Local Greensboro Baseball for tonight:Colts, NABA, Hoppers

Posted by Andy Durham on July 16, 2012 at 10:47 am under Amateur, College, High School | 2 Comments to Read

Greensboro Colt Baseball Round Two of the Tournament tonight:

Page vs Southwest Memorial Stadium 6:00 pm

Ragsdale vs Dudley Memorial Stadium 8:15 pm

Greensboro NABA Baseball Tonight:
Greensboro Yankees
Greensboro Expos
7:00 PM – Deep River Park

Greensboro Grasshoppers vs. Kannapolis Intimidators tonight at 7pm at NewBridge Bank Park……

Greensboro Green Colt All-Star Team:
Zach McLean

Colin Fowler

Trevor Gay

Marque Johnson

Avery Hodges

Matt Horkey

Tim Ambrose

Niko Orfanedes

Michael Matthews

Austen Zente

Andrew Bullock

Nishant Polisetti

Myles Sowell

Greg White

Kameron Pruitt

Greensboro White Colt All-Stars:
Colin Lipke

Beau Eger

Austin Koonce

Josh McClellan

Austin Young

Patrick Coble

Jacob Cable

Andrew Hylton

Connor Burrows

Ben Horkey

Messiah Henderson

Ben Horne

Zach Draper

Dillon Seavir

Taylor Still

Sammy Hunter

Jordan Rohrer

Chandler Gray

Kenny Mackovic

Chase Williams

Tom Cruickshank

Brandon Hayworth

TJ Fennerman

Elijah Harris

*****To learn more and see more on the Colt All-Stars go to www.coltleague.webs.com….

  • Triad ball said,

    Interesting tryout process and selections?.Wonder why Colt has gone down hill after Alan Ash!

    Watch 2 sessions and amazed how they evaluate talent, or was it pre-determined.

  • Hornets11 said,

    I agree 100%. It appears Dudley still has pull in the Colt league. In the 2nd game tonight it was so obvious. The Jamestown 2nd baseman made 2 very solid defensive plays and then hits a ball to dead center on the nose about 365-370. Find out he was Ragsdale Varsity starting 2nd baseman but didn’t make the Green team. On the other side, the other 2nd baseman had 3 errors and goes 0-3 and is on the Green team?.

    It sad that politics or ignorance is involved with baseball. Reid an all his all stars good beat tonight….Coaches who are put in this position need to be fair and consistent!