHER RULES!

  • 6th said,

    the kid for Christian Faith is in 6th grade 2018 class

  • Child Please!!!! said,

    -Smitty in life only 3 things are certain Taxes, Death and Dudley girls beating Smith!!! You humor me with your ignorance!!

  • Smitty said,

    Child Please

    Life is like a box of chocolates! You open it and you never know what you will get! Here we come. Don’t say you were not forwarned! WE SHCOK THE WORLD! WE SHOCK THE WORLD! Smith girls are for real!

  • Pawsforthecause said,


    Why not shut your beak and let the SA folks speak for themselves. If I recall, S. Alamance fans were the ones running their mouths about what their team would do to our Pantherettes and whatever happened to that “secret weapon” they had??? Who gives a flip about “soft”ball or SE Guilford for that matter…………..seriously!!

    Smitty………nice win………….Falcon, eat “crow”……….LMAO!

  • ThePatriot said,

    The comment that was posted by a person calling themselves SA about southern alamance having a “secret weapon”. That was obviously put on here by a non-s.a. person, we never had a secret weapon nor claimed to. If we did it was a mystery to us, the coaching staff,the players. We have no secrets we are who we are. we live to fight another day. congrats to dudley!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Page at Grimsley, WG at Smith and SEG at Southern Alamance this Friday night in the Metro 4-A….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Dudley plays Reidsville in a non-conference game at home on Friday night….Reidsville boys are (16-1) and coached by former Grimsley boys coach Bill Walton…..

  • Falcon said,

    Just so everyone knows – the correct name for a female panther is a Pantheress not Pantherettes. Get some edumacation! LMAO Paws!

  • Falcon T said,

    Pawsforthecause A true fan does not dish other sports at the school. The next time you are sitting in the gym and see softball players and the coach from your school walk in to support basketball think about what you said. These young ladies at Dudley give up there afternoons and work hard. They had conf. wins this past year and several other good games a true panther fan would know this! The next basketball game you should just wear a basketball shirt because you are basketball fan not atrue DUDLEY PANTHER fan!!! But with fans like you thats why they dont need bleachers at the softball field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paws4thecause said,

    Does not “dish”………..really Falcon T??? I believe this thread was about basketball scores…………not softball…………which is probably the only sport that SE Guilford is competitive in which means your opinions are irrelevant. Get back to us when you win some state titles, Falcon Tranny! LOL!

  • Falcon T said,

    I”m back!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no US with you and Dudley because you said and i quote ” who gives a flip about softball” so tell them young ladies on the pathers softball team you dont give a flip!!!!!!!! And for your info I have a daughter that has a state championship and now plays D1 sport!!!!! Like i said I”m BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Falcon T said,

    Sorry I forgot you wanted to talk basketball does a big LOSS at your gym to SE ring a bell GIRLS. GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I”m BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • l.smith said,

    Hats off to the golden eagles on a great win last night. The double overtime had me on the edge of my seat…both teams never gave up. From the basket with 1 YES i said 1 second on the clock to send it to either to the first or second OT and the 20 point swing in the score when smith was down by 10 at the beginning of the first qtr. And still down by 9at halftime to come back and get a 10 point lead on southeast….it was the most thrilling game i have been to in a while.i am hoping Smith continues to get better and better…

  • l.smith said,

    Smity not sure what game you were at the other night….we didnt lose to Dudley by three we BEAT THEM by three! //the eagles have swept the Panthers this year!!!!!

  • Paws4thecause said,

    I smith, i’m pretty sure he was talking about the girls game……………and yeah, they swept the eagles this year……………only difference for Dudley they play to earn the rings while smith simply focuses on beating Dudley………….Smith will NEVER be a state title contender in anything other than track.

  • l.smith said,

    Everyone know dudley always had kids out of their attendance zone or doing creative recruiting like that Coach K did at Northern Guilford. He just became the scapegoat for something Dudleys being doing for years…try to win a srate cgampionship this year or getter yet get to .500 and then talk to me…

  • Smith said,

    I agree I.smith !!! I was told that one of Dudleys good girl players lives in the apartmants across the street from Smith. They have been doing this for years.

  • Andy Durham said,

    The county is on top of all of this these days after what happened with Coach K at Northern Guilford….Maybe there is an issue that pertains to the academy…Either way, you need to reach out to these kids and if they live in your district, get them to attend your school….There have been cases in the past year where kids are going back to their old schools and you never know…Approach this in a positive light and others may see the light and join you with your team or teams…If they were to read or hear you talking junk about them they sure wouldn’t want to come on board….