HS Hoops Tonight Finals with Metro, Piedmont Triad and others

Posted by Andy Durham on February 17, 2012 at 11:20 pm under High School | 18 Comments to Read

Southwest Guilford boys 82-67 over East Forsyth and the SWG took down NWG by 60-37, plus HUGE upset over at Wheatmore as coach Brian Seagraves High Point Andrews boys topped #1 seed Trinity in the PAC 6 2-A Final….(Another winner just in, Northern Guilford boys over Western Alamance for the Mid-State 3-A Title.)

Metro 4-A Tournament at Dudley where the Panthers and Patriots were crowned Champions
Southern Alamance 64
Southeast Guilford 54

Burnett and Boggs combined were something like 26-31 at the foul line….Boggs hit 12 straight to start the game and then went like 15-18 and Burnett was 8-8 in the 4th Q and like 11-13 for the game….Burnett right at 28 pts. for the game and Boggs at 18 pts. on the night….Deriene Sykes at 13 pts. for Southern Alamance and she was a major factor too….SEG with Kenya Hailey right at 18 and Kara Shutt at 15 and Kayla Upshaw with a total of 8 pts. for the Falcons…..The block/charge calls that took Hailey and Shutt out of the game with five fouls were back-breakers for SEG….I think Falcon coach Shawn Newton may have some intereting thoughts about those two calls….Very good effort by Southern Alamance and the Patriots are tough and they will be for several years with strong players like Burnett, Boggs, Sykes, Kelly and others around……

Dudley 64
Page 60

Sam Hunt and DJ Alston with 22 each for Dudley and Yaua Shol with 6 pts. for the Panthers….Sam Hunt added 8 assists for the Panthers….Page had James Summers with 22 pts. Aand 7 rebounds, plus Frankie Eaves added 16 and Xavier-Hill Mais added 11 pts. for the Pirates….Bryson Fonville chipped in 6 pts. for Page and Anthony Hamlet and Yaua Shol had 6 rebounds each for Dudley…

  • Jim Calhoun said,

    What about a Northern Guilford tourney final win over W alamance WHeres the love?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Thanks for the score…I haven’t been around the TV so this is my first knowledge of it…..Do you have a final for us on the NG boys and girls and thanks…

  • NE fan said,

    NE Guilford beat North Forsyth 54-52 to claim there conference championship.

  • Interested Results said,

    It looks like Guilford Co took everything for the boys and girls except for the metro girls. Guilford Co should be represented well during the state playoffs. The only boys teams from this area that I think can make it to the final 4 in 3A or 4A are – North Forsyth, Northeast, Southwest, Page and possibly Dudley if they can stay hot. Each of these teams have consistent guard play that can get to the hole and finish on the perimeter each night. Page and Dudley will have to get an upset at some point against a Charlotte team. The only girls teams from this area that I think can make it to the final 3A or 4A are – Southwest, and Page. Both of these teams will have better guard play than most of their competition. I don’t think Dudley, Southern Alamance, Southeast, NW, Reynolds, or East Forsyth have consistent enough guard play to carry them in a playoff situation. I also think the Reidsville boys from the 2A can not only finish in the final 4 but I think they are the only local team that will have a chance to win the entire state.

  • hoops123 said,

    Just heard that Keemon Ingram made 11 3s last night in New Gardens Friends Schools win.

  • Interesting Results said,

    Forgot about the 2A HP Andrews boys and girls. I definely think the HP Andrews girls can get to the final 4. If they can hit the perimeter shots, then they can win it all. I think the HP Andrews boys can get to the final 4 but I am not sure about winning it all.

  • Tracy Burnett said,

    @Interested results……I respect your opinion and it is just that an “opinion,” But as far as Southern Alamance is concerned “consistent guard play” has not and won’t be an issue, You will have to dig a little deeper to find a reason why this TEAM (SA) won’t make it in the playoffs. We went through some tough teams and guards to become the METRO 4A CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS (western guilford,PAGE,southeast guilford). So…..I guess we will have to wait and see what happens before we label you a prophet. Play Ball!

