Corey Kimber(Dudley HS) signs with San Diego Padres and now in Arizona Rookie League

Posted by Andy Durham on July 4, 2012 at 9:14 pm under High School, Professional | 8 Comments to Read

Got the word today….The San Diego Padres flew into town last Saturday and when they flew out of here on Sunday, they had Corey Kimber(pitcher) from Dudley High School, with them…Corey was one of the top players in the state of North Carolina last season and he had been on the verge of signing with the Padres for quite a while..Corey was selected by San Diego in the 25th Round of the MLB Draft back in June….

Corey had been in talks with High Point University about playing ball with the Panthers, but all of that changed this past weekend when the Padres flew to Greensboro to meet with Kimber and his family….The Padres wanted to get this done, according to Larry Farrer, Corey’s high school coach at Dudley High School…..Corey Kimber was the News and Record’s Player of the Year this past Spring….

Corey Kimber was in uniform for the first time with the San Diego Padres Rookie team last night(Tuesday)….….AZL Padres beat the AZL Diamondbacks 8-6…..

*****Our thanks to Dudley baseball coach Larry Farrer for the update on the Kimber signing…..*****

  • J.D. Springer said,

    So, you’re saying this blog post from the News & Record tonight isn’t true?

    UPDATE: Dudley pitcher Kimber changes mind about Padres, to play for High Point

    9:50 P.M. UPDATE:

    GREENSBORO – Corey Kimber has made some hard decisions about his future as he stands on the precipice of adulthood.

    As early as Wednesday afternoon, the News & Record All-Area baseball player of the year was planning to fly cross-country on Thursday, his 18th birthday, to sign with the San Diego Padres.

    “It’s the best birthday gift I could ever get,” the former Dudley right-handed pitcher said. “I’m just so excited.”

    But several hours later, that was no longer the case.

    High Point baseball coach Craig Cozart “came and talked to him and he changed his mind,” Kimber’s mother, Monti, said late Wednesday night. “He gave him statistics about if he went pro now or went in three years, and he talked about how maybe we see the glamour part of the major leagues and not really the other part. … Of course, he still has his scholarship.

    “Like i said before, I’m going to stand with him,” Monti Kimber said about her son. “He’s changed his mind. Better late than never. I’m still with him 110 percent. If school is what he wants to do, I’ll be here to support him. In long run, I just want what’s going to make my baby happy.”

  • yankeeclipper15 said,

    JD – you need to check out the dates on the HS Blog you quote. That blog was posted on June 27. There was a blog post early on 6/27 and then updated at 9:50 PM on the same date. As usual, Andy has it right. You can verify it on the San Diego Padre Teamreport in the Chicago Tribune dated 7/5.

    As usual Andy has it right.

  • Billy C.Smith said,

    JD if you want the right sports information always check Greensborosports first, the Newsand Record has to check this site first before they post anything so they are always at least 2 to 3 hours or days behind GreensboroSports .

  • Andy Durham said,

    We were on the job here at the site yesterday….Pretty much 24/7 365 days a year….We had this story/post yesterday because we were on it yesterday…JD, if you want to stay behind and live in the dark, keep quoting your valued sources…

    Our info came from Corey’s coach Larry Farrer and we got it from him on Wednesday the 4th of July….Padres came to town on Saturday and he left out with them on Sunday and was in uniform for Arizona League Padres on Tuesday the 3rd of July….If yo go to the Padres web site at you will see the effort the Padres are making to sign all of their draft picks…They have a deadline that they have set to get all of the picks signed by June 13/14….

    Other sources take the holidays off and I do not choose to do so….I like to stay on it and be on top of the game….We strive to be the best and to that you can not rest…..I’ve been at this for many years and hope to continue to get it right and to get it first…Sometimes things change and you just have to keep on getting with it, till you get it right…..We may not always be first and sometimes a source will be off the mark, but we will stay with it till we get it right…..Look at all the resources the Newspapers and TV groups have here locally and you have our group here and we still beat them all on a regular basis?????

    Go figure…Got news to post…Sorry to many for the long rant, but I had a point to get across and to prove….

    Stay at for as long as I have and then come see me…..

  • good luck said,

    yea, heard about this earlier in the week from High Point. I hoped he would go on to school but this is also a good choice for Cory. Nice to have choices. This was probably the right choice for him. Hope he does well. Good luck Cory. Enjoyed watching you over the years.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Just so we can all be square here, I was looking for this last night and did some more digging this morning and got it from the Padres’ site:

    PHOENIX — The Padres announced Tuesday that the club has signed right-hander Walker Weickel, a Compensation Round A selection and the 55th overall pick in this year’s Draft, out of Olympia High School in Florida.

    The Padres also agreed to terms with fourth-round selection Andrew Lockett, 25th-round selection Corey Kimber and 34th-round selection Kyle Ottoson, all pitchers.

    In total, the club has signed each of their first 17 selections, 24 of the first 25 and 39 of 44 total.

    *****Never question someone who as a young man used to dig potatoes on the 4th of July….***** I have been sitting on this one for two weeks thorough my contacts, but I can’t let it go till it happens…And there you have it….*****

  • Or You Can..... said,

    ……hit Google…..find a Padres Twitter account……and see where he signed for $120…..posted Sunday.

    *****Editor’s note:$120 Thousand Dollars….*****

  • good luck said,

    Not bad, 120K. After taxes about 90K. Buy the car and put the rest in the bank. Find someone you can trust to manage what is left while you go pursue your dream. Good luck young man. Go for it.