Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Tonight from GSPN:Burkes is Back with Big Bang-Bang Baby/Kimber with a ‘K’ nearly goes all the way!

Posted by Andy Durham on February 29, 2012 at 6:23 pm under High School | 11 Comments to Read

NEG 11
WG 1

John Morehead was 2-2 with 2 singles…Blake Millaway had two Triples and 3 RBI’s…Clint Banks had 3 singles and 2 RBI’s….

Northeast Guilford 13
Western Guilford 3

WP:Jacob Watkins
LP:Adam Foster
NEG had Josiel Colon with a 3-4 night with a Double and a Triple and 3RBI’s…Jaylin Davis was 2-4 with a Double and a HR….Caleb McCann went 2-2 with a Double….Shane Flippin was 2-3 and Austin Peoples went 3-3 with 3RBI’s for NEG….NEG Rams with 14 hits total…
WG had John Iorio go 2-3 with a Double and Tyler Parr was 2-3….

NEG at Eastern Guilford on Thursday(tomorrow) with JV’s at 5pm and Varsity at 7pm….. Games have been moved up one day…..

Calin Cannady now pitching for NEG in the top of the 5th inning…Calin, Craig’s son….
Tyler Parr now pitching for Western….
Jacob Watkins on the hill for NEG Rams and Adam Foster throwing for WG Hornets…

Final from High Point tonight….

Dudley 9
High Point Central 1

WP:Corey Kimber(1-0) went 6 innings and was consistently throwing 91mph..
LP:Josh Wilson
Dudley(1-0)/HP Central(1-1)….Couple of key hits and runs for Dudley’s Brandon Burkes, back with Dudley after his neck injury and he played last summer for Grady Lawson in Senior Legion ball down at Eastern Randolph(Post 45)….
*****Pitcher’s duel early with Corey Kimber going for Dudley and Hanson Butler got the start for Central….Zach McLean scored the only run for Central and Bradon Burkes drove in the one run early in the game for Dudley…..In the top of the 5th inning, Josh Wilson has come on to pitch for Central with the game tied at 1-1, in relief of the Bison starter, Hanson Butler…..Pro scouts there today at the game, representing the Atlanta Braves and the Kansas Royals, checking out Dudley’s pitcher, Corey Kimber…..*****
+++++Notes:Burkes got another big hit with a two-run Double and Greg White got the key hit with a Double to put Dudley in front to stay, 2-1…..+++++

  • Me said,

    who had a radar gun on Kimber?

  • No Surprise said,

    No surprise that Kimber almost went the distance. This is has been the standard method of this Dudley coaching staff for years and the destruction of young men’s arms is a far second thought. This is way too early in the season to throw 6 innings and is a totally irresponsible act. Also, I have seen Kory pitch for years and I don’t recall ever seeing him throw 91 mph.

  • HPC Fan said,

    Atlanta Braves and KC Royals scouts were there, both of them on the guns on him and Kimber was still hitting 91 in the 6th inning many times, I was sitting a few rows behind the guns.

  • Charlie Pannell said,

    Kimber is a great kid and fine pitching prospect. Please don’t get caught up in what number is on a radar gun. I am sure Larry Farrar and his staff would never overpitch or hurt a player. Brandon Burks is also a great prospect who the scouts could be looking at.
    Please do not put to much emphasis on Stats such as Batting avg and “Numbers on a gun”. Both Kimber and Burks are talented prospects and Larry is a good coach with some fine men on his staff.
    Charlie Pannell
    PS— A Radar gun can be adjusted to read 5 to 7 mph either plus or minus to prevent Looky Lous’ from seeing the actual number. A common practice among many scouts is to adjust the gun so only they know the true figure.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Heard Kimber struck out 18 Bison batters….It is still early, but a coach was tellling me the other day that is never early in baseball any more…KIds are throwing year-round and when they are not throwing in the Spring they are throwing in the Summer and then they thtow in the Fall and indoors in the Winter…Most are ready to go all the time it is jut a matter of changing shoes and a lot of this could be effected by pitch count too…There is a number out there somewhere and I would think that those scouts from Atlanta and Kansas City that were there, if they showed up to watch or scout a pitcher, then they did bring a radar gun to track him….We could all be wrong, but it sure will be interesting tying to find out…..