  • OBSERVER said,

    Southern Alamance girls team earned everything they got. They have a legitimate college player and is the best player in their conference. They do a good job of understanding their roles and executing. Congratulations to a job well done and earned.

  • Interested said,

    To “Tracy Burnett”.. I am assuming that you are the mom or someone close to the Burnett player from Southern Alamance. I am sure you are correct that Southern Alamance will do well in the playoffs but I don’t think they have a Southwest 2011 type run in them this year. However, I am sure people said the same about Southwest last year. Personally I would love for a triad team to win it for the both the boys and girls in 2A, 3A and 4A. Teams like Millbrook in Raleigh and Myers Park out of Charlotte for the girls have both an inside game and very good guard play. Southwest was fortunate that Butler lost before having to play them and I believe that was the key to them winning last year. I just think that Southern Alamance is to dependent on Miss Burnett to show up strong every single game to get pass the 2nd row. I think Page and Southwest have more players that have proven that they will show up game after game when needed and not just one 3-4 day tournament run. The playoffs are about proving your value and proven your supporters right and the doubters wrong. Good Luck to Southern Alamance and all of the local teams! I am cheering for all of you.

  • Paws4thecause said,

    Public Service Announcement: S. Alamance won the conference “tournament”. They are NOT the regular season conference champions. #notevenclose

  • Tracy Burnett said,

    Correction noted…….we are the 2012 Metro 4A Conference tournament Champions……we will work toward the other one next season and then there won’t be a need for a PSA. METRO 4A TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS…..got it! Play ball!

  • Tracy Burnett said,

    Dudley boys and Southern Alamance girls are the METRO 4A CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS…..see “Paws4thecause” I have got it! Play ball!

  • You make me sick said,

    Tracy, plz shut your pie hole.

    From Everyone


    As we all see,SOUTHERN ALAMANCE obviously had something good going for them. We r a TEAM not Jus a player,and its very sad tht people like yrslf can’t give credit where its due. Yall must can’t give credit cause SOUTHERN beat yalls team and yall feeling bitter now. Get over it cause we will b BETTER next season. PLAY BALL(in my Tracy burnett voice)

  • Tracy Burnett said,

    @youmakemesick: You know what…..you’re right, It is time to as you say “shut my pie hole.” It’s just that when you have to hear the so called basketball gurus,elitist and bullies of this conference say that you “don’t have a chance….you can’t do this…..you won’t win that,”for months… you tend to stoop to their level. I don’t and won’t back down from anyone and my team/family are the same way. So I said all that just to say this…..”If you can’t take it……Don’t give it.” So I apologize to anyone I offended with the SOUTHERN ALAMANCE METRO 4A CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS thing…….NOT! As long as you haters are quiet….I will be quiet. Good luck to ALL the Metro conference teams in the playoffs, let’s bring it back to OUR conference Play ball!

  • where do they play said,

    Curious about which organization do some of these Southern Alamance girl players play AAU. Do they play for Phoenix, Galaxy, Magic, Steelers or who ?

  • Tracy Burnett said,

    These ladies play for the Mid-State Magic basketball club out of Burlington,NC, Brian Cousin is the director. http://www.midstatemagicbasketball.com

  • Andy Durham said,

    Conference foes have been beating each other up now for so long, it is time to get out and play some new competition and the playoffs come at a perfect time….Good luck to all the Metro 4-A teams cause they have been battling hard for a long time now…..Shay Burnett, only a sophomore, is going to be a real good one before it is all said and done…She is strong and has very good ball-handling skills and she is always going forward….She is always going forward and getting into the lane and at the basket….She is going to be a good one and we are lucky to have her and her Southern Alamance Patriot teammates in the Metro 4-A….Good luck to all in the playoffs…..