UNCG’s young Wes Miller moving up the coaching ladder quickly

Posted by Andy Durham on June 14, 2012 at 10:28 am under College | 4 Comments to Read

Big basketball camp led by Wes Miller going on over at Greensboro Day School this week, with Sean May, Marvin Williams and many other former Tar Heels on hand and the young UNCG men’s basketball coach Wes Miller, is moving up the coaching ladder quickly…Miller says he still has his shot and he has added Jackie Manuel to his coaching staff at UNCG and he still stays in contact with his old college coach, Roy Williams, at UNC(North Carolina)….

Looks to be a very successful camp going on at Greensboro Day School this week for Miller and his staff and I am kind of surprised that we were not invited out there but, that is OK, they will call us when they need us and believe me, they will need us….

I hear so much about that Wes Miller shot, but I think on a good day, I can out-shoot that kid….Just a straight shooting contest….Three-point line in and I’m in the lead in that contest……Maybe a free throw shooting contest…Who knows, but I will see this guy somewhere down the road and I can give him some good advice….”Skim the rim”….Every shot is just like a free throw, you just take different shots from different distances…Straight shot and it goes in…Over and over again….No time to do the shooting drill here…(Better served at Jefferson School, General Greene, Forest Valley, or other outdoor facilities.)

Get the inside on the young UNCG coach Wes Miller when you CLICK HERE…..

*****The crazy thing is that I have a ball in my car right now that I bought back in February and there is no tread left on that ball….The ball is almost bald….*****

  • Best man said,

    My money is on you Andy.

  • That is funny said,

    It is funny as we all get older we some how continue to think that our jump shot and ability to beat others is so great. You are living the dream Andy. Make sure your health insurance is paid up before you call Wes out too much 🙂

  • Andy Durham said,

    Set shot city for me…..And it usually takes me an hour or two to get warmed up and then I am ready to go 8 hours more……One shot after another once they start to fall…..I remember one time Fred Whitfield invited me to play in that Michael Jordan All-Star Game and since Fred had played for my team in a game at Guilford College one night, I had to give it some consideration…Once I saw those guys I knew I had no business out there, but for just shooting and with no defense, take it to the bank…….I was always good playing one on none…..

  • Best man said,

    Andy I know what you mean.
    When we were kids we played alot of pickup games in Fred,s backyard.
    He was good then LOL Add Micheal to the list thats crazy