Greensboro Sports Council Distributes Funds to Pizza Hut Invitational Schools:Invitations Accepted for 37th Annual Tournament(No changes at this time)

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Invitations Accepted for 37th Annual Tournament

GREENSBORO, N.C. – The Greensboro Sports Council has donated more than
$100,000 to the eight schools that participated in the 36th annual Pizza Hut
Invitational presented by NewBridge Bank Dec. 26-28, 2011, it was announced
today. In addition, the Sports Council donated $10,000 in scholarships and
charitable contributions from tournament proceeds.

An excellent fundraising effort by the Greensboro Sports Council membership
coupled with solid school participation in fundraising and ticket sales
combined to allow increased donations to the participating schools. Each
school received $12,500, an increase of $1,750 per school over last year.
With this year’s donations, the Greensboro Sports Council has now
distributed more than $1.2 million to the tournament’s participating schools
in the last 13 years.

“The tournament support the Pizza Hut Invitational enjoys is truly amazing,
and we are delighted to be able to make these contributions back to our
participating schools,” Greensboro Sports Council president Tommy Watkins
said. “When this tournament began 36 years ago, the mission was to raise
money for high schools in Guilford County, and I am ecstatic that we not
only continue to subscribe to that mission, but also that we were able to
increase our donations to the schools this year. We appreciate every one of
our sponsors and every person who bought a ticket to the tournament because
those people are the ones who made these donations possible.”

In addition to the school donations, the Council awarded $8,000 for its four
annual Bill Lee Memorial Scholarships. The Council also made two charitable
donations: $1,000 to Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test and $1,000 to
the Corrigan Faircloth Chapter of the National Football Foundation to
sponsor a scholarship.

The 37th annual Pizza Hut Invitational presented by NewBridge Bank is set
for Dec. 26-28, 2012. As is the case each year, members of the Greensboro
Sports Council met in January to discuss possible changes to the 36-year old
event. As organizers of an invitational tournament, the Council can change
the field or format at any time, but after lengthy discussions, a decision
was made not to make any changes to the event at this time.

Therefore, next year’s tournament will feature the same stellar field and
thrilling matchups that characterized the 2011 tournament; the Greensboro
Sports Council has extended invitations to: Greensboro Day School, Grimsley
High School, Northeast Guilford High School, Northern Guilford High School,
Northwest Guilford High School, Page High School, Ragsdale High School and
Smith High School. All invitations were accepted.

The Pizza Hut Invitational presented by NewBridge Bank is an annual high
school basketball tournament in Greensboro, N.C. Founded in 1976 as the
Little 4 Invitational, the tournament features men’s and women’s teams
representing eight Guilford County high schools playing at the Greensboro
Coliseum Complex. Tournament proceeds are donated to local charities and
the participating schools; the Pizza Hut Invitational is planned and
implemented by the Greensboro Sports Council.

  • $$$ said,

    Who would ever turn down this event? It’s a financial windfall for the schools. The powers that be have put together a nice event.

  • ballin said,

    It is a great event for the players even without the money!

  • Pantherette said,

    There are plenty of reasons to turn down this tournament. I’ve heard that a lot of the Coaches and Teams would get out if they could. The players/coaches/basketball teams/athletic programs never see a dime of this money…its spent administratively. Thats part of the reason why we got out while the getting was good. Other than that you get paired up against the same schools that many teams already play in the regular season and you also have to play against GDS and their recruits and 5th year seniors. The PHIT’s not all its cracked up to be.