North Carolina Tar Heels going hard after T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford HS) has Logan as Heel!

Posted by Andy Durham on July 10, 2012 at 3:41 pm under College, High School | 15 Comments to Read

*****Update from Inside
T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford HS) became the latest in-state recruit to verbally commit to North Carolina on Tuesday.*****

Been hearing lots of talk and hearing today that runningback T.J. Logan is being pursued hard by Coach Larry Fedora and his staff at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill…

Word circulating today that Logan has committed to UNC, but still waiting on the word from his coach Johnny Roscoe and we will follow the coach’s lead on this one….

Ohio State has been hard after T.J. Logan and North Carolina has been right there at the front door and Coach Roscoe told us back in early June, that T.J. Logan was close to making his decision on which college that he would attend and that time is nearing….

Logan right at 2,000 yards and 25-plus TD’s last season and he is very fast….He is considered one of the top high school runningbacks in the nation….More this one when we get total verification…..Logan probably hits 4.3/4.4 in the 40….The kid can move and he cand score….

The Tar Heels got James Summers(Page High School) out of last year’s senior class of 2012 and he will be at Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham, Viginia this fall and that would be a coup for new Heel coach Fedora, to get the top two players out of Guilford County in back-to-back years….Summers(2012) and then Logan(2013)….

*****We are now hearing in some circle that there has been a verbal commitment by T.J. Logan to attend UNC.*****(We will wait on futher details….)*****

from News and Record on T.J. Logan to North Carolina you can read all when you CLICK HERE……

  • smh said,

    If you are still waiting on further details, you might want to read the interview with him at InsideCarolina. Says his recruitment is over.

  • No fan of Stan said,

    He is going from a high school to a university that are both suffering from INTEGRITY CHALLENGED athletic programs.

  • Page Fan said,

    To no fan of Stan,

    While I understand what you mean, I do believe this UNC staff will make great strides to correct this program…Logan will do well in this high octane offense that they want to run there…

  • MsFly said,

    They new UNC staff hasn’t put an offense on the field yet. What is your basis for that statement? The “high-octane” offense he ran at Southern Miss? Spring game where first string “O” played second string “D”? I just hope TJ doesn’t sign a LOI until the smoke clears on the SBI fraud investigation other academic integrity issues surrounding athletics/athletes. I do not want to see this kid get lost in the system. He is exiting to watch. However, it will be good to see him in college locally.

  • Page Fan said,


    The basis of my statement comes from first hand knowledge, and yes they have put an offense on the field which you actually mentioned in the very next sentence. The coaches have all been together for a very long time. Fedora reminds me of Nick Saban (very business like and a no nonsense type attitude). I think he will do well with this coaching style. He may not be a players’ coach, but he will be a coach that will get things done. The RB coach, Randy Jordan, has been at UNC for a few years, but the other coaches have been coaching together for a while including Southern Miss. The “high-octane” (mock me if you want) that I speak of is that their coaching staff wants to at least put 90 offensive plays on the field per game. A normal high school game consists of around 60 and if a really good offense then 70 offensive plays a game. If this basis isn’t good enough, I can go so far as to diagram their plays for you. I know more about their offense, but their DC reminds me of Monte Kiffin (just plain crazy), and I have a feeling that his defense will play very fast and similar to Kiffin’s style.

    The first two years will be tough for UNC as they will have limited recruiting ability, but it appears these guys are going after the top players with Logan being one of them. There were two players that I watched play against Page last year whom I’ve mentioned to the UNC coaches on not letting them leave North Carolina. One of them is Logan and the other is Marquez North from Mallard Creek. UNC is pursuing North hard as well, and I hope they land him. I am a fan of UNC, but I’m more a fan of colleges who take our area players (the same with NC State with Amerson being there). I want to see all these kids do well, because in the end they represent our community as a whole.

    Any more questions?????

  • McFly said,

    Don’t give the ball to TJ if you want 90 plays/game. I will eat my “fedora” if UNC average 90 offensive plays/game. Nobody in the NCAA has averaged 90 offensive plays per game in the last 10 years (maybe ever). Fedora averaged 75/gam at S. Miss. Plays/game does not equate to “high-octane” offense. It could mean really bad or really good defense. Keep drinking the koolaid.

    Also, the Page game was probably TJ’s worst game. He only played about half the game and had maybe 35 yards on 10 carries. There is no way you evaluated to major D1 based on that game. Although, I do believe he is the real deal based on the balance of his career.

    Also, this “IS” Randy Johnson’s first year at UNC (as Coach)

  • No Fan of Stan said,

    I was making reference to the lack of integrity found in the ENTIRE athletic program at UNC-Chapel Hill.

  • propassing said,

    With this type of offense Logan will do well because Fedora’s offense works well with players in space. These new spread offenses utilizes spedd and quiclness where teams like Alabama and other Zone/Power teams utilizes bigger stronger backs, which Logan is not.

