Page at the Hoover, Alabama 7 on 7’s on Saturday

Posted by Andy Durham on July 28, 2012 at 10:32 am under High School | 27 Comments to Read

Page on Saturday morning with three wins to start out the day…..
Page 29, Prattville 22
Page 31, Grayson 22
Page 26, Elk Grove 15

*****Page vs. Spanish Fort High School at 9:30am*****
Spanish Fort 34, Page 12….Not a bad day for the Pirates at (3-1)…

In studying the brackets, looks as if Page is on a run early this morning coming out of the loser’s bracket down in Hoover, Alabama with wins over #16 Prattville at 8am, a win over #5 Grayson at 8:30am and then on to play #20 Elk Grove at 9am and we will look to get you some more results as the day moves on, but looks like for today so far:

Page over Prattville
Page over Grayson
and Page vs. Elk Grove….

*****Very interesting competition on the road down in Alabama and it is like backyard football with the wide-open offenses, but it should really help your passing game and give your defenders plenty of work on coverage before the season gets going….*****

CLICK HERE to check out all of the action and scores….

  • Brian said,

    The Pirates started slow yet finished strong down in Hoover, Alabama. Finished 16 out of 32 very strong teams. These kids should be commended for their effort today, winning 3 of 4. They could have packed it in after the first few games. Time to go to work and get ready for the season.

  • Pirate Parent said,

    Page actually tied for 9th with North Cobb, North Gwinnet, and Thomas Jefferson. This brand of 7 on 7 is much faster, more physical, and demanding then anything that has been seen around here. This year’s edition of the Pirates made some huge strides over the three days.. Proud of the players and coaches. Not only does it take talent to compete at this level, it also takes character.

  • Proud Pirate said,

    To “Not A Page Pirate” and “Topfin”. No comments on the final ranking of Page? Funny how the comments dont come now.
    Congrats Pirate! You made us proud but most of all you made yourselves proud. All of you!

  • Page Alum said,

    Page made it to the Winners Bracket as number 32 and lost in the first round to Lovejoy with 44 to Page 8 at 5pm The boys did a great job representing Greensboro, NC. Not stressing the outcome on some of the games it’s an experience that the kids can write down in their memory log of special activities they were able to participate in from the dedication they put forth last season. Great job guys you did well

  • Mike said,

    To say there is no competition around here like that in Alabama is a joke!! I have watched teams from all over the state for 30 years and I would take Page, Dudley, Havelock, MC, Butler, Richmond, Scotland… (just to name a few).. all day long and come back with a couple of wins.. Give me a break!! I must have watched 50 games or so from Hoover on the net and was not that impressed. Dont get me wrong, strong talent…. but not enough to justify that comment. Congrats to Page on showing a ton of HEART and representing the whole state of NC.

    Vegas Mike

  • Andy Durham said,

    That was national level competition down there as it was a National 7 on 7…..In Guilford County I’m not sure we have national level teams and not take anything away from any of our schools….Page was national level last year and Butler and Mallard Creek are both National Level teams and Northern two years ago was for sure a National Level team and I agree about Havelock….I looked up their team speeds and looks like they have top-notch speed at all postitions even beyond the RB’s….

    No dis on any of our teams, but for that 7 on 7 stuff you have to have National Level players at the skill positions….Would have been interesting to see kid like Summers and Hatfield down there too and a Harris and Scarfone along with Logan and Downing….It takes a certain skill set to be one of those crazy monter-type 7 on 7 QB’s and receivers……This will only make Page a better team……They are ready for the passing phase of their season right now and you do have to add in the running, but their pass game is set, I would think….

  • Page Fan said,


    Not that impressed??? LoveJoy was one of the teams that Page played and they have 11 D-1 commits already…Grayson another team that Page faced has the #1 recruit in the nation and had two other players that were mentioned committed to Arizona State and Clemson…I guess it was more impressive for me watching it from the sideline because these kids here were very impressive and I havent seen the overall talent at each position from any school around…Page came very close to winning two games the first day losing both on the last play of the game and they tied Hoover who ended up winning the whole tournament, so just a tad bit unlucky on the first day…Way to bounce back Page and show some heart and pride…Now strap up and feed the hogs, so we cn get ready for some real football…

  • Mike said,

    I’m sure watching it from the sideline is a different story, but a 90 mph fastball on TV looks like BP!! All I’m saying is that there is enough teams in the state of NC to go down there and compete besides Page. I would take Havelock aganist any of those teams,, PERIOD! Havelock has 11-12 guys that run a sub 4.5 or better! I know ths game is about skill, but its also about speed and quickness. Good luck to all of the GC teams. I am an alum of a guilford co team, and its not Page….. with that said, I couldnt help but to smile for those kids going 3-1 and showing the heart they did.

    Vegas Mike

  • Page Alum said,

    I agree Guilford County and NC period have allot of talent. Especially to be a state with majority of the top notch D1 schools. There are alot of talented atheletes here that are being overlooked at all of the schools. I now we should have more than one or two local kids being ranked, thats crazy. Just attending some of these camps this past summer at the D1 level I wasn’t impressed. We have great stock here in Guilford County and our kids need to get more recognition.

