Feeling sort of like a ‘cooked goose’ was there an excuse for profuse and loose Muse language during WSFCS teacher-student confrontation???

Posted by Andy Durham on February 2, 2012 at 10:49 pm under High School | 3 Comments to Read

Mike Muse must feel sort of like a ‘cooked goose’ after the outbreak of activity now detailing his confrontation with a student, in the Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools System…..The taped conversation has gone viral and has started to spiral out of control and control has never been an issue for the Muse family in all their years of being involved with Forsyth County coaching and athletics….

Mike Muse, Andy Muse and their father Tom Muse have been heavily involved in high school athletics in Forsyth County for over 90 years with father and sons inclusive….

Mike Muse got into it recently with a WSFCS student and we can see this below from the Winston-Salem Journal….Mike has coached at North Forsyth, East Forsyth, Mount Tabor and at Wake Forest University over the years…..

from the Journal….
The case of an East Forsyth student whose family made public a conversation he taped that contains cursing and threats from a teacher and the school’s police officer has prompted a huge outpouring of comments and a vigorous debate over how the situation was handled.

Mike Muse, a teacher and coach at East, and James Deeney, the school’s police officer, confronted the boy because Dillon Tschrnko, 15, had raised questions over the number of text messages both men were sending to a 16-year-old female student.

CLICK HERE to read all from the Journal on Coach Muse and the SRO and you can also listen to tirade if you so desire…….[WARNING]Lots of profanity involved…..

  • Coach Blue said,

    He should not have used all the “language” but I don’t blame him for confronting the student.

  • realist said,

    Absolutely agree Coach Blue…..the language could’ve been better but I would not lose one “wink” of sleep if this occurred to me……family is just seeking attention….THIS IS IN NO WAY BULLYING in my opinion its called squelching a rumor that is not true!

  • realist said,

    By the way, why hasn’t anyone said anything about the student having a cell phone on campus (I know it is impermissible in some counties) furthermore having the audacity to tape faculty and administration……seriously! What type of person does that? Smdh……