says our own Roy Williams from the University of North Carolina is most ‘Overrated Coach in the Country’:(Agree or Disagree?)

Posted by Andy Durham on August 9, 2012 at 11:40 am under College | 4 Comments to Read

This is a hot one, a BIG ONE and it is one of those that is BIG, real BIG and if Andy Griffith were still around, he would be all over this… is all over it and you can be too……We have photos and facts, BUT:

The question is: Who is the most overrated coach in the country?
Roy Williams (North Carolina): 23 percent
Rick Barnes (Texas): 17 percent
Scott Drew (Baylor): 11 percent
Steve Lavin (St. John’s): 9 percent
Jay Wright (Villanova): 6 percent
Ben Howland (UCLA): 6 percent
Jim Boeheim (Syracuse): 4 percent
Tommy Amaker (Harvard): 4 percent

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  • chuckyd said,

    finally somebody has enough sense to see what i have been saying for years-the coach the team and UNC is the most overrated every year-they had micheal jordan come through there and they havent had much since

  • what was the point said,

    What is even the point to such stupid questions ? Even ESPN does not ask these type of questions. If you are polling fans or the general public so be it but I cannot understand why any coach in the profession would even consider addressing such questions. I guess that is why only about 100 coaches answered the question and nearly 400 others declined.

  • Billy C.Smith said,

    I have said for years if Coach K had the talent UNC has had for the last 8 years K would have at least 4 or 5 National Championships, as we thought and now we know the academic standards at Duke are a whole lot tougher than they are at UNC most of the kids at UNC have been taking fake classes and you can’t get by with that at Duke.

  • MIM said,

    Maybe “overrated” should be replaced with “over hyped”. I’m a Duke fan and I think Roy is a good coach but he’s not on the level of Coach K. If you don’t agree, check who is coaching in London.

    The media falls too much in love with Carolina’s “potential” year after year. Maybe they figure if they say it enough years in a row, eventually they might be right.

    Now I’m not trying to take anything away from Carolina… they’ve had some very good teams. But the media is playing to what sells merchandise and TV ratings.