The Lines will be the keys on the local high school football scene in 2012

Posted by Andy Durham on July 22, 2012 at 5:14 pm under High School | 10 Comments to Read

We will post more names on Monday, but I was looking over some of the names yesterday from the NCPreps Football News Yearbook and I have to say the lines will be the key to the success of the local high school football teams in 2012….

Southeast Guilford really caught my attention with at least two 300-pounders and some names like Kameron Neese, Cam Gardner, T.J. Williams and Kevin Brown….One of the SEG 300-pounders is 6’5(Brown)….Page has a very good line back with names like David Jennings, Andrew Lamore and Kemp Young leading the way….Jennings is like 5’8/315 and Page has at least 5 returning offensive linemen(4 starters), with experience back from last year’s State Title team…..Dudley has two at least two ‘Big Boys’ that are getting a lot of early attention….Chris Register(LB) and ‘Big A’, Albert McClean(DL)….Northwest Guilford has a real proven lineman in Aiden Smith, plus there is Clay Shelton and the Michaux brothers and there are plenty more out there like Western Guilford’s Andrew Schultz….Schultz was the team Captain for WG as junior and he is battled tested….Ryan Johnston(6’0/230 DL) from Northern Guilford will be a tough man to contend with……

Many more names we will be sharing as we head toward tomorrow and if you want to start dropping in a few today, feel free to leave those names….Grimsley has load of young talented linemen and one name that I remember, is that of Clark Yow……

More names to surface on Monday and this is where it will all begin, along the offensive and also the defensive lines…..That kid Jamal Petty will have a big line to run behind at Southeast Guilford and the Falcons may be ready to make a ‘Run’……

  • Page Fan said,

    David Jennings isn’t 5’8″…The weight may be right but he is at least 6’2″….

  • Andy Durham said,

    That weight might make him look shorter than he really is….Kind of has that bowling ball look, sort of like a Don Nottingham on the ‘O’ Line….If he is 6’2 he should be a major college prospect, cause that kid can block…..Will need the grades, the SAT’s and all of those things too and that is a top priority these days at the colleges, but this can could write his own ticket if checks in at 6’2/315……You can play some guard in college at the size…..Remember Jeff Bostic from Smith, he was 6’1/190 coming out of high school and he went to Fork Union for 2 weeks cause Clemson didn’t have a spot for him and then he got the call, went to the ACC, went on up to 260 lbs., on to the NFL and the rest is history…..

    Lots of good stories out there…..I think Bostic was more of a linebacker in high school than he was an offensive lineman…..Dino Hackett was a defensive back that got bigger and became a linebacker……On and on we go and you never know, David Jennings may be one of the next to make it out of our area…..If not he could change his name to Daniel and become a lawyer with the Bryan law firm……

  • pager said,

    David Jennings is more around 6’2 or 6’3 315lbs.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Maybe he is but he sure doesn’t look 6’2….Not a Danny DiVeto, but doesn’t look 6;2….Sure is big young man though and he is builft like a tank as they used to say….Kid like ‘Tank’ Tyler that used to be at N.C. State…..

  • Damon said,

    This should be a big year for Southeast Guilford.

  • Page Fan said,

    LOL Andy…Next time you are doing your pregame interviews on the field, you need to come up and stand next to David…He will look every bit of 6’2” / 6’3” then…lol…

  • Page Fan said,

    Oh, this just dawned on me, but you could be thinking of Lewis Jones…He was a junior and was the LT for Page last year during the playoffs after replacing Kemp Young who broke his foot at the end of the SEG game…Lewis is about 5’8” and 270lbs, so he must be the one you are thinking of…David plays RG and is big boy…He is getting some feedback from some of the Ivy league schools…David is a smart one and is in the IB program…

  • AnitaTissue said,

    Andy. Shame on you. You should know everyone over at Page is 6’3″….LMAO. How long is page fan gonna go on, child please!!!

  • Page Fan said,


    Really??? I swear I’ve never seen so many whining a$$ people in my life, along with the negativity. You must really hate yourself if you have nothing else better to do than to get on a blog and run yo mouth. If you don’t like what I’ve got to say, then keep scrolling. I will continue to offer up my thoughts on any Page player and other good players from other teams throughout our county. Either get used to it or quit staying up passed your bedtime and getting all grumpy and stuff. Its unbecoming of grown adult to act like a child.

    Oh btw, I just mentioned a player in the previous post before yours who wasn’t 6’3”…LMAO…Your mom must have fed you too many paint chips and not enough breast milk…

  • AnitaTissue said,


    My linebacker is taller than your linebacker!!