‘Super Summer Series’ begins this Sunday in Kernersville with the Greensboro Reds meeting the Bulldogs at Glenn HS

Posted by Andy Durham on June 22, 2012 at 10:27 am under Amateur | 4 Comments to Read


This is it, it all comes down to this….The first game of this ‘Super Summer Series’ featuring the Greensboro Reds of the NABA(National Adult Baseball Association) and the Kernersville Bulldogs of the CVCL(Carolinas/Virginia College Wooden Bat League) will take place this Sunday night at 7pm, at Glenn High School in Kernersville….(Highway 66 at Union Cross Road, just of off I-40 West…)

This is the BIG ONE, the grandaddy of them all, when these two teams meet…..This will be the very first meeting of the year with the Reds and Bulldogs and there will be more matchups, later in the Summer, but this is the one that everyone has been pointing to…..

GAME ONE of the ‘Super Summer Series’ on Sunday at Glenn HS…..

The Reds come in at (10-0) in the NABA and the ‘Dogs have not lost many games this season either…..The Reds are (1-4) versus the ‘Dogs previously and in the lifetime meetings with these two powerhouses, the Reds have led every game past the 5th inning and still sit at (1-4) against the ‘Dogs….

Something has to give this Sunday night and the Reds are looking to give the ‘Dogs a big fat ‘L’ and then they can live to tell about how they went over to Kernersville and knocked off the mighty ‘Dogs….

The ‘Dog Days’ of Summer are already here and we will see if the Reds can take the ‘Bark and the Bite’ out of ‘Kennel Ration Nation’ on Sunday night….

Look for guys like Jeremy Jones, Jason Rook, Joey Peascoe, Kyle Warren and other Reds to step up and be ready, since those players have been in their share of ‘Dog Fights’ over the years….

Cal Sutphin, Ray Crawford, Aaron Jones and the ‘Kennel Ration Nation’ will not back down from a ‘Dog Fight’ in their own backyard/pound in Kernersville and as they say, “Every “Dog will have his day”….

This is the one your grandaddy used to talk about, since it is the ‘Grandaddy of them all’ and they are ready to play ball in Kernersville on Sunday night….

First pitch with the Reds and ‘Dogs comes at 7pm, at Glenn High School…..

  • Hubert Parker said,

    Andy are you running out of things to write about???? The Reds have some good kids on that team but C’mon man!!! I like you Andy and i will not go into the Manager situations but Let’s just play ball and get this over with. Lord please hold off the rain so the bulldogs can hit some no doubters on sunday night….Hope all is well Mr. Enad..See you sunday:) Go Bulldogs!

  • Red Rover said,

    The Reds will win Sunday because they are the better team. Y’all remember that game back in May? They won that one too and they didn’t even play because they are the better team. Age before youth!

    GO REDS!

  • Andy Durham said,

    This has the makings of great battle brewing over there in K’Ville and may the best team win….Two very fine ballclubs…

  • Rose Night said,

    The Reds will win on Sunday night and bring the title back to Greensboro. Reds, Reds, Reds