North Carolina hosting N.C. State tonight and a look at who should win this game?(Top links on this topic and one will take you back to Thacker and Packer with the call of the game)

Posted by Andy Durham on January 26, 2012 at 12:41 pm under College | 9 Comments to Read

You look inside first and for UNC that gives them an edge there with Tyler Zeller at 7’0 and John Henson at 6’11….How can N.C. State match up with that, as the Wolfpack bring 6’8 strongman Richard Howell into the lane and as one man, he can’t match what UNC can offer with Zeller and Henson…..UNC has a slight edge out front too at PG with Kendall Marshall….Marshall is averaging over 9 assists per game, while N.C. State’s floor leader, Lorenzo Brown is producing almost 7 assists per game(6.9)…..Marshall has one more year’s experience at the point as opposed to Brown, with Marahall at PG in 2010/2011 and Brown played the two-guard last year, during his first year in college….UNC has the home-court advantage too, with this game coming up tonight in Chapel Hill….The only real edge for N.C. State might be the outside shooting of Scott Wood….Wood also is the top free throw shooter in the conference and he hasn’t missed a foul shot over the past year and a-half…..UNC can send Reggie Bullock, P.J. Hairston and Harrison Barnes all back beyond the arc, but chances are, they won’t match what Wood can do…You know that UNC will be paying special attention to this tonight and it will be obvious, you’ll see the Heels chasing Scott Wood all over the place, they don’t want to let him get started….

Tyler Zeller, John Henson, Harrison Barnes, Reggie Bullock, Kendall Marshall and P.J. Hairston(Duldey HS) in the Tar Heels’ top six and Lorenzo Brown, Scott Wood, Richard Howell, C.J. Leslie, C.J. Williams and Deshawn Paitner in the top six for N.C. State….

You kind of hate to do it if you have followed the Wolfpack for many years, but when you look at all of this, you have to give the edge to UNC at home, by 5-7 points…If N.C State plays well on the road in Chapel Hill tonight, then they have a chance to take the game in Raleigh later on in the season, but as for this evening, it would be a tough steal, to take one fron the Heels at home tonight….You have to give them their home due……How about you? Are you ready for the big game tonight and will you be glued to the set at 7 watching ESPN roll out the Blue Carpet in Chapel Hill?????

Other links for you on this ‘Topic of the Day’…..They are talking about it and breaking it down in a big way at WRALSportsFan in Raleigh….CLICK HERE to get on board….

Great link here from the News and Record with the 1979 comeback by N.C. State when they were down 40-19 and came back to grab a one-point lead, available on video…State lost the game on a steal by Dudley Bradley, with just five seconds left in the game….He stole the ball from Clyde ‘The Glide’ Austin and ‘Hawkeye’ Whitney was hitting key free throws in this game…CLICK HERE for the N&R link and it is a good one…

  • Mick said,

    I remember that game well. Watched it in the rec room on the third floor of Hinton James dorm.

    I think UNC should win tonight but ….. I for one am glad to have a relevant NCSU team in The ACC again. Much more fun for all of us. Same goes for FSU.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Six hours till tip….I hope to be watching this one from Shane’s Rib Shack tonight….

  • UNC fan said,

    P.J. Hairston and Reggie Bullock will do just fine tonight. Heels by ten plus points. Not a real problem. Duke game is so much bigger.

  • Jimmy Hunt said,

    Carolina-State is much bigger than Carolina-Duke.

    Duke is an out of state school. All their boys are from over the border.

    Carolina-State is the big rivalry. State will win tonight.

  • Mike said,

    JImmy, what you smoking on bud? must be some good stuff! lmao

    Vegas Mike

  • Jimmy Hunt said,

    I’m smoking Raleighs, Winstons, Salems, Newports, whatever I can get my hands on until State locks down this game and I assure they will. When I was in charge the best roads in the state ran from Raleigh to Chapel Hill and they are about to be re-paved in Red, White and Black with yellow lines running down the other guys backs.

    If you got ’em smoke ’em and N.C State will smoke North Carolina tonight. I got me one of those Tom Gugliotta pizzas in the oven and we are about to slice it five ways for the Pack. I’ll get back with you on my tax cuts after this one is over.

    Bev Perdue announced today that she won’t be seeking re-election and the new term limits are now over and the office is once again fair game and I will be at the podium at 9:15 with my victory speech.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Maybe N.C. State needs to see if they will let them go back and replay the finish of that 1979 game and pick it with the five seconds remaining on the game clock and let the Wolfpack have the ball…..Re-do.

  • Mike said,

    Jimmy, can u get me a pack of those toasted wolfs? Its just too easy beating you guys, but you’re a football school with your sub par coach and team, last 5 gone to NCSU, still think we hold the overall record. Good day sir!

    Vegas Mike

  • Andy Durham said,

    Looks like Jimmy picked a bad day to not quit smoking..