‘Monday in the Middle’ with Kiser at Mendenhall girls and SWG at Jamestown boys(Lots of fun with lots of Photos)

Posted by Andy Durham on January 30, 2012 at 8:43 pm under Amateur, Photos | Comments are off for this article

Made the stops today and there were two stops along the way in fact, the first one over at Mendenhall and the second one in Jamestown at the that nice new Jamestown Middle School….Mendenhall was on the run in their win over Kiser and that put the Mustang girls at (13-0) and with SWG-Jamestown, the Cowboys were rolling when I pulled away, up 58-21 and SWG took their record to (11-0) with the win…..We will try and catch at least two more games next Monday and if you have other/more scores then leave them with us and be sure to check out our photos below from our two games today with Game One(Kiser girls at Mendenhall) and Game Two(SWG boys at Jamestown)….

‘Monday in the Middle’…Click on one photo and then you can take the entire tour….


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