Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Tonight at SEG from GSPN:SEG, Ragsdale, SWG, WG, NG, EA, WCD and WS Reagan have won..

Posted by Andy Durham on March 9, 2012 at 8:18 pm under High School | 21 Comments to Read

Page 5
Grimsley 4

Burlington Williams 11
Rockingham County 1
(5 innings)
WP- Dallas Baldwin

Eastern Alamance 5
Western Alamance 4
(8 innings)

Ragsdale 1
East Forsyth 0
(10 innings)
Niko Orfanedes drives in winning run wirh 2 outs in the bottom of the 10th

Northern Guilford 2
Eastern Guilford 0

WP:Matt Kaplan (Complete game with 14Ks and 2 hits allowed….
LP:Corey McDaniel went the distance for EG….

Westchester Country Day 10
Davidson Day 2


WS Reagan 8
High Point Central 3

Western Guilford 13
Smith 1
(4 1/2 Innings)
WP:Keith Anderson 3 innings and Adam Foster worked 2 innings for WG in relief of Anderson….


WP:Sean Geoghean
LP:Adam Swim

Southern Alamance 1

WP:Dallas Newton…Newton with in the neighborhood of 9-10 K’s tonight…..
LP:Jason Wolf
HR for Southern top of 7th….
Dallas Newton pitching for SEG….Newton pitches a complete-game…..
Austin Bain(SEG) Triple…Tim Amick drives him in(single)…RBI Amick..RBI Double for Dallas Newton(Amick later called out, Ump said he didn’t touch the plate)….RBI single for Justin Reece brings in Newton…[2-0 SEG]….Cody Ezell single SEG and out back to first….Blake Butler walks and then scores on two wild throws around the infield…

  • mike L said,

    Ragsdale 1
    East Forsyth 0
    11 Innings.

    Great game in Jamestown tonight. Dylan Wall pitched great for EF with 14 K’s in 7 innings and gave up only 1 hit, a double to Kyle Morrison. Tim Ambrose started for RHS and went 4 and left the bases loaded twice. Horkey then went 5 and pitched out of a jam a couple of times. Mitch Carstens went 2 and got the win. In the 11th RHS got a walk by Lipke and Fisher and then Orfanedes his a sigle to score Lipke. RHS only had 2 hits but made them count while EF hit it hard all night but always at someone. Great pitching by both teams. Nobody deserved to lose this game.

  • Mike Ellis said,

    Ragsdale 1 East Forsyth 0 (10 innings) Niko Orfanedes drives in winning run wirh 2 outs in the bottom of the 10th

  • Ef Eagle said,

    Big play of game was the top of the 10 th inning with EF hitting and the little Ragsdale 2nd baseman made a diving play to Kelly the infield. EF would’ve had 1st and 3rd with only 1 out. Most likely saved the go ahead run in the top half.

  • Mark said,

    That was that made the play at 2nd and scored the winning run

  • Calvin said,

    Westchester Country goes to 4-0 on the season after defeating Davidson Day School 10-2 tonight.

  • Phoenix fan said,

    Anybody know eastern alamance western alamance score?

  • Good game said,

    That was a great play by Lipke, but there were a bunch of them from both teams. Pitching was outstanding. EF hit it hard most of the night but at someone. They still had probably 7-8 hits but couldn’t get a hit with runners in scoring position. EF left bases loaded twice. EF batters didn’t see many fastballs, mostly soft stuff all night. EF would get 1 fastball in an at bat and if you didn’t get it you had to hit teh pitcher’s pitch, which was usually a duece. Ambrose and Horkey threw mostly soft stuff and then softer and then the fastball looked better. Kept EF just enough off balance and threw lots of quality strikes. Ambrose kid was tough getting out of bases loaded twice. Dylan Wall from EF was totally dominant.

  • Heelsfan said,

    Who won the SE/SA girls softball game?

  • BaseballFan said,

    Western Alamance 4
    Eastern 5 8 innings

    With nobody on and 2 outs in the bottom of the 7th, Eastern finds a way to get runners on base and scores 3 runs to tie it up and scores the winning run with 2 outs in the bottom of the 8th secure the comeback win.

  • Heelsfan said,

    Who won the SE/SA softball game?

  • Andy Durham said,

    SEG – 6 SA – 5

  • Phoenix fan said,

    Rockingham and Williams?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Williams 11
    Rockingham County 1

  • KIR said,

    Page beats Grimsley 5-4. Score winning run on wild pitch bottom 7.

    Walks and errors killed Whirlies. Pirates didn’t look great but made just enough plays to come out on top. J Putnam made a great throw from LF to cut a runner at plate in top 7 on a RBI single w/ runners on 2nd & 3rd.

  • Gfan said,

    I have never seen a more classless display as tonight at the Page Grimsley game. I mean really calling the umpire a “p**sy” so loud that the whole crowd can hear it. Came from the Page dugout and not sure if it was a kid or a coach. The coach demeaning our coach in front of his players while he is in the box at third. The topper was the kid on first kicking dirt on our first baseman throughout the entire last at bat with both feet while the Page first base coach looked on. You Page coaches need to grow up because your immaturity is starting to affect your players.

  • Grimsley struggles said,

    Grimsley is really struggling this year. I hear they have some decent middle school players coming in. Maybe they will be good in a few years.

  • to gfan said,

    I hope your son’s season improves,so you can stop worrying about everything but the game. Kicking dirt with both feet is quite a feat unless he did it one foot at a time. Sounds very exagerrated to me.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Grimsley has been snake-bit that past couple of baseball seasons…..

  • gfan quit whining said,

    Gfan quit whining and complaining. Do you think before you speak? From what i heard grimsley players acted kind of bad to. some one please tell me why is shumate on staff at grimsley? Page coach out coached a college coach wow. Whats up with that? Lol. Gfan take the lost and i am sure there are more to follow,get ready for smith .lol

  • wow said,

    Is Grimsley really that bad. Page won and only had 1 hit. I don’t remember a hit my son said they had 1. WOW

  • Pagedad said,

    Calling the umpire the p word did not come from a coach or player. It was a heated came as usual, neither team really had a great game. Let’s see if there is improvement from the teams for the next game. Both teams need to move on.