Greensboro Green Colt team at the Colt World Series in Lafayette, Indiana

Posted by Andy Durham on August 6, 2012 at 10:01 am under Amateur, High School | 11 Comments to Read

Greensboro Green at the Colt Baseball World Series:

Game One…Laredo, Texas 5, Greensboro Green 4…
Game Two…Greensboro Green 6, Hoosier North 4…
Game Three…Mexico 10, Greensboro Green 9…CLICK HERE for link to Sunday night’s game…..

CLICK HERE for link to Tournament/Series brackets….

  • I'm sure said,

    I’m sure the boys are disappointed at being eliminated in only three games. This has got to be the earliest departure by a Greensboro Green team in quite some time. Last years team made the semifinals, Puerto Rico beat Greensboro in the championship game the year before in a close contest, a semifinal appearance before that and another championship appearance the year prior.

    Hopefully the returners can use this tournamnent as motivation when they return to Lafayette next year.

  • GBCER said,

    I agree it was a disappointing showing.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    It was a different format this year. They used a double elimination bracket this year. The previous years, it was pool play. I think they did very well as they only lost by 1 run in each game.

  • clint bascomb said,

    only lost by one run says the man who thought daddies could coach palomino baseball ! You gotta’ be able to catch it, throw it, and hit it. colt baseball overall is no where as good as it was back in the day, Playing 4 nights a week is no way to get better. bring back the alan a., kevan m., and bernie and tommy myers days if you want to compete.

  • I'm sure said,

    The format was not the problem. The problem was losing 2 out of 3 games and being eliminated. If this years team played under a pool play format they still would not have advanced to the semi-finals because of the two losses. They would still be coming home today.

  • Good job said,

    Congrats to the boys and thank you for representing Greensboro.

    As to the coaching, Holmes is a very good coach. While Alan A. is also a very good coach, not sure he would have made the difference. They did not win it all when Alan coached the last time. You don’t get better by playing 4 days a week. You get better through training and skill development. That happens year ’round, not just during all-star season.

    We put the the best kids available in Colt on the field. There are other talented players that chose not to play Colt. Instead of focusing on them I think we should thank the kids who gave their time and effort.

  • GBCer said,

    Good Job,

    Are you sure Holmes put the best kids on the field?

    How many errors? There better defensive players who didn’t play and some
    who didn’t make the Green Team!
    Ash would have taken the kids who would have the best chance of competing

  • Andy Durham said,

    It gets tougher to win it every year and ;that is why no one has won since Alan’s team won the Palomino World Series back in 1994 on this upcoming weekend in August….We are fortunate to have coaches like Reid Holmes coaching these kids…..Here does a great job and his team was in every game against some good competiion…..Lost two one-run games and won a two-run game…Close contests and with this beng a fairly young team, the experience should serve this group well as they look to get back out there next year…..

    Coach Holmes is one of our best coaches in the county and we are lucky to have him…..Good coaches are not easy to find, especially ones that are as dedicated to game as he is……A thanks to Coach Holmes and the kids that made the trip out to Lafayette….It gets tougher every year and the overall circumtances keep changing every season…..

  • good job said,

    Are there coaches around here that know the game better than Holmes? Probably, likely, but then that can be said of most coaches. The difference is Holmes is a good mentor and sets a good example for kids. Holmes can make any kid a better person if they give him a chance. Trust me, you can’t say that about all coaches.

    Some of you GBCer’s need to give it a rest. Many of us are very fond of Alan A and have confidence in his coaching abilities but he is not the only good coach around here. He had a great team the last go round in Indiana and he didn’t win. Doesn’t make him a bad coach. I think the world of Alan but feel the same way about Holmes (and I have first hand knowledge of both). The kids in the area that are able to work with either are better for it.

  • Mike said,

    Congrats to the Green team for working their tails off and representing Greensboro….. you cant win them all! To be hoest with you, that California team is LOADED…… so I dont think LaRussa could have made a difference.

    Vegas Mike

  • Eddie Willis said,

    think you put all criticism of the coach, etc. to bed immediately.