  • Brian said,

    One of the problems with Guilford County kids getting pub is the fact that the biggest print media outlet is an absoulte joke. The Newless Recrod promoted its gridiron preview in todays paper, so i bought a copy and found it to be two small paragraphs and team schedules. That is a joke. If it wasn’t for Andy and this site, the prep coverage in this county would be nothing.

  • Pager said,

    Here are a bunch of photos from one of Page’s game on Saturday.

  • Just Sayin!!! said,

    The News-Record HS Sports coverage is beyond a joke It flat out sucks!!!! Today’s article went something like this…..With TJ Logan Northern will be the greatest in the State maybe….Their QB’s suck though. Page lost a bunch so they wont win it all again….Reidsville might be ok too. The End! Way to screw it up N&R!

  • Page Alum said,

    I agree with you “Just Sayin.” One man doesn’t make a team and I’m not taking away from the Logan kid but he isn’t the only star player in Guilford County. There are so many others out there. When this season begin maybe the News and Record can highlight some other players. The article today ws lame…..

  • PageDad said,

    The boys did a good job in Alabama. Thanks to the Coaches who took time away from their families, the parent who was able to aquire the funds for the trip and the Pirate family for their support.

    The Pirate family loves to win but really it’s the development of our boys into young men and the memories that they win have.

    As for the News and Record article, I love the story of the Three Little Pigs:

    Then the “Wolf” was very angry indeed (his team didn’t win), and tried to get down the chimney in order to eat up the little pig. When the little pig saw what he was about, he put a pot full of water on the blazing fire, and, just as the “Wolf” was coming down, he took off the cover, and in fell the “Wolf”. Quickly the little pig clapped on the cover, and when the “Wolf” was boiled ate him for supper.

    (Adapted from Joseph Jacobs’s English Fairy Tales (David Nutt, 57-69 Long Acre, W.C. 6s.))

  • AnitaTissue said,

    I don’t know what is goin on with this blog.

    Page Fan – for real – Eleven (D1 commits) at Love Joy…..cmon man!! state the facts..
    The three little pigs – WTH

    Bottom Line – Page is not the same team as last year. If Page fans expect the same results as last year they will be dissapointed. Not many teams can graduate that many “GREAT” players and repeat…..this is fact. Page playing at Hoover was a good test and should help down the road – regardless of how they did. Believe me though had they done well every Page fan would be on here stating how 7on7’s count and on and on and on. Page – your season starts today….the focus needs to be on a gameplan to beat Davie County

  • Football Fan said,

    Anita Tissue – Maybe you should get your fact straight before you talk the talk. There were eleven 1 commits at LoveJoy. Look it up. Plus this Page team has not lost a game in three years – so I think they will still be pretty darn good. You are right that not many teams can graduate that many great players and repeat – but maybe you should check the stats on this upcoming team…35 – 0. That isn’t to say they won’t have their challenges and won’t have to work hard – and yes it takes the perfect storm to repeat such a feat. But don’t beat us down before we start – howdo you know for sure that we will be dissapointed? Nothing is for sure..As you say – the season starts today. With your forcast we may as well not even play! We have already lost.

  • Damon said,

    All those Advance Placement English Classed failed me miserably with the 3 Little Pigs analogy. That might explain why I settled on Physics and Criminal Justice in College.

    PAGE will be GOOD. I am a SEG fan, but I have watched this Page team compete as 8th graders and a JV squad up until last year. Last year I had to follow them on hear. They will compete for the conference title. I will be surprised if they drop more than 2 games before post season play. As far as a State Title goes………….way too early for any of us to make that call on any team in GC. We need to see a few snaps of live football. There’s plenty of good talent right here in NC to predict state titles in the summer.

    The Hoover trip will go down as a great experience for this group of Page Pirates. Any positive exposure for GC Football is a good thing. Thanks for representing yourselves and community well.

  • YouCanBuyPuffsat Walgreens said,

    Anita Tissue – Page tied for 9th out of 32 teams. I think there may have been 2-3 that shared that spot – You don’t think that is good? What do you consider good? 14 of the 32 teams were state champs. Page had their down times while learning this new 7 on 7 game (different game than what most of us are used to) but ended on an up – winning 3 out of 4 games when it counted most. Maybe you should have been there or get your facts straight first.

    The main reason you don’t see a bunch of people talking about how good they did is because most of the comments come from people like you who just want to tear the pirates down and point out the bad things.

  • what ever said,

    BLAH..BLAH…BLAH Bottom line it doesnt matter how many games you win What matters is Championships; Page finally after so many years…..Northern on fore with two in a row….Dudley…..Building up there dinasty once again, with two in a row before switching to 4A ….Im not sure about the others :0) All the teams are great in their own way we should be proud especially if the boys are able to get into college…I love the sport but if you can’t perform in the classroom why do you even play it. Someone needs to look at these players grades and argue about that….A great player is one who can perform on and off the field…now that’s a CHAMPIONSHIP….The reward is getting a full ride on the next level…

  • Page Fan said,


    I can’t wait to find out who your team is? If I remember correctly, you are the one who was whining about players for your team not playing the entire game due to cramps and then suggesting that had that not happen then your team would have won. I could be wrong, but it sounds like you still mad…hahaha…Looks like me and you are going to have a good season together. I look forward to it.

