According to the numbers some of the County’s/Area’s top runners and some of the defenders that should be ready to stop them

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Some of our top returning runningbacks out of Guilford County and the area and some of the top defenders back from last year that should be ready to stop them….(Numbers courtesy of the NCPreps Football Yearbook)

Runningbacks that are back:
TJ Logan(Northern Guilford) 2,468 yards with 38 TD’s
Jamal Petty(Southeast Guilford) 1,600 yards with 22 TD’s
Malik Moseley(Southern Guilford) 1,486 yards with 15 TD’s
Reid Baxter(Northwest Guilford) 1,136 yards with 17 TD’s
Marquez Eleazer(Ragsdale) 1,054 yards with 14 TD’s….We haven’t been saying much about Eleazer and he is a kid that you need to watch out for….

Top area tacklers that are back:
Rubin Crosby(High Point Central) 158 tackles
Brock Deatheridge(Western Alamance) 142 tackles
Jalen Forest(East Forsyth) 137 tackles
Jack Raborn(Bishop McGuinness) 117 tackles
Germaine Pratt(High Point Central) 117 tackles
Grant Brewer(Page) 116 tackles
Austin Coltrane(Northern Guilford) 110 tackles
T.J. Ruff(Northern Guilford) 106 tackles

  • Damon said,

    Going to be another exciting year of football!

  • ankersaway said,

    Damon, Amen to that!!

  • Damon said,

    With the two 300 pounders and Kameron Neese on the Offensive line, Jamal Petty could put up Dion Bratcher like numbers at SEG this year. This team is definitely suited to Coach Fritz’s physical style of football. I think I’m going to fly in for the Page game. i think it will decide the Metro. This year they play at SEG. They also host Dudley for Homecoming.

  • stats said,

    Some of the defensive stats can be misleading. Some of those kids make a lot of tackles because their defense is on the field all night. One of the best last year was Trey Grimes at Ragsdale with a little over 100. He could have made more but his defense did not spend all night on the field. Of the kids listed above, I am more impressed with Brewer’s numbers at Page than Crosby’s numbers at HPC. Page defense was not on the field all night while HPC defense had some long nights. Doesn’t mean Crosby can’t play. He is a good player. he just had more time on the field compared to others. It also depends on who you have surrounding you. Brewer had a lot of help at Page, not so much for Crosby at HPC.

  • HPCFan42 said,

    Please don’t take this personal and we do have our own opinions. Although, HPC’s defense did spend too much time on the field last season, Rubin Crosby would have put up the same numbers or at least close to it. He’s a tackling machine and with a much experienced, talented and improved team, you will see how much he impacts a game. Keep your eye on the Dark Horse (HPC) this season… Trey Grimes is a beast along with Brewer…

  • HP CENTRAL said,

    Sorry Haters the Piedmont 4A runs through HPC this year. Look for the Bison to win the Conference and make a deep playoff run.

  • East Forsyth said,

    Jalen Forrest at East Forsyth is the best LB in the Piedmont area not Crosby. Sorry HP Central fans! BTW we might have something to say about that Piedmont title!!!

  • witness said,

    The best Linebacker in the Piedmont area is Chris Register from Dudley hands down

  • Andy Durham said,

    It is looking more and more like Southeast Guilford is in the position to make a Big Run this season….Big line and a big-time runningback…

    Rubin Crosby from HP Central has very good football blood lines….As far as I know, he is the half-brother of Jimmy Moorman, who played at Central a few years back and not many teams ever figured out a way to block Jimmy Moorman and Crosby plays the same way…..Good hard hitting football family….

  • Mike said,

    Look for SE and HPC to contend and go deep in the playoffs. Scotland and Rich lost some talent from last year, but they just reload like always.
    Dont get me started on Butler and MC. LOADED is an understatement. Good luck to all, gonna be a fun year.

    Vegas Mike

  • HPCFan42 said,

    Smh… So now we are turning this into a “Who’s the best linebacker in the area” discussion? I never said he was. I mean; are HPC fans allowed to comment on their players and how good they were and will be without being thrown into a Who’s Better conversation? There’s a lot of great players out there like Chris Register (Dudley) to name a few. Besides, who’s Jalen Forrest? LMBO?? I’m pretty sure he’s good but he’s not the best in the PT4A conference. So East Forsyth fans, since you want to talk about who’s better; let’s take it there. When your “Mighty Eagles” come to Simeon Stadium, you’ll be reminded of that same ol beatdown that you got when you last visited us in 2010… You guys don’t scare us. We were very young last year and had plenty of opportunities to beat you guys n your field but inexperience doomed us. Remember that? Score was 21-20. I’m not saying the Eagles won’t be good but don’t think you got this conference wrapped up b/c we bringing this year. BELIEVE THAT!!!

