Do you think UNCG will just go ahead and drop baseball? They still don’t have a coach and new students are due on campus in less than a month!

Posted by Andy Durham on July 19, 2012 at 6:18 pm under College | 5 Comments to Read

UNCG still does not have their new baseball coach and therefore there is no Spartan coaching staff in place and with all that being said, should they just go ahead and drop the sport???

They are so far behind now, that 2012/2013 looks like it may be an exhibition season….Hope I am wrong and I keep hearing new names for this position and the one that I have been hearing the most through the grapevine this week, is that of current Auburn director of baseball player development, Link Jarrett…..Also hearing of Jerry Edwards, the pitching coach at Eastern Kentucky, as a possible new pitching coach for the Spartans on Jarrett’s staff at UNCG, if he gets hired before the July 15, 2013 deadline….

Jarrett has been on the baseball staff at East Carolina and has several other stops along the way after graduating from Florida State University…..Again, Jarrett currently on the coaching staff at Auburn….

Jarrrett and Link, or do you give the program the PINK Slip and let it slip away….It has been slipping rapidly since they let it go inactive two months ago….Dead Period, if you will, for UNCG baseball……

  • chuckyd said,

    they should make you the coach andy

  • Andy Durham said,

    So many different names have mentioned for this job and who are they finally going to hire and when will it happen???

    It is getting late in the game….

  • BBallFan said,

    Is Matt McCay/ Brevard in the mix for UNCG???? One of the better young coaches in NC… He knows the NC High School coaches…

  • Andy Durham said,

    His name has been mentioned in several on-line conversations about this job…

  • Spartan said,

    McCay has no chance unless the top choices turn down. Expect Jarrett to be named any day or time now.