It’s time to do something:CIty Council meets tonight and they will discuss Renovation/Demolition of War Memorial Stadium

Posted by Andy Durham on April 3, 2012 at 5:06 pm under Amateur, College, High School | 3 Comments to Read

+++++Have seen the schematic drawings(not yet available to the general public) of the proposed renovations and the new look is a Plaza look out front and the overhang can not be saved, but in the end, something needs to be done to preserve the War Memorial Stadium and the new look will work in time….+++++

*****Spoke to Greensboro Parks and Recreation director Greg Jackson this afternoon(Tuesday)……*****

The Greensboro City Council meeting is set for 5:30 today and they are expected to hear from the Greensboro Parks and Recreation committee on improvements to War Memorial Stadium and the council should hear from Parks and Rec. at around 7-7:30pm….

The proposal by Greensboro Parks and Recreation calls for renovations that preserve the the twin columns out front and the archway over the entrance to the stadium and for the construction of new bathrooms and seating….Exsisting seating and walls, and the overhang area behind home plate, are due to be torn down and demolished…….

War Memorial Stadium needs help/needs a big boost and right now anything would be a major improvement and if a construction/renovation project is approved by the Greensboro City Council, construction and improvements would begin in June of this year…..

This will be the first time that this project has been addressed by the City Council in many, many years and the last time the Parks and Recreation Commission heard from the Parks and Recreation Department on this project, was over two years ago…..

They need to get the ball rolling tonight, because something needs to be done, to save War Memorial Stadium…..The stadium is going/coming down one way or another and if it is handled properly, the Stadium can be saved for youth and college baseball use……

*****Spoke with Greensboro Parks and Recreation director Greg Jackson about this project/proposal by phone this afternoon…….Something need to be done, or the old stadium is just gonna sit there and rot away….Have you seen it lately??? The field looks great, but the stadium itself looks terrible……*****

  • Billy Jones said,

    He who squeaks the loudest gets the grift

  • MIM said,

    I liked the proposal in the paper with keeping the pillars and main entrance. There’s too much history to that stadium to let it go away. I wonder how much more it would cost to add a mini-museum section to show a timeline of its history.

    Too bad they can’t make it a multipurpose venue for outdoor concerts and things like that.

  • hartzman said,

    John Hammer: “Greensboro’s World War I Memorial Stadium” WTF?