Rodney under Review:NCAA will look into Rodney Purvis’ high school(Upper Room Academy

Posted by Andy Durham on August 4, 2012 at 3:41 pm under College, High School | 4 Comments to Read


Raleigh, N.C. — Freshman Rodney Purvis will not go to Spain for a exhibition basketball with his North Carolina State University teammates Sunday because questions remain about the academic rigor of his high school, Raleigh’s Upper Room Christian Academy.

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  • Triangle Talks said,

    Kinda odd for this to be coming out now………..i’m assuming Purvis has received admission to NCSU and they would have done their due diligence in checking his academic records while he attended Upper Room. Maybe Upper Room has some accredidation concerns…………hmmm……..

  • What do you do said,

    Upper Room had to have been accredited by whatever groups do that for the state or government or clearly his mom would not have let him go to the school. If a school “claims” to be accredited, how do you know when to check behind them, check if they have any skeletons in the closet or simply to verify that they are actually accredited in the first place. Would the NCAA do something like this to a Northern Guilford kid a couple of years ago when their first class graduated, or is this only a concern with the sports academy and church based programs. If the kid passed all of his classes, had paper qualified teachers, went to school the requried number of days and received the required test results on his national test such as the SAT or whatever, then why does this matter from the NCAA’s view. His ability to compete in the classroom will be NC State’s concern going forward so they are actually the ones that it would seem that had all of the due diligences to undertake.

  • Tom said,

    There have been several schools created just for athletic reasons. They give them religious school names as part of the marketing plan. I don’t know if Upper Room falls into this category, but the NCAA has been burned in the past by these types of schools. Several of the these schools close after their core players graduate. This is probably not the case her, but I understand why the NCAA investigates these things.

  • Just a thought said,

    Are there any schools like this in this area that kids or parents should be cautions of ? I read in the N&R the other day about all of the new charter schools being created. I use to here some negative statements about Quality Education out of W-S but the N&R article advised that one of the chapter schools was using the QE as a model so it appears that QE is actually a good school over a period of time.