From the East-West All-Stars football game this is without a doubt, “The Shot of the Week”

Posted by Andy Durham on July 20, 2012 at 8:27 pm under High School, Photos | Comments are off for this article

This is the “Shot of the Week” and the photo shot of the week all rolled into one….I just happened to pick up a copy of the Winston-Journal in the library today and on the front page of the sports there is “The Shot” from the East-West All-Star football game at Grimsley, back on Wednesday….

I was standing along the West sideline at the game and saw the hit take place….Lauren Carroll, of the WS Journal, captured the photo of Thomasville’s Sha’Quann Johnson, from the West team, as he is being hit and knocked out of bounds and in the process he bowls over little 9 year-old Jasper Duke….It almost appears that the little girl is riding on Johnson’s back, but she is getting bowled over by the football player and I for one, was shocked to see the kid be able to get, but it took a while and she did….

Check out the photo coming in on-line from Lauren Carroll of the Winston-Salem and you may have to also click on the picture for enlargement, but when you see it, you will see that the little girl looks like she is taking a ride on the players’ back, but she is really taking, “The Shot of Week”…Poor little 9-year old getting rolled and she was on the sidelines with her dad, who is also a photographer…..

Click it on and check it out……CLICK HERE…..(You will need to Click On to enlarge.)

****She is only nine, so as the picture will show, the football player is actually knocking her up into the air and off of the ground.*****

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