  • HPCFan42 said,

    Not sure why my other comment hasn’t posted but to the East Forsyth fan who commented earlier; when your Eagles come to Simeon Stadium this year, you will get the same ol whipping yall got in 2010 when you came to High Point. We don’t fear you guys. Last season, you guys were getting hyped up and struggled to beat a very young Bison team 21-20. If you actually watched the tape, we were the better team but hey the score board decides the winner. All I’m saying is don’t think that you have the PTC4A wrapped up yet. Heck, HPC, NW, and Ragsdale may have something to say about that.

  • Mike L said,

    Ragsdale has a LBer that might have something to say about who is the best LBer.

    All the kids mentioned are very talented. Good luck to them all.

  • East Forsyth said,

    Check him out…#2 OLB for East Forsyth. This will be his 3rd year starting on East. If you don’t know you will know when East comes to Simeon!

  • JF>RC said,

    Jalen forrest is way better than rubin crosby i’ve played agisnt both and jalen forst is physical and he willl hit you r

  • HPCFan42 said,


  • Damon said,

    Has Guilford County ever had 3 runners put up over 2000yds in the same season? I think we have at least a shot at it this year. I think we can at least get two guys into the top 5 in the State in rushing yards.

  • Damon said,

    JAMAL PETTY………..Also, great at catching the ball out of the backfield.

  • Andy Durham said,


    On those three backs to go over 2,000 yards who do you think the three will be and let us see, if others agree….

    Eleazer or others….You would think the top three would have the best chance….Logan, Petty and Moseley since they are the featured backs in their teams’ systems…Baxter will share ball time with Anthony Harding and Eleazer will share ball time with Xavier Jones…Jones and Baxter will also be very busy on kick returns as will our other nominees….

    Should make for an interesting discussion….Who will the top three be to go over 2,000 yards this season from Gulford County and do we have any other backs from the surrounding areas that might push this number too???

  • mike C said,

    Forest looks good. Packs a punch, especially for someone so small. he looks like he would be a good strong safety or OLB. He appears to ahev good speed and gets to the QB quickly off the edge when he comes uncontested. As he gets bigger he will be able to get off his blocks. His speed is 1st class. Can play the run and cover as well.

  • East Forsyth said,

    That video is mostly his Soph. season. He has put on about 15-20 pounds of muscle since then. Teams will try and run away from him and when they do that he will just chase them down. Here’s his stats from his Jr season

    1-Int (returned 62 yards for TD)
    3-Fumbles recovered
    5-Fumbles forced
    2-FG’s blocked
    1-Punt Block
    1-Def TD

  • HS Football said,

    To get to 2000 yards you have to get a lot of carries. TJ Logan should get there again because Northern has no one else to give the ball to. Doubt the kid from SE gets there because of there system. A lot of other RB’s will touch the ball in that SE Double wing/Wing T set they run. Logan, Mosley, and Baxter YPC were all pretty close last season.

    Carries per game last season
    Logan – 293 YPC-8.42
    Mosley – 173 YPC -7.91
    Baxter – 155 YPC- 7.33
    Eleazer – 243 YPC 4.34

  • HS Football said,

    *meant to say carries last season* not per game lol

  • Damon said,

    HS Football,

    I’m not sure why you think the SEG kid won’t get there. Dion Bratcher and Michael Fields did.Other Running Backs will touch the ball, but Coach Fritz will run Jamal Petty as mush as humanly possible (or his parents allow J/K). That’s what he’s done every time he’s had a kid with this much talent. Jamal has the speed, endurance, size, and strength to make it happen. He’ll definitely get the carries and have an opportunity because the O line is better than last year.

    Jamal is my youngest brother. He is the 2nd brother to go through the SEG program. He will be the 3rd of us to play college ball.

  • HPCFan42 said,

    Well if that is so, why didn’t Forrest catch our QB (Justin Johnson) last year when he was running all over the place on you guys? And one more thing, I noticed all of the games he dominated in your videos were against teams except HPC. Hmmmmmm…. And we both know he didn’t impact that game last season…. But hey this is a new year right?