David Amerson(Dudley HS/N.C. State) ready to follow-up on his big season from 2011 with ‘Great/State Expectations’ in 2012

Posted by Andy Durham on July 2, 2012 at 11:38 pm under College, High School | 5 Comments to Read

from www.wralsportsfan.com:

David Amerson(Dudley High School/N.C. State University) led the country with 13 interceptions, an Atlantic Coast Conference single-season record and tied for second-most in bowl subdivision history, during the 2011 college season. He’s spending the summer getting stronger and improving his footwork, knowing he’ll face higher expectations as the guy likely charged with shutting down the opponent’s top receiver each week.

“I won’t back down from stuff like that,” Amerson said. “It doesn’t get me nervous. I don’t feel under pressure in a negative way. I like that people have high expectations of me because I have high expectations of myself.”

See David Amerson and hear what his high school Steven Davis from Dudley is saying when you CLICK HERE….

  • Damon said,

    Where’s the news on the Guilford County CAL University Bears? Keenan Allen is a preseason 3rd Team All American. He all PAC 12 last and Preseason All PAC 12 this year. He was a candidate for every major receiving award last year and will hopefully take home a trophy or two this year. Before the year is over, he will own every receiving at CAL. This kid is taking DeSean Jackson’s (Philadelphia Eagles receiver) name off of the CAL record books.


    Zach Maynard is set for a much improved year.


    Chris McCain, Maurice Harris, and Gabe King are still on the roster and looking to make bigger contributions. Chris McCain will definitely make a bigger splash.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Keenan Allen broke his ankle in the off-season playing pick-up basketball…..We wil have to keep an eye on his return this fall….Once that ankle goes down, you never know…..David Amerson gets much more attention since he chose to stay in-state, at N.C. State…..That is our State University……

  • Damon said,

    I understand that CAL is on the west coast,but you have more kids at that school who played football in Guilford County than at ECU, UNC, NC State or any in state school. All are contributing with the exception of Gabe King. These guys are making a name for Greensboro/Guilford County football.

    Maurice Harris should start at a receiver spot. McCain has the inside track on a starting LB spot. Allen is fully recovered and back at summer workouts. I don’t know if you caught this on yahoo. Top pass catching combos going into this season of college ball.

  • Andy Durham said,

    It hurts these fellows that thay don’t play in the ACC or on the East Coast….You have done a good job of recognizing them here today…..We will watch and follow them more closely as the season begins…You just don’t hear as much about the players when they go clear across the country…..Hope they still remember where they came from, many don’t once they leave the nest…..

    I like what you say, “Born in the USA”……..Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda(US Express) along with Captain Lou Albano, circa 1987……

  • Terry said,

    The local papers are good at that. They think that kids have to go to school in this area to be recognized. Keenan Allen is one of the best players in the nation and until someone pointed this out, it was like it never existed because he did not go to Carolina, State, Duke or Wake Forest. Results and true talent is what it should always be about.