  • you are right andy said,

    you are right andy . these kids throw all the time , these no it all people dont understand that. to no surprise you are an idiot . you have no clue. charlie pannell you fell out of the stupid tree. are you serious turn the radar up or down? i guess in football you turn the clock on slow so the team losing can catch up ? that was not a smart comment. kimber is one of the best pitchers in this area and he deserves the respect of being a good kid who loves playing the game. negative comments about a coach hurting a kids arm is another stupid comment. larry keep beating these teams butts because i rememered when they did it to you when you werent that good everybody wanted to play dudley guess what not now. so keep up the good work you and your staff and keep the haters hating. you must be doing something right they talking about you. lol

  • Andy Durham said,

    It is good to get all the different viewpoints and I feel like we learn something new on here every day…To me, I respect and appreciate the viewpoints and opinions of all and love to hear and see them cause that is what this forum is all about….Sometimes I’m guilty of hyping things up too much, but I guess it is the fact that it is the first week of the season and the games are going again and it seems like we are all back on here talking again just like we are returning for another season(like being away and returning after a long vaction)….Good to see all the kds names out here again and we will keep on promoting them just like we always have, so if you see or get any news, feel free to pass it along and let;s keep our forum up and running and most importantly support the kids and their coaches…..Most of the teams are like a family and then we sort of become an extended family here, passing along the info and sharing our opinions……

    Let’s not trash each other on here, cause we may need each others help one night down the road and if you need a favor, it will be good to know you have a sports related person to count on…..Stay with your teams and again we are just in the early days of the season, but it appears that this will be a good one if everyone stays healthy….That will be the big key, players staying healthy….I know Grimsley can’t wait till they get DJ Reader back and Dudley is missing Miles Sowell and Duncan Sparks is gone from Ragsdale and we all of them get to see time at some stage of this seson….

    Somewhere along the line we will say somehing that makes somebody mad or somebody else will say something that gets on your nerves, but wi will have to suck it up and keep on taking it to the fields…..Mr. Fields would want it that way……We will learn together and today we have learned that we all have opinions and we need to respect each of those…..We not going to agree on everything cause we all see things differently…..

    Keep on keeping on…The weather’s perfect and we have more games to get out and see tonight….

    Metro Predictions
    #1 SEG
    #2 Southern Alamance
    and then how does it go???? Dudley,WG, Grimsley, Page and Smith looks to be locked in last….Dudley, WG and Grimsley could go several ways….Grimsley, Dudley and then WG or WG, Grimsley and then Dudley……Pitching will be the key and with Newton, Kimber and company in the league this ought to be good….

    Piedmont Triad;
    #1 Glenn
    #2 SWG
    #3 East Forsyth
    and then a middle battle with NWG, Ragsdale and HP Central???? WS Parkland locked in the bottom?????

    Plenty of good topics and let’s give the arms a rest…….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Just got an E-mail from a new reader out of California, Brian, I think it was and he said and maybe this should be our new ‘motto’:

    “Being Cool gets really tough if you are also Hot”…..That is how Brian is seeing the ‘Big Picture’ today…..

  • the human rain delay said,

    The prediction of NWG finishing fourth is not a very good one IN MY OPINION…..thats why we have to play the freaking games and see how it plays out…..all these preseason polls and predictions and player rankings are horse crap…… call it promoting kids, I call it living in la la land giving these kids aspirations that they will be big time college and pro prospects when we all know it takes a SPECIAL athlete to be given that consideration and hype…….

  • Andy Durham said,

    On the NWG-Graham game from yesterday…..

    NW/Graham postponed until today at 630pm :courtesy

    We should have our first polls coming out next week….

  • Smith #1 Fan said,

    I wouldn’t count Smith out just yet, because they have young developing talent there and have some returing players. They have a chance at having a .500 season. Also they play Dudley tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!