News shaking coming in out of Chapel Hill, N.C.

Posted by Andy Durham on July 17, 2012 at 11:46 pm under College, High School | 8 Comments to Read

Here is the most recent hot new that we have received and it pertains to Theo Pinson, from Wesleyan Academy, in Hight Point…..

Theo Pinson was offered by Roy Williams on Tuesday night.

*****We will keep a close watch on this one to seek out all of the possible verification sources, but this one is hot and it on the streets of Chapel Hill…..*****

  • What took so long said,

    What took UNC so long to offer in the first place ? Theo has clearly been in the upper part of the rankings for a couple of years. I thought I read previous that Duke was really interested in him but I have not heard “rumors” around that lately. I think the UNC system will work better for Theo over the Duke system because UNC plays more zone and a soft man opposed to Duke’s hard press and tight man defense. Theo is a great offensive player but he does not appear to want any part of a hard nose man defensive set.

  • smh said,

    Carolina plays zone? Are you serious? Also, Pinson’s evaluation last week at the Nike Global Challenge raved about his defense. He has a wingspan of 6’10’.

  • smh said,

    What took so long for Carolina to offer, and he’s been ranked highly for a couple of years?
    He’s just finished the 10th grade!!!

  • eligibility said,

    Comments from his school admin was that Theo wanted a Duke offer but the academics at unc may also be a better fit. It’s pretty obvious that if you can just find a way to qualify that unc has the programs to keep you eligible and even get you a sheepskin.

  • smh said,

    You apparently are unaware of the number of classes that Duke players take at N.C. Central through their “affiliate program.” Same song, different hymnal.

  • It works both ways said,

    Remember those classes work both ways. As a NCCU graduate, I had the same oppurtunity to take classes at Duke that were not available to me at NCCU within the required major schedule that I had to maintain. Central has many professors that also teach at Duke and vice verser. All of these schools will do whatever it takes to keep their stars on track. Duke provides one of the best tutor support systems in the country. Trust me – this is what makes all the difference in the world.

  • Tyrone said,

    Theo would have a much better career at North Carolina A&T. Many will say he is above this. Then I say go to a school like that and prove that you can lead such a school against the super powers. Didn’t the guy from Northfolk State do it this past year? Oh by the way, didn’t he get drafted? Provided that is the ultimate goal since graduating has become a thing of the past. Did Quincy Miller stock rise? Don’t read this as nothing more than if you are good as an athlete as you think or people say you are, then thinking because Roy at Carolina or such schools of that nature, does not over compensate from what really lies from with in.

  • Interesting said,

    It would be a nice story for a local kid to stay home and help the home town compete against the “big” boys and get a win here or there that nobody thought was possible. However, nobody would see the game except in a quick sports clip on the local news. He would never be seen on an ESPN unless they actually took down a Duke or UNC. By the time he is finished at an A&T, he would be a MEAC hero but still seen as a slight risk by NBC scouts wondering if he can compete against the best night after night. If he was instead at a school such as UNC or Duke, the NBA would already know how he competes game after game and in practice against the best competition. Thus, he becomes a lottery pick or gets into a teams summer camp/free agent selection easier than what would likely happen at an A&T. If this was 30-40 years ago, schools like A&T, NCCU and even a Guilford College would have been talked about in a different light but the big schools have taken most of the high level talent. From a personal note, I wish schools like A&T had more of this talent so I could afford to take my family to see such players up close. Place like UNC and Duke are out of my price range.