If you think N.C. State is on the move now, this kid Tyler Lewis ought to really get them moving next season

Posted by Andy Durham on March 20, 2012 at 4:26 pm under College, High School | 5 Comments to Read

They say some of the best work around comes from the mouths of babes, but this work is coming in out of Mouth of Wilson, Virginia and from Tyler Lewis, the point guard for the Oak Hill Warriors and check out his highlight reel, from just his last three games of his high school career and you will see why N.C. State is moving now, but they ought to really be moving in the future, when this Wolfpack recruit gets to Raleigh….The McDonald’s All-American is due in there in the Fall of 2012 and it is the pasing that really gets your attention when you watch Lewis and how he sets his teammates up…..If you are looking for a good pass and a good pass to score off of, this kid is your key catch….Check out the video and see what I mean, when you CLICK HERE…..

And oh, BTW…..Oak Hill went (44-0) this past season with Lewis running the point……

  • MIM said,

    Good to see another ACC team stepping up. But I swear… if NC State won it all, the N&R would have the story below the fold in the lower right corner. The main headline above the fold that day would be “How The Tar Heels Will Be Better Next Year.”

  • PackRed said,

    PREACH IT BROTHER M/M….you’re exactly right 100000%…..The News and Tar Babies has been biased toward the light blue for as long as I can remember…with Mr. Hardin leading the charge. The Wolfpack could win the World and Universal National Championship and he’d still find something wrong with that team while injecting how the Tar Babies would have been better if ________ (fill in the blank with any lame excuse).

  • smh said,

    The story is about Tyler Lewis, but as always, you have to turn immediately to paranoia. Everyone is part of a big conspiracy against State. The newspapers, the referees, John Swofford, the ACC, the BOG, and on and on. Bunch of loons you all are.

  • MIM said,

    Sorry smh … I’m not even a state fan. Look at Tuesday’s main and sport page. Think that’s objective and balanced journalism? Not even close.

  • PackRed said,

    Come on smh…a “conspiracy against State”..seriously?????…all you have to do, just as M/M says, is go back and look at the
    N&R…it says it all (or nothing at all actually). Unless you wear the light blue, its 2nd page news…just a fact my friend.

    And peaking of Tyler Lewis, Wolfpack nation is very excited to have him coming to State next season along with the rest of our
    McDonalds All American recruiting class. Things are finally looking bright again with State bball…Actually you can read all about
    it next season in the N&R…look for it on page 4…lower right column…