Greensboro Reds 2012 Greensboro NABA Champions after 18-6 win over Carolina Rebels tonight(8 HR’s tonight for Reds)

Posted by Andy Durham on August 8, 2012 at 11:43 pm under Amateur, College | 10 Comments to Read

Tonight from Western Guilford High School:(Eight(8) home runs tonight for the Reds as a team, in the Greensboro National Adult Baseball Association Championship Series Final Game.)

Greensboro Reds 18
Carolina Rebels 6

Red-hot Reds:
20-0 Record
Back to Back titles(2011/2012)

Final tonight 18-6 vs Rebels…

WP-Sheldon Johsnon (WSSU)

Jermaine White 2 lead off game with a HR
Jeremy Jones 2
Mark Nales 1 (2nd in series)
Jesus Santiago 1 (2nd in series)
Joey Peascoe 1
A.J Williams 1

Greensboro Reds:2012 Greensboro NABA Champions…..Congrats to Coach Enad Haddad and his to his squad, good job on a great season….To the Carolina Rebels, you were the only team to take the Reds to the limit this season(Game One on Monday and Tuesday), in the Greensboro NABA and the Rebs have reved it up and the ‘Running Rebels’ will be in the Running for the 2013 Crown…..

It was a great finish to a great season tonight, at Western Guilford High School’s baseball complex and these men have worked hard this year to make this Greensboro NABA a success and it is…..Now on to 2013…….

  • AdultLeagueWife said,

    Congratulations to the Reds as they are clearly the best team in the NABA but please remember all the facts that never seem to come out. Enad has 30+ players on his recruited roster. All are serious players between the ages of 20 and 27 that have played collegiately or professionally whereas the other seven teams in the NABA had 10-13 players that just love the game and have much older players than the Reds. Enad also runs the league and hires the umpires. He does a great job with these areas but you are always playing against 11 as the umpires know he writes the checks. The Reds play in the neighborhood of 50+ games a year against collegiate summer teams and other leagues. Taking nothing away from the Reds, but if they don’t blow away every other team in this league something is wrong. If he really wants this league to work long-term, he would put ALL the players into a draft and let every team have an equal shot at winning. If you built an All-Star team from the other seven teams in the league, they still would not compete with the Reds. Again, I’m not taking anything away from the Reds but let’s be realistic about how this league is made up. I am just so proud of the other seven teams for continuing to show up knowing that they are outmanned in numbers of players and skills.

  • Adultleaguehusband said,

    There is no crying in baseball.
    Great league….a growing league

  • david said,

    Actually the average roster was 20+.
    I support this league, check out team websites.
    We lost a lot, but we will work hard to get better.
    The Reds earned it and have been together for 6+ years
    Go Yankees!

  • Bob Villa said,

    Well let’s see I think that comment above is crap. I’ve been there I’ve seen it. Enad does NOT pay the umpires. All of his players are out there to have fun just like anybody else. It doesn’t matter if he has collegiate, professional, or whatever else players. They’re all playing in the same league. And as far as the draft goes, I believe that it should be up to the players’ decision of who they want to play for. We’re just a group of guys that loves the game. If te other teams were smart about it then they should have done better recruiting to get better players. I think Enad is a great person on and off the field. He has the desire to win baseball games. It doesn’t mean he pays the umpires to call good for his team. I believe the umpires are equal to both teams honestly. Yeah he may play 50+ games a season. So what? That’s just making his team better and come together like a family. I mean if you ever came to the games they all get along with each other. It’s like family out there. They are out there to have fun doing what they love to do. Sorry if I offended you but facts are facts. So take it or leave it. Reds baseball is a down home family oriented team. Maybe the other teams should be more like the reds in that aspect.

  • LamboMercy said,

    Now they want socialism in baseball?
    Jelousy is burning them up

    Chick-fil-a & Reds all day!

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Enad does a great job in ALL aspects of the game. Don’t fault him for that. Every team can schedule out of league games to better themselves. To play that many games though you have to have a big roster to make sure you have enough players at each game. Enad has taken care of our facility like no one else has. Before he came it was weedy and unkempt during the off-season. We thank him for keeping our grounds in the shape they’re in. Congratulation REDS!!!

  • Bob Villa said,

    Reds #1!!!! Wait til next year when Kyle Warren is 100%. He will be like MC Hammer “Can’t Touch This”!!!

  • Whatitdoo said,

    Enad has taken kids off the street and gotten them back into school……he did this with Travis Moore (CIAA All-confrence 2012) and 3.4 GPA.
    How dare you put your mouth against this man. Have your Adult league Husband try softball

  • Fanfav said,

    Much respect to the Greenboro NABA.
    Not a Reds fan but a League fan, as I have seen the product first hand.
    Very legit, always will have bottom end teams complaining. Overall there were 4-5 solid teams with 10+ wins.
    Leadership in the league is rock solid

  • Tuck said,

    Congrats to the Reds. They are good but they are beatable!! And to the comment about Kyle Warren. If he is 110% he will never be untouchable!! Go Rebels!