High School Basketball Tonight with SG at EG and Wildcats take two from Storm[Loads/Tons of Photos with Players, Coaches, ‘Wildcat Crazies’]

Posted by Andy Durham on February 1, 2012 at 10:31 pm under High School, Photos | 10 Comments to Read

Eastern Guilford 62
Southern Guilford 49

Eastern Guilford 60
Southern Guilford 54

Eastern Guilford over Western Alamance on Tuesday night by 12 points and that was very big conference win for EG….
Tonight it was Brandon Hairston with 16 points and Charles Beard with 13 pts. leading the ‘Cats to the win, plus Southern had Jacquan McCauley with a game-high 19 points and Jared Henderson added 10 pts. for the Storm….


  • Fire said,

    Congratulations to Brandon Hairston on scoring his 1500 career point. Thanks for making it it super for us here at EG SUPERMAN#24.

  • SEGalum said,

    Was it a good atmosphere Andy? I have a nephew that goes to EG and he says they have one of the best student sections around.

  • no girl photos said,

    Did you take any photos of the girls game – Andy ? I have heard so much about the Eastern and Southern girls – I would have thought you would have been there for their game taking some photos like you did at Page the other night.

  • find it said,

    Sorry Andy – found the photos of the girls. Where will you be for games this Friday ?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Glad you were able to check out the photos and kind of went photo shop wild with the Wildcats last night, but that was our first chance to be at EG this year and we wanted the chance to see SG also, with lots of respect for Coach Whitaker and Coach Thompson too….Might be the best atmosphere for a game with student involvement that I have see all year….Grimsley was really into it last Friday night vs. Page and Greensboro Day and HPCA were making some major league noise last Tuesday night….EG’s student section(The Wildcat Crazies) are well-organized and they even have a leader to direct their cheers and antics and he does a great job….Very engergetic and into his leadership role…..Saw Tyler Wolfe, Ryan Hackett and Tyler Hunt and they all were really having some fun with the game too and good job by Brandon Hairston with the 1,500 point mark and congrats to all the seniors, and good luck to them down the road and a special mention for Adam Gunn, great kid from a solid family…..His mom and dad do a super job with the girls basketball team down at Eastern….

    Our Friday night stop will be at Greensboro Day for GDS vs. Wesleyan….Will get to see Montay Brandon, Theo Pinson and Jaquel Richmond….Saw them at the Greensboro Coliseum on MLK Day against Greenfield Academy and they have been playing much better since then…..

  • Amazing said,

    Did any Southern girls stand out on the team? Looking back at the comments and articles on the conference standing Southern was a question mark. What are your thoughts? What does Southern coach say?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Bass being back was good but I think she fouled out….#32 has a future, plus Henderson, Ellis and others….There must be Hendersons on both SG teams….Coach may think I am a bad luck charm….We spoke at hafltime and SG was up 33-32 I think and then they lose the game….All in fun, but a strong second half by Eastern to win it…..

    The best play of the night was the left-side layup cut by Southern, best play or plays by SG that is….I think they could have scored on that play all night long and toward the end, I not sure if one of those charge calls that took away the SG basket was correct….That was a smooth play….Can’t remember all the names, but SG has chance to still make some noise if they can stay focused on their conference efforts…..I wish the Sugg girl could get a chance to play, knew her dad Mike, back in the day……Good games last night, but Friday will be even more important for both teams……

    *****Footnote on the left-side cut by SG….It was working, but I’m sure EG would have made adjustments, it just was smooth when it was going down….*****

  • BH24Aunt said,

    Yes, congrats to Brandon! He has done an amazing job. It was so awesome to see the students so behind him last night when he hit the 1500th point. The T-shirts and posters were awesome! AND YES…the Wildcat Crazies are AWESOME! I love watching them. I video taped a lot of them and took pictures the last two games this week so if anyone would like copies, please let me know. They truley set the atmosphere for the games. Keep it up Wildcats!

  • Juice said,

    Brandon Haiston 1500 points is probably the most by anyone in his class! Eastern Guilford for some reason seems to always have either girls or boys that can put the ball in the hoop over a careers time.

  • GRANDMA24 said,

    Congrats to bran lov to watch that young man play, hey crazies what did u say YOU CAN’T STOP HIM looking forward to the next three games,lov ya SUPERMAN