The clock is on Karl:Hess in a mess as the ACC ref that booted Corchiani and Gugliotta, but this isn’t something new:What about the time Roy Williams had the Presbyterian fan kicked out of the Dean Dome?(What’s the call on Karl?)

Posted by Andy Durham on February 19, 2012 at 3:29 pm under College | 6 Comments to Read

What’s the Call on Karl?

We have been in touch with the ACC Offices by way of CBS and see the key response from John Clougherty below……

The ACC has responded and how is this any different from the time when Roy Williams had the fan kicked out of the Dean Dome/Dean E. Smith Center in Chapel Hill??? I knew Karl Hess back in college and he always been the utmost professional and in his college days he wore a white shirt and tie to class every day and he carried a briefcase and this man/boy back then, was always a top-notch pro and a National Champion basketball player too….Did Karl Hess do something wrong here????? Just curious and I have always been a very big N.C. State fan, but his time, I am siding with the man in charge of the game, until I learn more…..Gugs and Corchiani are just fans and this time, it appears that as fans, they went over the line, a line that had to be addressed by referee Karl Hess and I almost called him George Karl….And what about the time Roy Williams had the Presbyterian fan tossed from the Dean E. Smith Center??? People in charge have to have the right to address a hostile/potential hostile situation…..


ACC supervisor of officials, John Clougherty, released a statement:

“Under Rule 10, when circumstances warrant, an official has the authority to request home game management to eject fans when the behavior, in the officials’ judgement, is extreme or excessive. It’s unfortunate in this instance that ACC protocol of communicating directly with the home game management was not followed, and instead, a building security officer was solicited. We will re-communicate this policy with all officials to ensure proper protocol is followed.”

  • David said,

    You are wrong about this. Karl Hess should never officiate another ACC basketball game.

  • Andy Durham said,

    It is all about Protocol…..Looks like Karl’s mistake was following the wrong protocol when having the fans(Gugliotta and Corchiani) ejected from the building…..Karl appears to have made a mistake in ACC Protocol/Policy and some ways it is flat-out ‘ole Politics…….

  • redclayramblers said,

    I bet ole Karl would not eject Laettner or Hansborough for doing the same thing. Just saying.

    What school did the ACC commish use to be the AD? ACC politics indeed.

  • Mick said,

    Ummm…. not Dook.

  • Matt said,

    I question if the ref knew he was tossing out former players. Obviously he could figure out which team they were pulling for.

    Is there a supposed past connection with the parties involved?

  • Tom said,

    Karl should quit or if not they, the ACC, should fire him this week.