How many times do you dribble the basketball before you shoot your free throws?(Do some not dribble the ball at all?)

Posted by Andy Durham on July 14, 2012 at 10:54 am under Amateur, College, High School, Professional | 3 Comments to Read

Ran into some of the guys/kids from the CP3 All-Stars basketball tournament last night and it is going at Proehlific Park and at Guilford College this weekend and we got talking on this subject…..

How many times do you dribble the basketball before you shoot your free throws?……Three times, I have always gone with the number three, for the rhythm and the timing….Others maybe two bounces of the ball and maybe for some it is five times on the dribble, before the free throw is shot…

But you have to bounce the ball at least a few times before you attempt that free throw shot right??? Is there anybody out there that just steps up to the line, the ref hands them the ball and then they shoot it???

That is crazy……You have to dribble the ball or bounce a few times before the free throw attempt, unless you want to go up there and miss your shots…..

Thoughts on this one??? I say dribble the ball three times and that is the standard and I helped set that standard years ago, when I learned that approach watching the Jim Valvano TV Show…..

But to take the ball at the line from the ref and just shoot it up there?????


And what do you think???

  • 4 times said,

    4 times (period) – nothing but nets !

  • Marshall Brown said,

    Yeah, I go about 4 times as well. of course if you are playing outside you have to adjust three to four inches to the left or right depending on the wind.

  • ross said,

    3 Bounces works for me.Deep breathe in,a slow exhale …and let it fly
    This is a sweet science , there is no “about ” involved. And Marshall that is alot of adjustment for windage. .You the man if you can play in a tornado twister storm!