Get your FREE GAS when get the Scores on tonight’s North Carolina and N.C. State games(You have till Sundown to get filled up!)

Posted by Andy Durham on March 23, 2012 at 12:14 pm under College | 10 Comments to Read

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Give us your guess on the scores for tonight’s North Carolina-Ohio game and the N.C. State-Kansas game….Get one of the exact scores and score/win a $25.00 BP Gas Card and if you get both scores correct/exact you get a $50.00 BP Gas Card….

Need both scores exact….For example:
North Carolina 85, Ohio 73…..
N.C. State 77, Kansas 75……Get one exact and you have a FREE $25.00 BP Gas Card and get both and you have a $50.00 BP Gas Card……

Send us your scores and you have until 7:30pm this evening…..Noon until Sundown…..If you end up duplicating someone else’s score, then the first correct score that came in, wins….Need you name and we will go by the E-mail address you use to contact you when you win….Send us the right E-mail address…..First come-first served up, if you get the exact score…..You have a shot, so hit it and WIN!!!

We will be doing reminders on the hour all afternoon long so you will know to get in and good luck….We need that exact score and if you got the exact score and had the wrong team winning, no WINNER…..Give us the WINNER and the exact score and then you WIN…..Again, GOOD LUCK……Get one exact and the $25.00 Gas Card and if you get both, the $50.00 Gas Card….

  • MJ said,

    North Carolina 77 Ohio 60

    Kansas 79 NCST 72

  • Andy Durham said,

    Courtesy of Matthew by way of E-Mail

    Carolina 62 – Ohio 49

    State 78 – Kansas 77

  • Gfan said,

    Ohio 73 UNC 69
    NCSU 67 Kansas 61

  • Mick said,

    UNC 78 – Ohio 63

    Kansas 78 – NCSU 71

  • Bill T. said,

    North Carolina 66, Ohio 63
    NC State 63, Kansas 60

  • JD Higgins said,

    State73, Kansas71


  • chuckyd said,

    nc state 73 kansas 70

  • big john said,

    kansas 82 nc state 78 carolina 88 ohio 78

  • fasteddie said,

    carolina 78 ohio 69 nc state 81 kansas 79

  • j t perkins said,

    carolina 81 ohio 68 kansas 74 nc state 69