Looking at the first day of HS football pracitce:Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday???

Posted by Andy Durham on July 30, 2012 at 9:57 am under High School | 2 Comments to Read

*****Looks like most teams are going today(Monday) and are you hearing any times??? What time will the whistle blow to get these practices under way???*****(Some go mornings and some go afternoons…..)

The first official day of high school football practice used to always be on August 1 and if that day fell on a Sunday, then you started on that following Monday….

Does practice begin today, as I have heard some saying, or will it go tomorrow(Tuesday), as in July 31??? I think it was last year, when the state(NCHSAA) said you could move up one day and go on July 31, as opposed to the old start day of August 1….

Some teams have gone with a ‘Midnight Madness’ practice in the past and I have seen those start up on late-night Sunday/early Monday morning….You have to do so much with Summer practices these days just to be ready for the first night of games, which comes very early, on August 17, for many teams this season and now we come back to our original question….

When is the first day of football practice??? Monday(today), Tuesday or Wednesday??? We have a lot of high school football parents and players that come by the site and you will know….I could call a few of the coaches, but they are probably pretty busy, with practice about ready to start…..

The countdown is on…..Official practice is about to begin and it will be starting very soon….Do you remember your very first day of high school football practice, but in the day, on an August afternoon??? Lots of water, that is all I have to say, be drinking lots of water…..If you sweat it out, be sure you are putting it back in and with this humidity being up, you will lose water/sweat without even trying and when you start going at it hard, the juices will start flowing….

*****Remember the soreness you were experiencing after that first day of official football practice? All of the running, the stretching, the excercises, the drills, the stations, the ‘County Fair’, the running and then the more running….20’s, 40’s, 50’s and 100’s and that wasn’t the daily pay scale for the Southeastern Conference back in those days, that was the distance for the sprints…..*****

+++++Back on those ‘Midnight Madness’ practices from previous years, I remember Page had that last year, Grimsley has done it in the past and Dudley opened up with the Midnight Madness once upon a time….+++++

As 94.5, ‘The Beat’ radio used to say, “THE TIME IS NOW”……

  • HS Football said,

    Today is the first day of practice

  • BIGJ said,

    One of the assistant coaches at NWG says their practice starts this evening. Thta is July 29th!!