Page High School 7 on 7’s set for this Summer

Posted by Andy Durham on June 14, 2012 at 1:13 pm under High School | 12 Comments to Read

Page 7 on 7’s

Here is the lineup for the Page Pirates in their 7 on 7 football workouts for this Summer:

June 19th – @ Elon – 6pm
June 26th – @ Elon – 6pm
June 28th – Providence Grove @ Page – 6pm
July 17th – NW Guilford @ Page – 6pm
July 25th thru 28th – Page @ Hoover, Alabama – 7 on 7 National Competition

*****Thanks to one of our readers that sent this our way…..*****

  • KIR said,

    speaking of Page, what is word on James Summers?

  • Andy Durham said,

    I have been hearing he will begin the season at Hargrave Military Academy, and if so the best of luck to him….He is a talented young man and not really a kid any more…..

  • Page Fan said,

    James will be starting off at Hargrave as Andy has said but will still be attending UNC after the fall semester if I’m not mistaken.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Nothing wrong with that. Turned out to be a good plan for Torry Holt and then he went on to N.C. State and did great…..

  • HUH said,

    I see your point Andy, but please dont put Tory H and James in the same basket, just saying.

  • Page Fan said,

    HUH, you sound like a *****…You see Andy’s point but then make yourself look like a buffoon…It’s a good thing we all get to post anonymously…

    Torry will be a Hall of Famer soon and James’ future is yet to be determined…The Greensboro area will be very fortunate to have another player from our area turn out to be Hall of Fame caliber…

  • Andy Durham said,

    I was just putting them at the same school, Hargrave…If that is James plan, I hope it turns out as good for him as it did for Torry, as Torry left Hargrave and headed to State after one semester and I hope that works for James too….James has lot of work to do, but I wish that young man nothing but the best and Torry Holt had an outstanding career…Even better in the pros for than it was in college for him….

  • HUH said,

    I wish nothing but the best for James.

  • question said,

    speaking of Torry Holt, are the holt brothers still having their annual 7 on 7’s this year?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Holt Brothers 7 on 7 will continue, but this year it will be held in Raleigh and I think it comes up the last Saturday in June…..

  • Anthony said,

    The Holt Brothers will NOT be doing their 7 on 7 this year. I reached out to Torry personally and was told this. Their foundation may try to resume the tourney next year.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Sad to hear….We had heard from the folks at Eastern Guilford back in the spring that this would continue this year but be moved to Raleigh, and thanks for the update…We will go with that….Wish it was still going on and it was a great deal when it was held at Eastern Guilford…You had EG, Page, Dudley, High Point Central, Grimsley, Williams and a few teams from Raleigh coming in and it was great….

    Will look for it’s return in the future, we hope…