Greensboro Colt Baseball Tonight(No games on the weekends this year)

Posted by Andy Durham on June 14, 2012 at 10:41 am under Amateur | 6 Comments to Read

The schedule for tonight and remember NO GAMES on the weekends this year as the schedule stays open to allow for the weekend travel and showcase ball…Games go down at EG(Eastern Guilford), SW(Stoner-White) and at MEM(Memorial Stadium)…I was down at Memorial Stadium last night for a couple of game and the ‘Grand Old Lady'(Memorial Stadium) is looking a little bit like Betty White…..”A little rough around the edges” and that is trying to put it nicely…..








  • Just Wandering said,

    If they have not scheduled any weekend games that is great progress for youth baseball in Greensboro. I met wth these guys several times over the last couple of years and continued to say that they would get much more particpation iand better players f they would eliminate weekend games so that the better players would play cot ball versus passing it up for “travel” and “showcase”….This is a really good decision to improving the level of play…I only wish they would not have been so stubborn for so long. Next, we need to bring “Legion” ball back to Greensboro so that older kids don’t have to go out of town to play.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Actually they don’t have to go out of town to play. Palomino is doing the same thing this year also. (no weekends)

  • mark said,

    not sure about that level of play comment.

    Ragsdale beat Western 18-0 in five innings. They stopped counting at 10 errors. I bet there were at least five more. Was painful to watch.

    I heard there were at least 10 in the first game at Stoner White and I know there were about eight in last nights game at Memorial.

  • RainyNight said,

    At Memorial Stadium tonight:

    Page over Grimsley

    Southern defeats Northeast ( No hit shutout by Ryan Hedrick & Nick Warden for the Storm)

  • eddie willis said,

    My guess is that the decision definitely reflects a desire to “keep Colt baseball alive”, and to relieve the pressure of allowing all-star participation for players who had not met the minimum game requirement but still played. Now, they can go ahead and let players play travel ball and will the Colt World Series, the brass ring that has eluded the leadership for almost 50 years. I am glad they finally entered the 21st century!!!!!

  • Andy Durham said,

    More on No Games On the Weekends from Charlie Pannell at Southeast Guilford Junior Legion Baseball:

    Yes we like Colt ball have scheduled our games during the week to allow
    our kids to play Showcase or travel ball. After reading comments about
    sloppy play and lopsided games in Colt baseball I would like to invite you to
    Southeast Guilford to watch a Junior Legion game.
    We are currently 4 and 0 on the season and all of our games have been
    well played with scores of 4 to 3, 5 to 4 etc. Southeast Guilford and
    Randleman are the only two teams in our conference who field teams with only
    players from their respective schools. The other teams we play draw from 4 or
    more schools some times from multi counties. It is like playing a ALL STAR
    team each night. The better competition is why we left Colt ball four years
    ago and I feel this move to JR Legion has helped Southeast and Randleman
    build successful programs.
    What is the difference between Colt and JR. Legion? Colt charges the
    kids or parents to play– We do not.
    Colt ball puts the emphasis on the All Star team and how they do after the
    regular season. We play as a team win or lose and hope to qualify for the
    playoffs and a State Championship. There is no All Star team. This builds
    team unity at sets a goal just like the high school season. The BIG
    difference is that in Colt ball coaches ,players ,and parents show up to play at
    Stoner White or Memorial Stadium with the field ready to play. They can
    arrive ready to play and go home when it is over. In JR Legion the coaches and
    parents and players arrive early and stay late. The Coaches are readying the
    field for play plus throwing batting practice and taking infield. The
    visiting team arrives 2 hours before game time to hit on the field and take
    infield. The parents are hard at work selling tickets, setting up and selling
    concessions and manning the scoreboard and announcers booth. At the end of
    the game they take it down and store it away again.The coaches and kids are
    working on the field after the game. All of this is what it takes to build
    a program. PLUS someone is out there selling sponsors on the idea off
    helping financially— Without all the help and work it is not possible to
    build a good program. I almost forgot to mention that we do travel to
    Randleman, Asheboro, High Point, Kernersville and other destinations to play. An
    away game is a away game.
    We run each year a Pro Style Combine or showcase for our JR Legion
    Players. The kids are put on the field with 25 to 30 college coaches and last
    year 6 Pro scouts who evaluate the kids by timing them in the 60 yd dash
    ,checking velocity in a bullpen workout ,observe hitting and fielding and timing
    throws to second base etc. This is one reason that Southeast Guilford has
    been able to get so many kids signed and given the opportunity to play on
    the next level.
    Colt is a great program but we think JR Legion is the best choice for
    us. Thanks to hard working coaches and parents we can make it work and the
    kids are better players for it.
    Charlie Pannell
    Southeast Guilford JR Legion Baseball