    Btw, while you are a hermit and don’t get out much, you can go on that National Select 7 on 7 website and see for yourself, since you insist on calling me out. If I’m a liar, then so are the websites and so are the announcers who were broadcasting our games. Come to think of it, since I saw the players, they definitely deserve to be D-1 recruits.

    I’m ready…How about you???

  • Pagedad said,

    The Three little pig reference was refering to Jason Wolf of the Greensboro News and Record. Generally his articles seem to be anti-Page or anybody but Page.

  • what ever said,

    BLAH…BLAH..BLAH…Bottom line the News and Record tails anytime that is winning. if your not winning they pretty much give you just a tad bit publicity. The reason whyPage and Northern are receiving all the pub is because they both won it last year. If it was someone else then they will be all over their jock straps. Thanks to Andy he gives all the guilford county schools their props..Fox 8 does a good job in boosting our boys as well…Whatch the season, who ever is winning they will be all over them….The good and the bad pub comes from them..I just want the best for all the teams..Just make sure your boys have some grades along with their talent and the parents make sure they do as well. Being hot makes the reporters dig the dirt up on our kids.

  • Nighthawk Nation!!! said,

    Don’t want to hear any excuses when Page comes to the nest and get sent back to the Pirate ship with a good old fashion butt kicking!!! We ain’t forgot last year….Still owe you guys one!!!! GO NORTHERN!!!!!!!!!!

  • AnitaTissue said,

    Football Fan/Page Fan – I know who LoveJoy is and I see 2 (two) D1 commits and several other D1 recruits…my info comes from state Eleven D1 commits and then later state eleven recruits….IMHO…there is a difference between the two.
    Do you really think that 35-0 at the JV level translates over to Varsity?…I never said Page wouldn’t be good…just not at the level they were last year…..keep thinking that way and you wont eat crow, you’ll choke on it.
    YCBPW – you fail to mention that Page went 0-6-1 IN POOL PLAY and seeded #32 (thats dead last)…also stating that they won when it meant the most…LMAO—pool play is when it means the most….And FYI…Page played ONE state champ in Pool Play (Evangel)…so please spare me that they ran the gauntlet…..these are facts….JACK….oh ya, the reason most Page Fans aren’t on here bragging about how good they did is beacause they didn’t do good!!!!
    Page Fan – you remind me of somebody…OhYa….A Page Fan

  • Pirate Fan said,

    Anita Tissue you are a joke who obviously knows nothing. Go ahead and let your mature adult self beat down a bunch of high school kids – telling them they didn’t do good? I wonder how far you made it in high school sports. THey didn’t do good? You are a real piece of work. It is how you FINISH the game/compeition -and they finiahed tied for 9th. The 35-0 rising srs will be playing.hmm…let me see the same kids that they played every year. So there is no reason to say they won’t be as good as they were. You have no idea how good Page will be so why don’t you just save your breath. All you want to do is tear down kids – go for it. It makes you look like ridiculous. FYI Page TIED Hoover in Pool Play who won the whole darn thing..Why don’t you tell them it didn’t mean anything. They didn’t do good? Really. Save your negative comments for antother site. And by the way…what would be good in your mind?

  • Page Fan said,

    Anita Tissue,

    I stand by my comments and will never waiver…I question your intelligence because I didnt change my comments to just recruits…They have 11 D-1 recruits (and no I didnt stutter)…How do I know this, well, I guess Im just that damn smart…lol…

    If Page doesnt win a game I will be happy to bbq some crow right in front of you, and chowing down on it wont bother me a bit, because I will still love Page no matter what…If you want to talk about winning instead of whining like you do then come see me…Let me add this because even though I love Page I still try to root for all the area kids and wish them well, but thats just me…I dont sit around all day typing up my envy of other fans and their schools…I am really starting to feel sorry for you now…

    Lastly, was your school even invited to a national tournament???…lol…Jealousy is a disease, and I hope you get well soon…

  • Andy Durham said,

    Page finished strong and while down in Hoover they tied Hoover the team that won it all….They way Page finished is what most people will remember and going (3-1) on that last day and moving in the rankings to where they ended up, that is super…..They did well and represented us well while down in Alabama and from all that I have heard there was a lot of excitement going around as PAGE made their move on Saturday….It was really neat to see them make that run and to me that should give this team confidence going into the season……I’m not all that pumped up for PAGE-Davie County in game one, but that PAGE-Northern Guilford game ought to be a sight to see….Both teams will need to have their defenses at 110% on that night coming up at NG…..

    This ought to be another fun season and we will be pulling for all of the local teams, since this is our home base, in Guilford County…..