Tom Brady playing in the Super Bowl this year, while last year Brady watched it illegally in Costa Rica:Word up/out is “Illegal Streaming must STOP!

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Football, Basketball, Hockey games, Wrestling matches, MMA fights…..Too many of these these events are being given away over the internet illegally and we don’t understand it all, but the Wall Street Journal has done a very good job of breaking down the problem of illegal internet streaming….from

New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady says:

“Last year I was rehabbing my foot in Costa Rica, watching the game on an illegal Super Bowl website. And now I’m actually playing in the game. So, it’s pretty cool,” Mr. Brady said.

Web operator Yonjo Quiroa, of Comstock Park, Mich., was charged Wednesday with copyright infringement. Prosecutors said he distributed football, basketball and hockey games and wrestling matches.

Mr. Quiroa appeared in federal court in Grand Rapids, Mich., on Wednesday. He was held without bail while his immigration status was under review. Larry Phelan, his lawyer, declined to comment.

Authorities said the prosecution was part of a continuing federal effort to target counterfeiting and piracy on the Internet.

CLICK HERE to read all from the Wall Street Journal……

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