7 on 7 Photos from today at Guilford College

Posted by Andy Durham on June 16, 2012 at 2:37 pm under High School, Video | 11 Comments to Read

We were there this morning for the Guilford College 7 on 7’s and we saw Northwest, Northern and Southern Guilford, plus Glenn, East Forsyth, Burlington Williams, High Point Christian and more…NWG had Andrew Ritz, Reid Baxter, Anthony Harding, Mark Murphy and others, Southern Guilford had very good numbers and Northern fielded two teams and Burney Sindab was running one of the top QB spots…..Lots of spots out and tons of 7 on 7 photos below…..Click on one and see them all….Should be some good were right on top of some of the primary action….Saw Coach Roscoe, Coach Wooodruff and other leaders on the fields on this Saturday…Finals went down around 1:30pm and were off loading these photos by then….

Click on below…..


Greensboro Sports' 2012/06/16 7 on 7 Guilford College photoset Greensboro Sports’ 2012/06/16 7 on 7 Guilford College photoset

  • Damon said,

    Unless you are primarily a passing team…..7 on 7’s can be a difficult thing to judge. SEG typically doesn’t play that many 7 on 7’s. That also live and die by the run. August is coming fast. Andy and company, keep doing what you do. We appreciate the updates.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Was that Matt or Mark Murphy for Northwest Guilford??? I’m sure somebody out there knows….

  • Anthony said,

    Mark Murphy

  • HS Football said,

    From what I saw Northern, NW, and East Forsyth look like they’re going to have some pretty good teams again this year.

  • fan said,

    HPCA had some very good athletes out there. I was there to see East Forsyth but I was impressed with a few athletes that HPCA had.
    The game went into over time and HPCA could have won the game. #3 #6 and few other players were more athletic then the East Forsyth players. #3 could start on both sides of the ball for East Forsyth. It was a very exciting 7 on 7 game!

  • go tigers said,

    East Forsyth will be very good this year. I think they go in as the favorite in the Peidmont 4A conference. They are huge and have an experienced QB. They have several kids in college camps right now.

  • Just Sayin!!! said,

    East Forsyth better hope they don’t run into a team that can slow down that running game. From what I saw this past Saturday they might struggle throwing the ball.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Did East Forsyth and HPCA play in the final game and if so, who was declared the winner of the Guilford College 7 on 7’s?

  • HS Football said,

    NW Guilford and Northern played the final game. NW had beaten Northern in the 1st game and late afternoon Northern beat NW in the final in OT. Baxter and Logan are going to be very exciting to watch this year…..Great competition can’t wait to see them play this season! Should be a hell of a game!!!

  • Football fan said,

    From what I was hearing Northern was missing a few players. I talked to a NW parent and they told me NW was missing 4 or so starters as well.

  • vikingdad said,

    Yes Northwest was missing both corners, by the last game Harding had to sit out with a quad pull, and Weaver and Tingler were gone at receiver. I’m sure Northern was missing some as well. Still it was a great game, can’t wait till week four.