All-Area All Conference Tournament Teams

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1. Zena Lovett: Southwest Guilford: The Campbell signee scored 25 points in the
Championship blow out of Northwest Guilford 60-37 and team was never really
challenged through out the tournament for the defending State Champs. She scored 22
in the opener in another blow out victory and finished with an average of 23.5. MVP
of the tournament.

2. Shayla Burnett: Southern Alamance: The sophomore and her team came into
Greensboro as a third seed and took the mantle back to Alamance County at Dudley
highschool gymnasium. It was their first conference tournament championship in the
Metro ever. Her stella play and a team that would never quit and had no problem
hitting you back in the mouth, showed what it took to be champions and she set the
stage early on. She led her team to victories over Western Guilford, highly ranked
Page and a Championship win over Southeast Guilford: She averaged 20.6 ppg during
the tournament and saved her best for last with 28 points in the Championship game.
She has established herself as the best player in the conference and a conference
tournament championship to prove it. MVP of the torunament.

3. Jessica Pone: Southwest Guilford: The Campbell signee helped her team to their
third straight conference tournament title and matched a career high with 27 points
in the opening game blow out. She averaged 19.5 ppg during the tournament. Her
steeady play and experience has been her hall mark during tournament time and should
avail itself again as Southwest Guilford defends its title. First Team All

4. Autumn Carter: Rockingham: The 6’5 Elon signee and North- South Allstar selection
can now knock the monkey off of her back with a championship mantle for the school.
The fifth seeded Rockingham squad beat 4th seeded Eastern Guilford 58-56, #1 seeded
Burlington Williams 48-46 and then knocked off Northern Guilford in the championship
game 42-41 on a last second shot. It was the first time that they had beaten a
heavily favored Northern Guilford team in awhile. During the run she had a
tournament high of 26 points against Eastern Guilford and finished with an average
of 17.3 ppg which is around her seasonal average. MVP of the tournament.

5. Imani Watkins: Andrews: A team that was told to watch since December and no one
was paying attention. When they beat Southwest Guilford after being pretty handily a
few days earlier, no one still took them seriously. Well now they are Conference
Tournament Champs with an unblemish record of 12-0 and 20 wins and is one of the
few teams other than Southwest Guilford whom can make that claim. Imani and crew
worked very well together and her 27 points in the championship game puts her name
up their with others whom came up big in the final game plus a championship. She
averaged 21 ppg during the tourney. MVP of the tourney.

Second Team

1. Hollie Boggs: Southern Alamance: The sharp shooting guard from Southern was
definately a key component as the Patriots shocked the entire conference by being
the Conference Tournament Champs. She scored in double figures in every game and
came up big in crucial situations whenever Burnett was either double teamed or in
foul trouble. She did an excellent job of handling the ball and scoring from the
perimeter. A very effecient player that does not just throw up shots with no
purpose. She averaged 15 ppg and came up big in the final game with 18 points. All
Tournament Team.

2. Kara Shutt: Southeast Guilford: A very clutch performer that kept the Falcons in
contention when she hit a last second three pointer to send the game against highly
favored and #1 seed Dudley into overtime and a win by scoring 18 points plus 4-5
three pointers. She was very consistent all tournament long and if Southeast
Guilford had won the championship game she would have been on the first team all
area tournament slection. She averaged 17 ppg and is definately a force to reckon
with in the conference over the next two years.

3. October Campbell: Andrews: Did an outstanding job all year long as well as the
playoffs. She help to create matchup problems and her game is headed in the right
direction. Scored 16 ppg during tounament play. Could have easily made the first
team but teammate Watkins reserved that spot but they make one heck of a

4. Kenya Hailey: Southeast Guilford: Had a very good tournament and averaged 14.6
during play. She did a great job of blocking shots and controlling the tempo. Had
team in contention for a championship win but it got away from them at the end.

5. Whitney Barker: Rockingham: Her steady play help to take the load off of Elon
signee Autumn Carter. Her 11 points in the championship game were huge. She had
steady play through out the tournament and also walked away with a championship


1. Shanel Lawrence: Southwest Guilford: The steady veteran got the Cowgirls off to
a super start by launching a double-double with 15 points and 17 rebounds in the
opening round of the torunament. She has a knack for big plays during this time of
the season.

2. Alexis Robinson: Northern Guilford: Played steady and had team on brink of a
championship win only to see it slip away two years in a row. She averaged 12.3 ppg
during that stretch.

3. Darlene Sykes: Southern Alamance: Came up big in Championship game with 13
points and was a deciding factor in the win.

note: A criterion must be set in choosing players that best exemplify such deserving
awards based on productivity, winning and their particular value in helping their
teams to reach a certain status. A player whom produces and their teams reach finals
will get the nod over a player who produces more but their team gets blown out in
championship games. A player whom team reaches the finals and their team perform
wells as well as themselves will get the nod over a player on a team that win but
their games were blow outs and a coach left a player in knowing the game was well
over early on. No player whom was bumped early on in tournament will make the list
over a player whom may have produce less but reached a higher plateau and made a
difference in their teams success. This is based on productivity and value and not

  • Andrea Lovette said,

    I am EXTREMELY proud of the ladies of SW Guilford!! Despite having a slow start at the beginning of the season, they have been playing well. Congratulations to JP, Zena & Shanel as well as the other ladies who made this list.

  • ballin said,

    Great explanation! Those girls deserved the recognition they played hard and fought to the end!

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  • Tracy Burnett said,

    Thanks for recognizing our girls at Southern Alamance: Darienne Sykes,Hollie Boggs and Shaylen Burnett.

  • S. Rogers said,

    Southwest Guilford Cowgirls have a phenomenal team. Excited to see them make a second run for States!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOO COWGIRLS!!!!!

  • justin said,

    This is a very nice format in going about selecting players.