  • Tom said,

    The system of steering athletes to easy or fraudulent classes has been going on at all universities for a long time. The Tar Heels got caught and it sounds like they took it to a new level. These schools let athletes in that would not otherwise qualify. They have to take the easiest classes available in order to survive. Many of the athletes are taking the easiest majors the school has to offer. Academic advisers point them in the direction of the easiest classes. The venom leveled against the Tar Heels is misguided. Regardless of what school you root for, take a look at the majors of the athletes and you will see this is prevalent everywhere. It should be noted that some athletes take their academics seriously so I don’t want to paint them all with a broad brush.

  • Page Fan said,

    McFly or MsFly or Whomever,

    I don’t need to see a kid carry a ball only 10 times to be able to evaluate true talent. Get real!!! I’ll keep drinking the kool-aid and won’t have any reservations doing it. Against Page the kid also returned kicks, played defense, and caught passes out of the back field and yes it was only for a half, but a very good half for him. He did score their only two touchdowns against us, so I’m totally aware of the highlights in that game. There were even a couple of plays where he had big gains but were called back for a penalty. Not only that, I saw many highlights of the kid throughout the season along with him playing Crest in the championship game. I guess that game wasn’t all that great as well.

    I don’t care how many plays Fedora’s previous team averaged. My point was their goal for each game. If you were smart enough to understand my point, then you would realize that all teams go into each game with goals in mind. Not every team will reach their goals throughout the course of a season; however, goals are in fact usually aimed high for teams to achieve. Maybe 90 plays is very high, but to average 75 plays a game then you must have had a few 80 play games. 80 offensive plays is “high octane” in my playbook. “High Octane” also means keeping the defense on the field and not huddling as well…Run a play and then line right back up as soon as the previous play is down which keeps the defense from making substitutions to hopefully provide the offense an advantage by wearing out the defense. That my friend is “high octane”. Again, anymore questions??? I know what I’m talking about…Trust me

    One thing that I was wrong about was Randy “JORDAN”, and that it is indeed his 1st year at UNC. I was under the impression that he was from the previous staff, but hey we all make mistakes, and at least I acknowledge it when I do.

  • Page Fan said,

    Agreed. Logan should strive in an offense like this, as well as James Summers. If you are a receiver, a RB in the likes of Logan, or a dual threat QB, then UNC will be a very good choice for someone. This style offense will allow these types of players the chance to get a lot of looks and opportunities.

    Tom, Amen on your comments. For those of you who don’t like UNC, that is great, but don’t throw stones at glass houses. UNC is paying heavily for their stupidity, and I believe this new regime will change the way UNC is viewed.

  • MaFly said,

    I agree that it does not take long to realize that TJ has special skills and it does not take long to see that.

    My point was that having a goal of 90 plays per game before you even put a product on the field at UNC does not make an offense high octane. It does sound like he is trying to spread the offense and speed up the offence. An Oregon style offense comes to mind. I would consider that offense high octane. However, they only averaged 74 plays per game. ECU averaged 79. NCSU averaged 74. Plays per game in and of itself does not equate to high octane, if you a smart enough to understand my point.

    I also don’t believe Summers will ever play QB for UNC.

    Sorry about getting Randy Jacksons name wrong, dog.

  • Mr. Garrison said,

    I know for a fact that Mr.Hat is delusional. He has Pagefan(aka a UNC football apologist) thinking that UNC will become an Oregon or something. That will not happen any time soon. Maybe not in anyone’s lifetime that reads this site.BTW–there is more to the UNC academic fraud case to be exposed. Mr. Hat will have to deal with strict admission standards kind of like Duke has in the future.

  • Page Fan said,

    Mr. Garrison,

    I don’t need to defend any comments nor things that I DO KNOW about the UNC program. I’ve seen their offense in the past and know what they’ll be installing. Those coaches are sitting on a gold mine there in Chapel Hill. The only thing UNC needs is a good coaching staff to come in and run things the right way, and that program will be top notch before too long. I’m sorry man, but if you can win with Southern Miss and beat some good teams a long the way, then that coaching staff has credibility.

    Btw, I’m more of an ACC fan myself, and I like to root for colleges that have our area players playing for them, but I’ve recently become a bigger fan of UNC because of James Summers, and because of people like you who think their academic institutions have no dirty laundry lying any where…IMO, your school (and I don’t even need the name) has some dirty laundry somewhere; however, they just have smarter coaches keeping it under wraps…

    If I were to actually take a stab at a big school here in NC and commend the level of coaching and academics, the only school that I would praise would be Wake Forest. Jim Grobe is a good manager and runs his program the right way.

  • Mr.Garrison said,

    I agree with you about Jim Grobe.
    Wake Forest is a program where the players do have all their classes that have a syllabus.
    They do actually have to do work there like write papers on their own, take exams and attend class.
    Jerry Moore at Appalachian, David Cutcliff at Duke and Tom O’Brien at NC State make their kids go to school.
    The evidence of this is if they suspend their players that fail to comply. Until this scandal hit UNC and Eric Ebron was held out of the Independence Bowl, I never saw any case of a UNC athlete held out of a contest due to academics. There was a pitcher on the UNC team that needed 4 A’s in summer school to remain eligible. I did my work and graduated but I never made 4 A’s in summer school. That is pretty hard to accomplish. It would seem like it would be even harder to accomplish if the student was already flirting with ineligibility.